Absolut Vodka Price in Delhi Today 2023- 50ml to 1Ltr

Absolut Vodka is one of the most popular imported vodka brands available in India. Originating from Sweden, Absolut vodka is well known for its smooth taste and wide range of flavored variants. In this article, we will look at the latest Absolut vodka price list in Delhi today.

Overview of Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is produced by V&S Group, a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard, which is one of the largest wine and spirits companies in the world. Absolut vodka was introduced in India in 2002 and since then it has gained popularity among vodka drinkers.

Some key facts about Absolut Vodka:

  • Made from winter wheat grown in Southern Sweden
  • Continuous distillation process ensures the smooth taste
  • Classic Absolut vodka has no added flavors, aromas, or essences
  • A wide range of flavored variants is available like citron, mandarin, grapefruit, etc.
  • The bottle has an iconic design in the shape of an old Swedish medicine bottle
  • One of the top-selling imported vodka brands in India

Absolut vodka contains 40% alcohol by volume. It is considered a premium brand and priced higher than locally-made Indian vodka brands.

Absolut Vodka Prices in Delhi (2023)

Here are the latest Absolut vodka prices in Delhi as of September 2023:

Brand Quantity Price
Absolut Vodka 50 ml ₹115
Absolut Vodka 200 ml ₹500
Absolut Vodka 750 ml ₹1,520
Absolut Citron Lemon Vodka 50 ml ₹150
Absolut Citron Lemon Vodka 200 ml ₹750
Absolut Citron Lemon Vodka 750 ml ₹1,510
Absolut Grapefruit Vodka 50 ml ₹150
Absolut Grapefruit Vodka 200 ml ₹750
Absolut Grapefruit Vodka 750 ml ₹1,510
Absolut Raspberri Vodka 50 ml ₹140
Absolut Raspberri Vodka 200 ml ₹750
Absolut Raspberri Vodka 750 ml ₹1,510
Absolut Mandarin Vodka 50 ml ₹150
Absolut Mandarin Vodka 200 ml ₹750
Absolut Mandarin Vodka 750 ml ₹1,400

The above prices are in Indian Rupees (₹) and inclusive of all taxes. The prices can vary between different stores and shopping outlets in Delhi.

Factors Affecting Absolut Vodka Prices in Delhi

The prices of Absolut vodka in Delhi are dependent on several factors:

1. Import Duty

As Absolut is an imported brand, import duties levied by the Indian government contribute to its pricing. Import duty on spirits and alcoholic beverages is 150% of the cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) value. This adds substantially to the retail price.

2. State Excise Duty

In Delhi, excise duty on imported liquor is quite high at 200% of CIF value. This excise duty imposed by the state government is a major component of the MRP.

3. Distributor Margins

There are several players in the supply chain before the product reaches the retail shelves. Importer, distributor, wholesaler – all add their margins onto the base price.

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4. Retailer Margins

Retailers also add their profit margins when selling the products. So the shop or store where one buys Absolut vodka factors into its final price.

5. Taxes

GST at 18% is applicable on alcohol products in Delhi, which further increases the retail price to consumers.

6. RRP

The maximum retail price (MRP) printed on Absolut vodka bottles is the maximum price retailers can charge. The actual retail price may be lower than the MRP.

Price Comparison With Other Brands

Absolut vodka is a premium brand and is priced higher than Indian vodka brands like Magic Moments, White Mischief etc. Though it is costlier, it is still value for money considering its quality and brand value.

Here is a price comparison between 750ml bottles of different vodka brands in Delhi in September 2023:

  • Absolut Vodka: ₹1,520
  • Magic Moments: ₹700
  • White Mischief: ₹950
  • Romanov: ₹1200
  • Smirnoff: ₹1400

So while Absolut costs almost 2x more than brands like Magic Moments, it is priced competitively against other imported vodka brands available in India.

Best Places to Buy Absolut Vodka in Delhi

Here are some of the recommended places where you can get good deals on Absolut vodka in Delhi:

1. Duty Free Shops

Duty-free shops at IGI Airport T3 offer competitive pricing on Absolut and you can save a lot compared to regular retail prices. They stock the entire Absolut range.

2. Hip Bar Stores

Hip Bar has over 200 stores across Delhi NCR and stocks premium alcohol. You can get Absolut vodka at a 20-30% discount compared to MRP.

3. The Liquid Store

It is an online alcohol store delivering across Delhi. They have promotional offers and discounts on Absolut frequently.

4. Drinks and More

Another leading online liquor store in Delhi with fast delivery and easy ordering process through their app. Good deals on Absolut vodka.

5. Modern Bazaar

A high-end liquor store chain, Modern Bazaar has several stores in Delhi. You can find the complete Absolut range here. They offer member pricing and discounts.

6. Le Marche

A premium liquor store inside DLF Promenade Mall in Vasant Kunj. It has competitive pricing on several top alcohol brands including Absolut.

So visit these stores or order online to get the best Absolut vodka prices in Delhi. Also, look out for limited-period discounts which can bring down the prices significantly.

