Aberfeldy 12 Whisky Prices in USA [2023 Updated]

Aberfeldy 12 is a popular single-malt Scotch whisky produced at the Aberfeldy Distillery in the Scottish Highlands. Known for its honeyed sweetness and malty character, Aberfeldy 12 offers an accessible yet complex whisky experience.

In the US, Aberfeldy 12 is relatively easy to find at many liquor stores. However, prices can vary widely between retailers and states due to differences in taxes, tariffs, and supply and demand factors. Here is an updated 2023 price comparison of Aberfeldy 12 (750ml bottle) from major US online liquor stores:

Aberfeldy 12 Whisky Prices in the USA

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (750ml) 12 Years Old Aberfeldy Whisky $47.99
Cost of (750ml) 18 Years Old Aberfeldy Limited Edition Whisky $134.99
Cost of (750ml) 21 Years Old Aberfeldy Whisky $159.99
Cost of (750ml) 28 Years Old Aberfeldy Old Scotch Whisky $459.95

Factors Affecting Aberfeldy 12 Whisky Prices

There are several key factors that cause Aberfeldy whiskey prices to vary between retailers:

  • Taxes – Alcohol taxes vary widely between states, ranging from $2-$30 per gallon. High-tax states like Washington and Alaska see much higher liquor prices.
  • Tariffs – Import tariffs on scotch whisky also impact the final shelf price. The US currently levies a 25% tariff on scotch imports from the EU.
  • Supply and Demand – Popular whiskies like Aberfeldy 12 may be in short supply in some areas, driving up the price from resellers. Limited edition releases also command premium pricing.
  • Retailer Margins – Large retail chains have more purchasing power and can negotiate lower wholesale prices. Smaller shops tend to have higher markups.
  • Shipping Costs – Online liquor retailers need to recoup shipping fees, which adds to the bottom line price.
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Best Places to Buy Aberfeldy 12 Whisky Online

For those looking to get the lowest prices on Aberfeldy 12 online, here are some of the best retailers to shop at:

  • CaskCartel – This whiskey specialist offers market-leading prices on Aberfeldy 12 at $47.99 a bottle. Price includes free shipping on 6+ bottles.
  • WineChateau – Known for excellent prices on scotch whisky, WineChateau sells Aberfeldy 12 for $48.97 with flat $7 shipping per order.
  • ReserveBar – A trusted premium spirits site, ReserveBar offers Aberfeldy 12 for $54.99 a bottle with free shipping on the first order.
  • Drizly – This alcohol delivery marketplace lets you shop local liquor store inventories. Prices as low as $49.99 per bottle with delivery fees applied.
  • Total Wine – The major liquor chain leverages its scale to offer Aberfeldy 12 for just $52.99 a bottle. In-store pickup is available.

Price Differences Between Aberfeldy Age Statements

In addition to the widely available 12 Year, Aberfeldy also releases several other age statement whiskies that come at a premium:

  • The 18 Year Old Aberfeldy sells for approximately $115-$150. This limited edition release spends longer maturing in oak, resulting in richer flavors and a higher price point.
  • The boutique 21 Year Old typically retails between $140-$180 per 750ml bottle. It presents a mature, nuanced whisky that appeals to collectors.
  • At the very top end, the rare 28 Year Old Aberfeldy sells for $400-$500, sometimes even higher. This coveted single malt is produced in very small, finite quantities.

Factors Driving Aberfeldy’s Premium Scotch Pricing

Several attributes of Aberfeldy’s distillation and maturation process contribute to its reputation as a high-quality single malt worthy of premium pricing:

  • Use of high-quality American oak casks – These impart desirable vanilla and caramel notes during aging
  • Water source from the Pitilie Burn – This adds soft minerality to the new make spirit
  • Unpeated malt – Allows the rich honey and fruit notes to shine through
  • Long maturation times – 12+ years is standard, with some casks allowed to age over 20+ years
  • Reputation for consistency – Aberfeldy is not known for huge variation between seasons and releases
  • Brand prestige – As part of Bacardi’s Dewar’s Scotch Whisky brand stable, Aberfeldy enjoys an elevated status
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Overall, Aberfeldy 12 represents a fairly priced single malt for its quality, depth, and reputation in the Scotch world. Given its popularity, prices are likely to remain stable with moderate increases as global demand for premium whisky continues rising.

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