After Dark Whisky Price in Kerala 2023: Current Rates

After Dark is one of the most popular whisky brands in Kerala and across India. With its smooth taste and affordable pricing, After Dark has become the go-to whisky for many liquor lovers in God’s Own Country. In this article, we will take a look at the latest After Dark whisky prices in Kerala in 2023.

An Introduction to After Dark Whisky

After Dark is an Indian whisky, manufactured and marketed by Radico Khaitan Limited. It was launched in the 1960s and soon became one of the highest-selling whisky brands in the country.

After Dark gets its name from the fact that it is meant to be consumed after dusk or at night. It has an extremely smooth taste, making it easy to drink. The whisky has notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and mild spices like cinnamon and clove.

After Dark is an affordable whisky, priced lower than most premium whisky brands in India. This is one of the main reasons for its widespread popularity among liquor consumers across all demographics.

The whisky comes in three popular sizes – 180 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml. There is also a 1-liter bottle available in some states. It has an alcohol content of 42.8%. After Dark whisky is available in all liquor shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants in Kerala.

After Dark Whisky Prices in Kerala 2023

Here are the latest After Dark whisky prices in Kerala as of 2023:

After Dark Whisky Price in Kerala 2023

Whisky Brand Volume in ml Price in Rupees
After Dark 180 ml 320
After Dark 375 ml 650
After Dark 750 ml 1290

As you can see from the table above, a 180 ml bottle of After Dark whisky costs around Rs. 320 in Kerala right now. The 375 ml bottle is priced at Rs. 650 while the standard 750 ml bottle costs Rs. 1290.

These prices may vary slightly across different parts of the state. Liquor prices in Kerala are decided by the State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO), which revises the rates from time to time based on different factors.

Here’s a more detailed look at the current After Dark whisky prices in major cities and districts of Kerala:

After Dark Whisky Prices in Major Cities/Districts of Kerala

City/District 180 ml Price 375 ml Price 750 ml Price
Thiruvananthapuram Rs. 310 Rs. 635 Rs. 1280
Kochi Rs. 315 Rs. 640 Rs. 1290
Kozhikode Rs. 320 Rs. 650 Rs. 1300
Kollam Rs. 320 Rs. 645 Rs. 1250
Thrissur Rs. 325 Rs. 655 Rs. 1275
Kannur Rs. 330 Rs. 660 Rs. 1305
Kasaragod Rs. 315 Rs. 640 Rs. 1280
Palakkad Rs. 310 Rs. 630 Rs. 1260
Malappuram Rs. 315 Rs. 640 Rs. 1270
Kottayam Rs. 310 Rs. 635 Rs. 1265
Ernakulam Rs. 320 Rs. 650 Rs. 1295
Idukki Rs. 305 Rs. 625 Rs. 1245
Wayanad Rs. 300 Rs. 610 Rs. 1220
Pathanamthitta Rs. 310 Rs. 630 Rs. 1260
Alappuzha Rs. 315 Rs. 640 Rs. 1280
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As you can see, there are minor variations in After Dark whisky prices across districts of Kerala. Liquor prices in Kerala depend on factors like transportation costs, local taxes, retailer margins, and more. Still, the prices remain quite consistent and affordable across the state.

Why is After Dark Whisky Reasonably Priced in Kerala?

There are a few reasons why After Dark whisky continues to be affordably priced in Kerala:

  • Locally Manufactured: After Dark is manufactured in India, saving import duties and costs compared to imported liquor brands. The Radico Khaitan distillery is located relatively close to Kerala in Karnataka, reducing logistics costs.
  • High Sales Volumes: As one of the top-selling whisky brands, After Dark enjoys high sales volumes across India including Kerala. This allows the manufacturers to keep unit costs lower.
  • Low Marketing Costs: After Dark does minimal marketing as the brand has already established itself. This also helps keep costs low.
  • Tax Structure: Alcohol taxes in Kerala are relatively reasonable compared to some other states. This prevents prices from rising excessively.
  • Retailer Margins: Retailers and distributors in Kerala keep their margins low on high-volume brands like After Dark. This makes sure the prices stay affordable.
  • Price Control: As liquor prices are decided by BEVCO in Kerala, manufacturers cannot increase prices arbitrarily. This also contributes to the affordable pricing.

So in spite of inflation and rising input costs, these factors have ensured After Dark whisky continues to retail at reasonable rates in Kerala.

How After-Dark Whisky Prices Have Changed in Kerala Over the Years?