Price of Absolut Vodka in Different Quantities

Absolut vodka is available in different pack sizes in Delhi. Here are the indicative prices:

  • 50 ml Absolut Vodka – ₹115 to ₹150
  • 200 ml Absolut Vodka – ₹500 to ₹750
  • 375 ml Absolut Vodka – ₹900 to ₹1100
  • 750 ml Absolut Vodka – ₹1400 to ₹1700
  • 1 liter Absolut Vodka – ₹2800 to ₹3200
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So if you are looking for miniatures or trial sizes, 50 ml and 200 ml packs are available. For home bars and regular use, 750-ml and 1-liter packs offer better value.

Larger 1.75-liter and multi-liter party packs are also available for purchase at some stores. Cocktail lovers can also find 200 ml and 350 ml Ready-To-Drink pre-mixed cocktails by Absolut.

The flavored variants like citron, mandarin, grapefruit, vanilla, raspberry, etc. are priced at par or slightly higher than the original Absolut vodka.

Price Trends of Absolut Vodka in Delhi

Being a premium global brand, the prices of Absolut vodka in Delhi have remained fairly stable over the years. There have been no major fluctuations or drastic increases.

However, pricing is impacted by factors like currency exchange rates, and changes in import duties or taxes. For instance, when GST rates were increased from 18% to 28% in 2019, alcohol prices went up including that of Absolut.

But over the long term, Absolut vodka prices in Delhi have moved in a narrow range accounting for inflation and nominal duty changes. It continues to be priced at par with other premium vodka brands in the market.

Given its strong brand equity and niche segment targeting, Absolut can maintain its premium pricing vis-a-vis other mass-market vodka brands.

Difference Between MRP and Retail Price

It is important to note the difference between MRP and actual retail price when purchasing Absolut vodka.

The MRP printed on the Absolut bottle is the maximum retail price as per government regulations. However, retailers usually sell below the MRP after factoring their margins.

For instance, the MRP printed may be ₹1700 but you can easily find Absolut vodka 750ml being sold for ₹1500 – 1600 in stores.

So always check the shelf sticker or ask staff for the retail selling price rather than relying only on the MRP. Buying when there are special discounts and offers can reduce the price further below MRP.

Price of Absolut Vodka in Restaurants and Bars

While purchasing entire bottles for home consumption has one MRP, Absolut vodka prices are markedly different in bars and restaurants in Delhi.

On a per-drink basis, you can expect to shell out:

  • Absolut Vodka 60 ml – ₹250 to ₹350 plus taxes
  • Absolut Vodka 90 ml – ₹300 to ₹450 plus taxes

So a peg of Absolut vodka would cost around ₹400 to ₹500 approximately as served at pubs in Delhi.

Cocktails made using Absolut vodka would be even more expensive depending on the ingredients used. For example, an Absolut Cosmopolitan or Bloody Mary could cost ₹600 onwards.

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Premium bars and nightclubs may charge even higher rates given their ambiance, music, and location.

Price of Absolut Vodka in NCR

The prices of Absolut vodka in NCR cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad is similar to Delhi.

These neighboring cities are well connected to Delhi through distributor networks and see similar retail prices. For example, a 750 ml Absolut Vodka would cost around ₹1500 to ₹1600 in Gurgaon also.

However, do compare different shops and stores in the NCR to get the best deals. Online alcohol platforms also deliver Absolut vodka in NCR with attractive pricing.

Difference Between MRP and MSP of Absolut Vodka

Apart from MRP, Absolut vodka bottles also have a label marking MSP or Maximum Selling Price. What is the difference between the two?

MRP is the maximum retail price from company to consumer. MSP is the maximum price a company can charge its distributors or wholesalers.

For example, if the MRP is ₹1500, the MSP may be ₹1000. So the distributor cannot be charged more than ₹1000 by Pernod Ricard on a 750 ml Absolut Vodka.

The difference between MRP and MSP allows the various entities in the supply chain to add their margins and sales tax.

As an end customer, you only need to look at the MRP and actual retail selling price. However, MSP helps regulate the manufacturer’s pricing to distributors.


I hope this detailed article gives you a good understanding of Absolut Vodka prices in Delhi today. To summarize:

  • Absolut Vodka is a premium Swedish brand with iconic bottle design
  • Available in different pack sizes; 750ml being the most popular
  • Priced at ₹1500-1600 for 750ml bottle in Delhi today
  • Slightly higher than Indian brands but premium pricing justified
  • Best deals in duty-free shops, online liquor stores, Hip Bar, etc.
  • Look for discounts, and offers to get lower than MRP price
  • Per drink, pegs in bars/pubs cost ₹400-500 Plus
  • Prices fairly consistent over the years for this luxury brand
  • The actual retail price is lower than the high MRP printed on the bottle

So if you are an Absolut fan, use this guide to get your hands on it at the best price in Delhi! Do share it with fellow vodka lovers. Cheers!

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