100 Pipers Price in Uttarakhand 2023- Latest Price List

100 Pipers is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, known for its bold, smooth taste and affordable prices. In Uttarakhand, 100 Pipers whisky is widely available across various liquor shops and bars. The prices in Uttarakhand tend to be slightly higher than in other states due to higher excise duties and taxes. However, 100 Pipers continue to offer great value for money even in Uttarakhand.

In this article, we will look at the latest 100 Pipers price list in Uttarakhand in 2023 and understand what makes it an attractive buy for whisky lovers in the state.

An Overview of 100 Pipers Whisky

100 Pipers is an imported Scotch whisky from the renowned whisky specialist Ian MacLeod Distillers. It is a blend of over 100 of the finest malt and grain whiskies from across Scotland. The whisky gets its name from the famous Scottish bagpipers and the number of malts used in its blending.

Some key features of 100 Pipers whisky:

  • Smooth, bold taste with hints of vanilla, citrus and spice notes
  • Aged for 8 years in oak casks for rich flavor
  • Classic Scotch profile ideal for whisky cocktails and neat drinking
  • Affordable pricing compared to most single malts
  • Popular blended whisky brand in India

100 Pipers is available in multiple bottle sizes in India including 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml, and even 1800 ml. It has an alcohol percentage of 42.8%. The whisky has a distinctive yellow-golden hue due to maturation in oak casks.

100 Pipers Price List in Uttarakhand for 2023

Brand Volume Price
100 Pipers 180 ml ₹380
100 Pipers 375 ml ₹780
100 Pipers 750 ml ₹1550
100 Pipers 1000 ml ₹2300
100 Pipers 1800 ml ₹4100

The above prices are inclusive of all taxes and excise duties applicable in Uttarakhand. As we can see, 100 Pipers offer great value across different bottle sizes. The 180 ml and 375 ml sizes are perfect for tasting and trying out the whisky. The 750 ml pack is the most popular and economical for regular consumption. Bigger sizes like 1000 ml and 1800 ml offer even better value for money for whisky lovers in Uttarakhand.

Factors Affecting 100 Pipers Prices in Uttarakhand

There are several factors that impact the pricing of whisky including 100 Pipers in Uttarakhand:

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State Excise Policies – Excise duty, VAT, additional license fees, and other taxes imposed by Uttarakhand make alcohol more expensive compared to other states. Almost 60% of the price is taxes.

Import Fees – Since 100 Pipers is an imported scotch whisky, import duties also add to the pricing. Fluctuations in import duties can also change prices.

Supplier Margins – Suppliers, distributors, and retailers in Uttarakhand account for their margins which affects the end consumer pricing. The higher the number of intermediaries, the higher the prices.

Liquor Ban – Periodic liquor bans, restrictions on sale during elections, and other dry days also indirectly impact pricing due to lower sales.

Brand Popularity – Popular brands like 100 Pipers with higher demand have more pricing power compared to lesser-known labels.

Location – Prices tend to be a bit higher in remote hilly areas of Uttarakhand compared to easily accessible plains due to higher transportation costs.

Seasons and Festivals – Prices tend to be higher during peak tourist season and major festivals when demand rises significantly.

Overall, despite these factors, 100 Pipers whisky still offers good value in Uttarakhand compared to more premium single malts and limited edition bottles. The pricing difference across various states is generally in the range of 10-15% only.

Price Comparison With Other Popular Whisky Brands in Uttarakhand

It is also useful to compare 100 Pipers pricing with other whisky brands popular in Uttarakhand:

Brand Volume Price
100 Pipers 750 ml ₹1550
Blenders Pride 750 ml ₹1400
Royal Stag 750 ml ₹1400
Johnnie Walker Red Label 750 ml ₹1700
Ballantine’s Finest 750 ml ₹2700
Chivas Regal 12 YO 750 ml ₹3500

As we can see, 100 Pipers are very competitively priced against both standard and premium whisky brands in the state. In fact, it offers better value than the top-selling blended whiskies like Blenders Pride and Royal Stag in the mid-range segment.

Compared to higher-end blends like Ballantine’s Finest and age-statement single malts like Chivas 12 YO, 100 Pipers is significantly more affordable in Uttarakhand as well. So whisky lovers can enjoy the taste of imported Scotch whisky without burning a hole in their wallet.

Which Bottle Size Offers the Best Value?

