100 Pipers Price in Assam 2023: Updated Price List

100 Pipers is one of the most popular Scotch whiskies in India. This iconic blended Scotch whisky is known for its bold, smokey flavor and affordable price point. In this article, we will look at the latest 100 Pipers price list in Assam for 2023.

An Overview of 100 Pipers Whisky

100 Pipers is owned and produced by Pernod Ricard India, which is part of the French drinks conglomerate Pernod Ricard. It is blended and bottled in India using imported Scotch malt and grain whiskies.

Some key facts about 100 Pipers:

  • It was launched in India in 1996 and quickly became one of the top-selling whisky brands.
  • Aged for a minimum of 5 years before bottling.
  • Has a smokey, peaty flavor typical of Scotch whiskies.
  • Available in different bottle sizes from 60 ml to 1000 ml.
  • Priced affordably to appeal to a wide range of consumers.
  • Promoted with the tagline “Be Remembered for Something”
  • Brand ambassadors include Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya.

100 Pipers Price List in Assam 2023

Here are the latest 100 Pipers liquor prices in Assam as of 2023:

Brand Volume Price in Assam
100 Pipers 1000 ml ₹1,700
100 Pipers 750 ml ₹1,300
100 Pipers 375 ml ₹750
100 Pipers 180 ml ₹375
100 Pipers 90 ml ₹210
100 Pipers 60 ml ₹125

The above prices are revised periodically by the Assam Excise Department and may change. We recommend checking with your local liquor store for the most updated price.

Factors Affecting 100 Pipers Price in Assam

There are several factors that influence the pricing of 100 Pipers whisky in Assam:

Import Duty

As 100 Pipers is an imported Scotch whisky, import duties levied by the central government impact its pricing. Any changes in import duty rates are typically passed on to the retail prices.

Excise Duty

Alcoholic beverages including whisky attract excise duty imposed by the state government. Assam charges excise duty on Scotch whisky which contributes to the retail price.

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VAT, sales tax and GST on liquor also affect the final price that consumers pay. Taxes on alcohol tend to be revised upwards over time.

Transportation & Distribution

Logistics costs involved in transporting 100 Pipers from distilleries in Scotland to bottling units in India and then to Assam also influence the price.

Profit Margins

Each stakeholder in the supply chain – from distiller to local retailer – adds their profit margin, which cumulatively results in the MRP printed on the bottle.

Brand Popularity & Perception

As a well-known Scotch brand, 100 Pipers can command a small premium in its pricing as compared to lesser-known competitors.

Price Comparison With Other Metro Cities

Here is how the 100 Pipers liquor price in Assam compares with other major metro cities in India:

City 1000 ml Price
Assam ₹1,700
Delhi ₹1,750
Mumbai ₹1,860
Bangalore ₹1,920
Hyderabad ₹1,890
Chennai ₹1,960

The above comparison shows that 100 Pipers pricing in Assam is quite reasonable compared to the big metro cities. In fact, Assam offers the cheapest price for a 1000 ml bottle among the major Indian cities.

Price Trends in Recent Years

Looking at price trends over the last 4-5 years, 100 Pipers whisky has seen a gradually rising price curve in Assam:

  • In 2018, price for 750ml bottle was around ₹1,100
  • In 2020, it increased to approximately ₹1,250
  • By 2022, the price reached ₹1,300 for a 750ml pouch

The prices continue to increase driven by inflation, rise in taxes, and input costs. However, the price hike has been marginal at 5-7% per year.

Difference Between Regular and Deluxe Variants

100 Pipers is available in two variants – regular and deluxe. The deluxe variant is aged for longer, minimally 8 years, and comes in more premium packaging.

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There is a price difference of around ₹150 between regular and deluxe variants for a 750ml bottle. Consumers who enjoy the signature 100 Pipers taste and want an even smoother sipping experience can upgrade to the deluxe version.

Price of 100 Pipers in Assam Across Various Shop Types

The retail price of 100 Pipers can vary depending on where you buy it from in Assam:

Shop Type 750ml Price
Wine Shops ₹1,250
Grocery Stores ₹1,280
Supermarkets ₹1,300
Hardware Stores ₹1,350
Bars/Pubs ₹1,400
5 Star Hotels ₹1,500
Duty Free Shops ₹1,100

As visible above, buying 100 Pipers from a duty-free shop offers the best value. Wine shops and grocery stores also sell it cheaper compared to upmarket hotels and bars.

Price for Different Bottle Sizes

Instead of the standard 750ml bottle, some consumers may prefer to purchase smaller or larger bottles of 100 Pipers whisky based on their needs:

Pack Size Price
60 ml ₹125
180 ml ₹375
375 ml ₹750
750 ml ₹1,300
1000 ml ₹1,700

The per ml price is similar across different pack sizes. Smaller bottles are more portable and affordable while larger bottles are ideal for parties or gifting purposes.

Minimum Retail Price vs. Maximum Retail Price

In Assam, 100 Pipers has a minimum retail price (MRP) printed on the bottle by the manufacturer. This is the lowest price at which the whisky can be sold to consumers.

The maximum retail price (MRP) is also set by excise authorities in the state, which is slightly higher than the minimum price. The actual market price fluctuates between the minimum and maximum retail price caps.

How to Buy 100 Pipers at the Lowest Price in Assam?

Here are some tips to buy 100 Pipers whisky at the best price in Assam:

  • Opt to purchase from wine shops or grocery stores instead of hotels or pubs.
  • Look out for any discounts or promotions offered by retail shops.
  • Avoid peak seasons like New Year when demand and consequently prices are higher.
  • Buy larger bottles (750ml or 1 litre) which offer more value per ml.
  • See if you can find any coupons or online discounts to avail additional savings.
  • Join any loyalty programs by retailers that offer special prices to members.
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Popular Cocktails & Combos with 100 Pipers

Here are some popular cocktails and drink combinations using 100 Pipers whisky to enjoy in Assam:

  • 100 Pipers Sour – Made using 100 Pipers, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup & egg white. Has a refreshing sour taste.
  • 100 Pipers Mojito – 100 Pipers blended with mint, lime, soda water & sugar. Perfect summer cooler.
  • 100 Pipers Cola Highball – Simple & delicious mix of 100 Pipers with cola. The ratio can be adjusted as per taste.
  • 100 Pipers and Cranberry – Fruity cocktail with 100 Pipers, cranberry juice, and a squeeze of lime.
  • 100 Pipers and Ginger Ale – A long drink is made by pouring 100 Pipers over ice and topping it up with ginger ale.
  • Rob Roy – An elegant cocktail made by mixing 100 Pipers whisky with sweet vermouth. Garnished with a maraschino cherry.

So try out these amazing 100 Pipers cocktails or combos when purchasing your next bottle in Assam!


In this detailed guide, we have explored the current 100 Pipers whisky price list across various pack sizes in Assam along with price trends and comparisons. The iconic Scotch whiskey continues to command strong demand in the state owing to competitive pricing, brand perception and rising disposable incomes. Consumers can enjoy 100 Pipers with cocktails or as neat drams. With availability across shop types and localized promotions, Assamese people can easily purchase 100 Pipers whisky to mark celebrations or everyday enjoyment.

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