100 Pipers Price in Punjab 2024 [Updated Price List]

100 Pipers is one of the most popular Scotch whisky brands in India, known for its smooth, smoky flavor profile. It is produced by Pernod Ricard India and has a significant market share in states like Punjab, where whiskey consumption is high.

In this article, we will look at the latest 100 Pipers price list in Punjab for 2024, for different bottle sizes. We will also examine some of the factors that influence 100 Pipers whiskey pricing, along with tips for getting good deals on this iconic Scotch brand.

Overview of 100 Pipers Scotch Whisky

100 Pipers is a blended Scotch whisky, meaning it is made from a blend of different single malt and grain whiskies from various distilleries in Scotland. The key characteristics of 100 Pipers whisky are:

  • Smooth taste: Aged in oak casks, it has a mellow and smooth taste without any harsh burn. This makes it easy to drink blended whisky.
  • Peat smoke flavor: Being a blended Scotch, it has a distinctive peat smoke aroma and flavor, typical of Islay malts used in the blending.
  • Well-balanced: The blend has an array of flavors including honey, vanilla, citrus, and chocolate. The peat smoke is balanced well with the sweetness.
  • Affordable pricing: Compared to most single malts, 100 Pipers is priced affordably and offers good value. This is a key factor driving its popularity in a price-sensitive market like India.

The whisky was launched in India in the late 1990s and gained significant market share over the years. It is now one of Pernod Ricard’s leading brands in the country.

100 Pipers Price in Punjab 2024

Let’s dive into the prices for different bottle sizes in Punjab:

100 Pipers Whisky 1000ml (1-litre) ₹1500
100 Pipers Whisky 750ml ₹1200
100 Pipers Whisky 375ml ₹600
100 Pipers Whisky 180ml ₹300
100 Pipers Whisky 60ml ₹100

100 pipers 12 years price in Punjab

100 pipers 12 years of whisky  180ml ₹450
100 pipers 12 years of whisky  375ml ₹800
100 pipers 12 years of whisky  750ml ₹1500


The above prices can vary slightly across different shops and locations in Punjab. However, this provides a good indicative range of the 100 Pipers price points this year.

Some key highlights:

  • The 1 liter 100 Pipers bottle is priced at ₹1500 in Punjab as of 2023. This is a regular large-size bottle.
  • The standard 750 ml bottle costs around ₹1200. This is the most common bottle size found in liquor shops.
  • Smaller 375 ml and 180 ml bottles are also available at ₹600 and ₹300 respectively. These are meant for personal consumption or gifting.
  • 60 ml miniatures cost ₹100 each. They are a cost-effective way to try the whisky without buying full bottles.
  • There have been no major price increases compared to 2022 prices, although slight inflation-linked hikes have taken place.
  • Punjab has relatively lower liquor taxes than neighboring states, which is reflected in the prices.
  • Being an imported Scotch whisky, it is priced at a premium compared to locally produced whiskies in India.
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Factors Affecting 100 Pipers Price in Punjab

The 100 Pipers price in Punjab depends on several factors, besides the base cost of the whisky itself:

1. Import duties and taxes: This includes customs duty levied on imported alcohol, along with federal and state government taxes. Punjab charges around 30% excise duty on Scotch whisky, which impacts the retail pricing.

2. Supplier margins and retailer commissions: The manufacturer, suppliers, distributors, and retailers in the supply chain also account for their margins, which adds to the final MRP.

3. Brand positioning: 100 Pipers is positioned as a premium but affordable Scotch. So it is priced competitively keeping its target audience in mind.

4. Currency fluctuations: Since 100 Pipers are imported, changes in currency conversion rates also affect landed costs and thereby the retail price.

5. Demand and supply: Pricing is also influenced by local demand and supply dynamics. Seasonal fluctuations in demand impact short-term pricing.

6. Location: Prices are higher in areas far from supply depots due to higher transportation overheads. Pricing varies across urban centers too.

So in addition to the base production cost and profit margins, these external economic factors also play a role in determining 100 Pipers price in Punjab every year.

Price Trends in Recent Years

Over the last 3 to 5 years, 100 Pipers pricing has remained relatively steady in Punjab:

  • The 1-liter bottle was launched at an MRP of ₹1400 back in 2018 in the state. It has now gone up by around 7% to ₹1500.
  • Similar minor inflation-linked increases are seen in 750 ml and smaller bottles. No major price hikes have taken place.
  • Punjab state has had comparatively stable excise duty rates on imported liquors in this period.
  • Improved distribution and localization of production in India have helped keep logistics costs in check for Pernod Ricard.
  • Brand popularity and consumer loyalty have ensured steady demand and sales volume for 100 Pipers in Punjab’s whiskey market.

Thus, barring minor price corrections, 100 Pipers has maintained its affordable premium price point over the years. This has been a key factor contributing to its growth and market share.