For regular whisky drinkers in Uttarakhand, the 1 liter and 750 ml packs offer the best value for money. However, for tourists and other occasional drinkers, the smaller 375 ml and 180 ml bottles are ideal to test out the whisky without overspending. The bigger 1.8-liter size is best suited for larger parties or group drinking scenarios.

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Based on per ml pricing, the 1 liter bottle offers the best value followed closely by 750ml and 1800 ml bottles. But 750 ml is the most convenient size for regular usage. For bars and restaurants, 180 ml is the preferred size to offer 100 Pipers whisky by the peg. Overall, the mid-sized bottles strike the optimum balance of value and convenience.

The popularity of 100 Pipers in Uttarakhand

100 Pipers whisky has gained significant popularity amongst whisky drinkers in Uttarakhand over the last few years:

  • Smooth Taste Profile – The easy-drinking taste with well-balanced malts is appreciated by Indian whisky drinkers. It works well with cocktails, sodas, and on-the-rocks.
  • Value for Money – Compared to single malts, 100 Pipers offers better value, especially in price-sensitive states like Uttarakhand.
  • Tourist Demand – Amongst the tourists and visitors in Uttarakhand, 100 Pipers is quite popular as an affordable imported Scotch experience.
  • Marketing – Sturdy packaging and smart marketing such as ‘100% Scotch whisky’ have helped create brand awareness in the state.
  • Availability – Being a nationally distributed brand, it is conveniently available across liquor shops and bars, especially in urban areas.

Overall, 100 Pipers has positioned itself well as an affordable imported Scotch whisky perfect for whisky newbies and casual drinking. The volumes and market share for the brand continue to grow in Uttarakhand driven by its value price point.

How Prices Have Changed in Recent Years?

Despite rising inflation and higher taxation in Uttarakhand, 100 Pipers whisky prices have been quite stable in the last 2-3 years:

  • The MRP of 750 ml bottle has risen by only ~10% since 2021
  • Price hikes have been moderate even after changes in excise policies and duties
  • Smaller sizes like 180 ml have seen relatively higher percentage hikes
  • Prices in 2022 remained unchanged during most of the year
  • Even with rising input costs, the brand has absorbed the impact to retain affordability

This shows how 100 Pipers has made efforts to remain accessible to regular consumers in the Uttarakhand market and maintained its price competitiveness. The brand seems to have taken a view to sacrifice margins but gain higher volumes from the state.

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Hence, despite inflationary pressures and rising taxes, consumers can expect 100 Pipers prices to remain relatively steady in 2023 as well. The brand may consider selective price hikes of 5-8% to protect profitability but will likely refrain from high double-digit increases seen for some premium liquor brands.

Outlook for 2023

The outlook for 100 Pipers whisky in Uttarakhand remains positive in 2023 based on a few key factors:

  • Rising urbanization and disposable incomes, especially in cities like Dehradun, Haldwani, Roorkee, etc. will drive premiumization of alcohol consumption. More consumers will upgrade from country liquor to branded whisky like 100 Pipers.
  • Tourism numbers in Uttarakhand are expected to bounce back post-Covid. Domestic and international tourist inflow will drive liquor demand and sales.
  • Youth demographics and rising social drinking among millennials and Gen Z will attract new consumers to accessible whisky brands like 100 Pipers.
  • Hotels, bars, and restaurants will stock greater varieties of imported whiskies to meet tourist expectations. This will benefit 100 Pipers availability.
  • Festive seasons like Holi, Diwali, New Year’s, etc. as well as the winter tourist season will drive stronger seasonal demand.

While taxes, regulations, and inflation pose downside risks, the fundamentals remain strong for the affordable premium whisky segment in Uttarakhand. Backed by smart branding and marketing, 100 Pipers whisky looks well placed to consolidate its standing amongst whisky lovers in Uttarakhand.


For whisky drinkers in Uttarakhand looking for an accessible premium imported Scotch experience, 100 Pipers offers hard-to-beat value. Despite rising costs and taxes, the brand has maintained affordable pricing with minimal hikes in recent years.

The smooth blended taste profile appeals to Indian palates while regular marketing spends have created strong brand equity. Higher sales volumes have helped offset the lower margins. For tourists as well as regular consumers, 100 Pipers delivers satisfactory quality and taste without stretching the wallet.

While more premium options are also gaining popularity, 100 Pipers is still retaining its positioning as the ideal entry-level imported Scotch. As per the latest 100 Pipers price list, it is competitively priced against both standard whiskies and pricier single malts. Overall, it remains a value-for-money purchase for whisky lovers in Uttarakhand.

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