After Dark Whisky Price in Kolkata [Updated 2023 List]

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is a paradise for liquor lovers. Known for its vibrant drinking culture, Kolkata offers a wide range of imported and Indian whiskies to suit every budget and taste. One of the most popular whisky brands in Kolkata is After Dark, which offers two variants – Fine Grain and Premium Grain.

In this article, we will look at the latest After Dark whisky prices in Kolkata as of August 2023.

An Overview of After Dark Whisky

After Dark is an Indian grain whisky, manufactured and marketed by Radico Khaitan Ltd. It was launched in the late 2000s as an affordable whisky brand aimed at young drinkers.

Made from grain spirit distilled in modern column stills, After Dark has a smooth, light-bodied taste with hints of caramel and vanilla. It is available in two variants:

  • After Dark Fine Grain: The standard After Dark whisky aged in oak casks for over 2 years. It has an ABV of 42.8%.
  • After Dark Premium Grain: The premium variant aged for over 4 years in oak casks. It has an ABV of 42.8%.

While most grain whiskies tend to be light and mild After Dark manages to offer robust flavors and complexity comparable to more expensive malt whiskies. This has made it a popular choice among whisky enthusiasts and novices alike in Kolkata.

After Dark Whisky Prices in Kolkata in 2023

Here are the latest After Dark whisky prices in Kolkata as of August 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (750ml) After Dark Fine Grain Whisky ₹454
Cost of (750ml) After Dark Premium Grain Whisky ₹554

As we can see, there is a ₹100 difference between the two variants for a 750ml bottle. The Premium Grain, being aged for longer, understandably commands a higher price tag.

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Compared to other popular whisky brands like Royal Stag, Blenders Pride, etc., After Dark is very reasonably priced in Kolkata. In fact, it offers one of the best value-for-money propositions to whisky lovers in the city.

Let’s look at the prices of After Dark whisky in Kolkata in more detail:

After Dark Fine Grain Whisky Prices

  • 750ml Bottle: ₹454
  • 375ml Bottle: ₹270
  • 180ml Bottle: ₹155

So for the standard After Dark whisky, a 180ml nip bottle costs ₹155 while a 750ml quarter bottle is priced at ₹454 in Kolkata as of 2023.

After Dark Premium Grain Whisky Prices

  • 750ml Bottle: ₹554
  • 375ml Bottle: ₹335
  • 180ml Bottle: ₹185

The premium After Dark whisky commands a higher price, with a 750ml bottle costing ₹554. The smaller 375ml and 180ml bottles are proportionately priced higher as well.

Price Trends Over Past Years

After Dark whisky prices in Kolkata have remained quite stable over the past few years. There have been no major price fluctuations or large increases.

For instance, the 750ml bottle of After Dark Fine Grain whisky was priced at ₹440 in 2020 and ₹450 in 2021. The current price of ₹454 in 2023 represents only a minor increase over the past 3 years.

This pricing stability has helped After Dark consolidate its place as a value-for-money whisky brand in Kolkata. With rising inflation and living costs, drinkers appreciate whisky brands that don’t arbitrarily increase prices every year.

Factors Affecting After-Dark Whisky Prices

Some of the key factors that influence After Dark pricing in Kolkata are:

  • Taxes: After Dark prices include significant state and central taxes like import duty, excise duty, VAT, etc. Any changes in the tax structure directly impact retail prices.
  • Input Costs: Rising costs of raw materials like grain spirit and packaging materials prompt occasional price hikes. However, the brand absorbs costs to prevent sharp price swings.
  • Brand Positioning: After Dark is positioned as an affordable whisky for regular consumption. So the brand cannot significantly increase prices without impacting its competitive positioning.
  • Market Dynamics: Competitive pressures, demand fluctuations, changing consumer preferences, etc. also impact pricing decisions to some extent.
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How to Buy After-Dark Whisky at Best Prices in Kolkata?

Here are some tips to help you buy After Dark whisky in Kolkata at the best prices:

  • Opt for lower price variants like 180ml or 375ml bottles if you just want to sample the whisky.
  • Check liquor store apps and websites for ongoing discounts or offers to save money.
  • Buying by the case (6 or 12 bottles) attracts additional bulk discounts from retailers.
  • During festive seasons, special discounts are offered by both offline shops and online platforms.
  • Register for loyalty programs by leading liquor stores like Spencer’s to avail of member-only prices.
  • Compare prices across different stores before buying. Online prices may sometimes be lower due to lower overheads.

So for the best deals on After Dark whisky in Kolkata, do some comparison shopping both online and offline. This will help you find the lowest prices, discounts, and offers.

Verdict – An Affordable yet Robust Indian Whisky

To summarize, After Dark whisky is available at very reasonable price points in Kolkata. With robust flavors and complexity, it offers excellent value for money for whisky lovers. The brand has maintained pricing stability over the years without compromising on quality.

Both the Fine Grain and Premium Grain variants are affordably priced, starting from just ₹155 for a 180ml nip bottle. For whisky connoisseurs on a budget, After Dark deserves a spot in the home bar as an accessible daily drinker. With some smart shopping, you can grab After Dark at fantastic prices in Kolkata.

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