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Price Comparison With Other Brands

It is interesting to compare 100 Pipers pricing with other popular Scotch whisky brands available in Punjab:

Brand Price 1000ml Price 750ml
100 Pipers ₹1500 ₹1200
Ballantine’s ₹1800 ₹1450
Johnnie Walker Red Label ₹2200 ₹1750
Black & White ₹2000 ₹1600
Glenfiddich 12 YO ₹6500 ₹5000
Glenmorangie ₹5500 ₹4200

Among standard blended Scotch segments, 100 Pipers are very competitively priced against the likes of Ballantine’s, Black & White, etc.

It is significantly more affordable than popular Single Malts like Glenfiddich and Glenmorangie.

Compared to Indian whisky brands, it commands premium pricing but offers genuine Scotch at a relatively good value.

This competitive pricing has been a key factor in 100 Pipers’ excellent growth trajectory and sales in the Punjab market.

How to Find the Best Deals on 100 Pipers in Punjab?

Here are some tips to get the best deals and discounts when buying 100 Pipers whisky in Punjab:

  • Buy during festive seasons: Big discounts are offered during festival sale periods like Diwali, New Year, etc. to attract customers. Stock up during these times.
  • Opt for full bottles: Larger 1 liter or 750ml bottles offer much better value than smaller packs. Go for them to maximize savings.
  • Purchase from wholesale shops: Buying 100 Pipers from wholesalers rather than regular retail shops can mean a discount of 10-15% or more.
  • Look for e-commerce sales: Keep an eye out for online sales and discounts on sites like Living Liquid. You can get attractive deals.
  • Avail loyalty programs: Sign up for loyalty programs from your favorite stores. You can earn reward points on purchases.
  • Go for combo packs: Some shops offer 100 Pipers in combo packs along with glasses, ice boxes, etc. These can be economical.
  • Compare prices: Don’t just buy from one shop. Compare prices across 2-3 shops, both offline and online to get the best rate.

With the above tips, you can save good money when purchasing 100 Pipers whisky in Punjab, even as prices remain quite stable. This will help you relish your favorite Scotch without burning a hole in your pocket!

Price Control and Regulation in Punjab

The pricing of imported liquor like 100 Pipers Scotch whiskey in Punjab is governed by certain regulatory guidelines:

  • Excise duties and sales tax rates are set as per the Punjab Excise Policy issued annually. The 2023 policy continues the imposition of 30% excise and permit room license fees.
  • Maximum Retail Prices (MRPs) are decided based on production cost, taxes allowed margins as per govt. guidelines.
  • To check overcharging, the Punjab Excise Department regularly monitors MRPs at shops and takes action against violations.
  • Price controls are stricter in Punjab compared to some other states. E.g. Delhi allows differential pricing based on the store location.
  • Cheaper liquor permits are issued for sale at retail vends in rural areas and urban slums. This ensures affordability.
  • Distribution is controlled by state-approved wholesalers and retailers. Direct distributor-to-retailer sales are prohibited.
  • Unauthorized inter-state movement of liquor is checked to curb smuggling and tax evasion. Stock movement is tracked via excise ERP software.
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Thus, 100 Pipers pricing follows the overall regulatory framework for liquor trade in Punjab. Strict enforcement by the excise department aims to keep prices in check.

Future Outlook on Pricing

Going forward in 2023 and beyond, the pricing outlook for 100 Pipers whisky in Punjab remains stable. Here are some likely scenarios:

  • Minor price hikes: Small, periodic price increases in line with inflation are expected. However, steep hikes look unlikely.
  • Higher taxation possible: If state excise duties are raised in Punjab, 100 Pipers prices could see some upward movement.
  • Increased localization: Pernod Ricard expanding its Punjab manufacturing footprint will help reduce logistics costs and keep the price rise in check.
  • Market expansion: 100 Pipers will seek to expand its reach to more retail outlets, especially in rural Punjab. This can spur sales volumes and allow price stabilization.
  • Premiumization push: New premium variants could be introduced at higher price points to target affluent drinkers. However popular SKUs will remain affordable.
  • Competition to intensify: Competitor brands like Ballantine’s Finest also aiming to grow market share can influence pricing strategies.

On the whole, 100 Pipers is expected to retain its value positioning, with its trademark bottle remaining accessible and affordable for regular Scotch drinkers in Punjab.


In Punjab’s large whiskey market, 100 Pipers has emerged as one of the leading imported Scotch brands by targeting affordability and quality. This analysis of the current 100 Pipers price list in Punjab across bottle sizes shows that it provides good value compared to both Indian and Scotch whisky brands.

Despite rising costs and taxes, smart pricing and localization efforts have helped maintain its prices over the years. Astute alcohol consumers can save further through discounts, bulk purchases, and price comparisons across shops. The pricing outlook remains stable going forward, as 100 Pipers balances premiumization with affordability to retain its strong consumer franchise in Punjab.

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