100 Pipers Whisky Price in Jharkhand 2023 [Updated]

100 Pipers is one of the most popular blended Scotch whiskies in India. With its smooth taste and affordable pricing, 100 Pipers has become the go-to whisky brand for many Indians. In this article, we will look at the latest 100 Pipers whisky prices in Jharkhand in 2023.

An Overview of 100 Pipers Whisky

100 Pipers is produced by the famous Scottish whisky company Chivas Brothers, which is part of Pernod Ricard. It was initially launched in the Indian market in the 1980s and soon became one of the top-selling whisky brands in the country.

Some key features of 100 Pipers whisky:

  • It is a blended Scotch whisky, meaning it is made from a blend of single malt and grain whiskies from various distilleries in Scotland.
  • The blend contains up to 40 high-quality malt and grain whiskies aged for 8 years or more in oak casks. This provides a smooth, balanced taste.
  • No artificial flavors are added. The color comes from the oak casks during maturation.
  • It has tasting notes of vanilla, caramel, and a hint of peat smoke. The finish is medium-bodied and smooth.
  • Available in different bottle sizes – 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1-liter bottles.
  • Apart from the standard 100 Pipers Deluxe, there is also a 12-year-old-aged variety.

Over the years, 100 Pipers have received numerous awards at various spirits competitions globally, affirming its blend quality. No wonder it enjoys immense popularity not just in India but worldwide.

100 Pipers Prices in Jharkhand 2023

Let’s now look at the latest 100 Pipers whisky prices in Jharkhand as of 2023:

Brand Pack Size Price in Jharkhand
100 Pipers Deluxe 180 ml Rs. 500/-
100 Pipers Deluxe 375 ml Rs. 1000/-
100 Pipers Deluxe 750 ml Rs. 2000/-
100 Pipers 12 YO 180 ml Rs. 700/-
100 Pipers 12 YO 750 ml Rs. 2800/-

The above prices are revised as of January 2023 and may vary slightly across different shops. Taxes levied are extra as applicable.

As evident, 100 Pipers is very reasonably priced in Jharkhand. The 180 ml and 375 ml packs are perfect for trial or gifting purposes. The 750 ml pack is the standard bottle size and provides the best value for money.

For whisky enthusiasts, the limited edition 12-year-old expression is worth trying. It is aged for longer in oak barrels which lends more depth and complexity to the blend.

Overall, 100 Pipers whisky prices in Jharkhand are quite nominal compared to many other spirits and whisky brands. This affordable pricing is a big factor behind the popularity and high sales of 100 Pipers in the state.

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Price Trends in the Last 5 Years

If we analyze the price trends for 100 Pipers whisky in Jharkhand over the last 5 years, we see that prices have remained stable mostly:

  • The 180 ml pack has maintained its price point of Rs. 500 since 2018.
  • The 375 ml pack price has gone up slightly from Rs. 950 in 2018 to Rs. 1000 now.
  • The 750 ml standard bottle was priced at Rs. 1900 back in 2018 but now costs Rs. 2000.
  • The limited 12 YO variant has seen a price increase from Rs. 2600 (for 750 ml) in 2018 to the current Rs. 2800.

Overall, the price hike has been moderate at 5-7% over the last 5 years. Taxes and inflationary pressure account for this minor price increase.

This stable long-term pricing strategy has helped make 100 Pipers accessible to the masses. Brand loyalty has grown as consumers know what to expect price-wise from year to year.

Price Variation Between Cities

In Jharkhand, 100 Pipers whisky prices do not vary much across cities. The prices are more or less uniform in Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Bokaro, and other major cities.

Being a high-demand brand, ample stocks are available across Jharkhand. Retailers also tend to stick to MRP rates for 100 Pipers.

However, there may be some marginal price difference of Rs. 50-100 occasionally in smaller towns compared to big cities. Availability may also be limited in remote rural areas.

Here is an indicative price range across 4 key cities in Jharkhand:

Pack Size Jamshedpur Dhanbad Ranchi Bokaro
180 ml Rs. 500 Rs. 500 Rs. 500 Rs. 500
375 ml Rs. 950-1000 Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000
750 ml Rs. 2000 Rs. 2000 Rs. 1950-2000 Rs. 2000
750 ml (12 YO) Rs. 2800 Rs. 2800 Rs. 2750-2800 Rs. 2800

So we can see there is hardly any major difference in 100 Pipers pricing across these cities. Retailers tend to align with recommended MRP.