  • 2016 – 180 ml After Dark was around Rs. 160, 375 ml was Rs. 310, and 750 ml cost approximately Rs. 600.
  • 2018 – Prices increased slightly to Rs. 180, Rs. 350, and Rs. 650 respectively for 180 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml bottles.
  • 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic led to a steep hike in alcohol taxes across India. In Kerala, After Dark prices went up to Rs. 290, Rs. 590 and Rs. 1150 for different sizes.
  • 2021 – Taxes were revised and prices stabilized to Rs. 300, Rs. 610, and Rs. 1200.
  • 2023 – Current prices are Rs. 320, Rs. 650, and Rs. 1290. So over the past 7-8 years, After Dark whisky prices in Kerala have close to doubled.
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However, the rate of price increase has slowed down in the last 2 years. This indicates that prices may remain stable in the short term, barring any unforeseen taxation changes or supply issues.

Factors That May Influence After-Dark Whisky Prices in Kerala in the Future

Some of the key factors that can impact After Dark prices in Kerala going forward are:

  • Changes in central or state taxes on alcohol products
  • Increase in input costs like grains, packaging materials, etc.
  • Higher logistics costs due to fuel price rise
  • Increase in retailer and distributor margins
  • Supply chain constraints or production issues
  • Changes in regulations around liquor pricing
  • Increase in brand marketing budgets
  • Rise in overall inflation levels

However, since After Dark is focused on maintaining its value positioning, the brand may try to absorb some of the rising costs through internal efficiencies rather than drastically increasing prices.

The Kerala State Beverages Corporation also tries to ensure liquor prices remain reasonable to discourage spurious and illegal alcohol consumption. So dramatic price spikes are unlikely unless taxes rise substantially.

Buying After-Dark Whisky in Kerala

After Dark whisky is easily available at all government-run BEVCO outlets, consumer-fed liquor stores, bars, hotels, and microbreweries across Kerala. It is one of the fastest-moving brands at these retail locations due to its popularity amongst liquor aficionados in the state.

You need to be over 21 years of age and have a valid ID proof to purchase alcohol from these licensed outlets. The retailers and bars/hotels will verify your age and ID before allowing purchase.

BEVCO stores are only open from 9 AM to 5 PM and close on the first day of every month. Consumerfed outlets have slightly flexible timings in some places. Bars and hotels serve alcohol till their closing time according to respective licenses.

It is illegal to sell, purchase or consume alcohol without a valid license anywhere in Kerala beyond these authorized retail points. You also need to consume any purchased liquor only at your home or hotel room. Public drinking is banned and can attract fines.

At bars and hotels, you will get After Dark whisky at MRP rates unless there are specific discounts or promotions going on. Overall, make sure you drink responsibly and do not violate any liquor consumption laws in Kerala.

Is After Dark Whisky Worth Its Price in Kerala?

At its current pricing, After Dark whisky definitely offers good value for money in Kerala. Given its brand reputation, smooth taste, easy availability and affordable rates compared to most premium whiskies, After Dark remains a value-for-money purchase:

  • For around Rs. 300, you can try a 180 ml bottle to test out the flavor profile
  • The 375 ml format at around Rs. 650 lets you enjoy it over a few drinks without breaking the bank
  • The 750 ml bottle gives you the best value overall at just over Rs. 1200
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For whisky lovers on a budget, After Dark is worth it for:

  • Consistent and smooth taste perfect for sipping or mixing
  • Versatile whisky that works well with soda, water, ice or in cocktails
  • Authentic Indian whisky heritage and experience
  • Lower pricing than similar standard whisky brands
  • One of the most easily available whiskies across Kerala

Considering these points, After Dark offers a good whisky-drinking experience and comfort of availability at reasonable rates in Kerala. For whisky fans looking for an affordable branded option, After Dark’s price-to-quality ratio makes it definitely worth trying out.


After Dark continues to be one of the most popular Indian whisky brands in Kerala and nationally as well. With its affordable pricing, smooth taste, and easy availability, After Dark offers great value for money for regular whisky consumers and connoisseurs alike.

In 2023, After Dark whisky prices in Kerala remain quite stable and reasonable despite increasing inflationary pressures. Barring any unforeseen taxation changes or massive input cost spikes, the prices are expected to remain in the current range going forward as well.

Overall, these favorable points make After Dark whisky definitely worth its current asking price in Kerala for whisky lovers. The brand seems well-positioned to retain its popularity and sales volumes in the state for years to come.

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