Factors Affecting Pricing of 100 Pipers in Jharkhand

There are several factors that influence the pricing strategy and retail prices of 100 Pipers whisky in a state like Jharkhand:

1. Excise Duty and Taxes

Excise duty levied on liquor and taxes like VAT significantly impact retail pricing. Any hikes in excise duty result in a price increase by the same margin. Jharkhand charges a VAT of 20% on whisky, which adds to the retail prices.

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2. Supply Chain Costs

Import and supply chain costs like transportation charges also affect product pricing. Rising fuel rates in recent times have marginally increased logistics expenses for the brand.

3. Brand Popularity

As a top-selling brand, 100 Pipers enjoys good sales volumes and hence can keep margins lower. The pricing is competitive which sustains the brand’s popularity.

4. Raw Material and Distillation Costs

The base costs of raw materials like barley and water involved in whisky production impact pricing. However, 100 Pipers sources whiskies from various distilleries so has a lower risk in this regard.

5. Competitor Pricing

To remain competitively priced against rival brands like Blenders Pride, Imperial Blue, Royal Stag, etc., 100 Pipers has to calibrate its pricing carefully.

6. Retailer Margins

A fixed retailer commission percentage also goes into determining the MRP. Retailers get a margin of around 10-12% on each 100 Pipers bottle sold.

Best Value for Money Pack Size

For regular and bulk purchases, the 750 ml pack offers the best value-for-money proposition. In Jharkhand too, the 750 ml bottle is the most popular 100 Pipers pack size.

Advantages of buying the 750ml bottle:

  • It has the lowest per ml price point. The 180ml packs work out more expensive per ml.
  • It is the globally recognized standard bottle size for whiskies. Easy to store and pour from.
  • 750ml volume gives the flexibility to enjoy 100 Pipers over many occasions, either neat or with cocktails.
  • With proper storage, a bottle can stay in good condition for 2-3 years.
  • Being the standard volume, 750ml bottles are always in stock. Other sizes may not be available at all stores.
  • For gifting purposes, the 750ml pack is regarded as a very good option. Does not look too small in size.

For all the above reasons, the 750 ml pack is recommended as the best value option while buying 100 Pipers in Jharkhand.

Price Forecast for 2023

As per industry reports and price patterns, 100 Pipers whisky prices in Jharkhand are expected to remain largely stable in 2023 as well:

  • No major hikes in base excise duty have been announced so far for 2023. Thus prices should remain steady.
  • Rising inflation may induce a minor price increase of 4-5% at maximum. However, nothing substantial looks imminent.
  • The brand will continue its strategy of accessible pricing and high sales volumes as key priorities.
  • With festive seasons like Holi and Christmas in 2023, some discounts can also be on offer through retail stores.
  • New product variants like a Reserve Collection or special edition could possibly be launched. But they may be priced substantially higher targeting connoisseurs.
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On the whole, 100 Pipers will strive for price continuity in 2023 in a price-sensitive state like Jharkhand. For budget-conscious liquor consumers, it will continue to be an affordable option vs. premium whisky labels.

How to Buy 100 Pipers at the Lowest Rates in Jharkhand?

Here are some tips to buy 100 Pipers whisky at the lowest possible rates in Jharkhand:

  • Opt to buy from liquor stores and supermarkets rather than pubs or bars to get close to MRP rates.
  • Buy during discount sales around festive occasions or annual sales at stores. Offers like buy-one-get-one can lower effective price.
  • Buying by the crate (6 or 12 bottles carton) can attract an additional bulk discount of 4-5%.
  • Online liquor delivery apps keep running special promotions with discounted pricing, promo codes etc. from time to time.
  • Joining retailer membership programs can make you eligible for member-exclusive discounts periodically.
  • Look out for limited-period price cuts when new batches arrive in stores. Usually, retail margins are lower to clear older stock.

So using the above approaches carefully, you can lower the price by 8-12% compared to MRP and get the best deals on 100 Pipers whisky in Jharkhand.


To conclude, 100 Pipers remains an affordable and value-for-money blended Scotch whisky option for regular consumption in Jharkhand. Pricing has been stable over the years with mild inflation-linked increases. The 750 ml pack gives maximum value. Prices are not likely to increase drastically in 2023 either. Using suitable buying techniques, great deals can be availed on 100 Pipers in the state. Just remember to drink responsibly!

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