All Seasons Whisky Price in Kerala 2023: Updated List

Kerala, the southern state of India, is known for its picturesque backwaters, pristine beaches, rich cultural heritage, and of course – alcohol. With one of the highest per capita alcohol consumption rates in the country, liquor prices in Kerala are always a hot topic.

In this article, we will specifically look at the prices of one of the most popular whisky brands in Kerala – All Seasons Whisky. This mid-range whisky brand has a decent market share in the state and is affordable for regular consumption.

An Overview of the Alcohol Industry in Kerala

The production, sale, and consumption of alcohol is highly regulated by the government in Kerala. Only three entities are permitted to sell liquor in the state:

  • Beverages Corporation (Bevco) – This is the main wholesale supplier and retailer with a network of over 330 stores across Kerala. Bevco stores are the primary place where consumers buy their alcohol.
  • Consumerfed – The consumer co-operative society also runs several liquor stores, though smaller in number than Bevco.
  • Tourism Development Corporation – Manages liquor sales in 5-star hotels and resorts.

Apart from this, every year the State government announces the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) for various types of liquor, including beer, wine, whisky, brandy, rum, vodka, gin, etc.

There are also heavy taxes and excise duties levied on alcohol – Kerala has one of the highest tax rates on liquor in the country. As a result, alcohol prices in Kerala are higher compared to other states.

All Seasons – Brand Overview

All Seasons is a brand of whisky manufactured and marketed by the John Distilleries company based in Bengaluru. It is an entry-level whisky blend made from grain spirits.

Some key facts about All Seasons whisky:

  • Introduced in 2003, it is among the early economy whisky brands in India.
  • Primarily targeted at mainstream consumers in the South Indian market.
  • Also exported to several countries including the USA, Canada, and Africa.
  • Available in 4 main variants based on alcohol percentage – Dry, Mild, Strong, and Extra Strong. The most popular variant is All Seasons Mild whisky.
  • Affordably priced, smooth blend suitable for casual drinking and parties.
  • Target customers are middle-class youth and working professionals with budget constraints.
  • Promoted through ads as an ‘anytime, easy-drinking whisky for all seasons and moods.
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All Seasons Whisky Price List in Kerala (2023)

Here are the latest MRP prices of All Seasons whisky in Kerala for 2023:

Brand Size Price
All Seasons 1000 ml ₹1050
All Seasons 750 ml ₹850
All Seasons 375 ml ₹470
All Seasons 180 ml ₹250
All Seasons 90 ml ₹120

The above rates are revised maximum retail prices including all taxes and duties applicable on whisky in Kerala.

Note that the prices can vary slightly across different retail shops based on location and overhead costs. Hotels and bars will charge higher rates.

Among the various pack sizes, 750 ml and 180 ml bottles are the top-selling packs of All Seasons whisky in Kerala. The smaller 180 ml bottle is very popular given its affordable price point.

Let’s look at the pricing of each size in more detail:

All Seasons Whisky Price in Kerala for 1000 ml Bottle

The 1-litre pack is the largest bottle size available. It is economical for large consumption and ideal for parties.

  • The updated MRP for All Seasons 1000 ml bottle is ₹1050.
  • 1 liter pack gives buyers better value for money compared to smaller packs.
  • Available in all variants including Dry, Mild, Strong, and Extra Strong.
  • Attractive packaging in glass bottles makes it suitable for gifting purposes.

All Seasons Whisky Price in Kerala for 750 ml Bottle

The 750 ml bottle is the most popular standard size for whiskies.

  • The current MRP of All Seasons 750 ml in Kerala is ₹850.
  • This medium-sized bottle is widely bought by individual buyers.
  • Easy to carry and store at home bars.
  • 750 ml allows moderate consumption at an affordable rate.

All Seasons Whisky Price in Kerala for 375 ml Bottle

  • The 375 ml is a smaller handy pack for regular use.
  • The new MRP for All Seasons 375ml in Kerala is ₹470.
  • Allows buyers to sample the brand at a lower price.
  • Available across all retail shops as well as bars and restaurants.

All Seasons Whisky Price in Kerala for 180 ml Bottle

  • The 180 ml mini bottle is a bestseller in Kerala thanks to its lower price.
  • The updated price of the All Seasons 180ml bottle is ₹250.
  • Very popular among lower middle-class consumers.
  • Handy to carry around and have nip sizes.
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All Seasons Whisky Price in Kerala for 90 ml Bottle

  • The 90 ml bottle is the smallest pack size.
  • The current MRP is ₹120 for All Seasons 90ml in Kerala.
  • Affordable nip size for trial and light consumption.
  • Easy to consume in a single sitting.

So in summary, All Seasons whisky is affordably priced across all popular bottle sizes in Kerala. The 180 ml and 750 ml packs offer maximum value for money based on their price per ml.

Price Comparison with Other Whisky Brands

How do All Seasons whisky prices compare with other whisky brands available in Kerala?

Here is a quick price comparison:

Brand 750 ml Price
All Seasons ₹850
McDowells No.1 ₹900
Royal Stag ₹950
Imperial Blue ₹980
Blenders Pride ₹1100
Chivas Regal ₹2500

Among economy segment whiskies, All Seasons is competitively priced against McDowell’s No.1 and Royal Stag in Kerala.

It is cheaper than premium segment brands like Blenders Pride and significantly more affordable than imported scotch whiskies like Chivas Regal.

Hence, Price All Seasons offers a good value-for-money proposition to regular whisky consumers in Kerala.

Price Trends in Recent Years

Let’s also take a look at the price trends for All Seasons whisky in Kerala over the past few years:

  • In 2018, the price of a 750 ml All Seasons bottle was around ₹720 in Kerala.
  • By mid-2020, prices increased to approximately ₹785 prior to COVID lockdowns.
  • After COVID-related tax hikes, prices went up to ₹920 by 2021.
  • In the 2022 State Budget, prices increased mildly to ₹940 per 750 ml bottle.
  • Now in 2023, the price is further revised to ₹850 in Kerala after duty cuts.

So in summary, after seeing a rise in prices due to COVID-era tax hikes, the rates of All Seasons whisky have stabilized in 2023 in Kerala after a reduction in excise duties.

Factors Affecting Pricing of All Seasons Whisky

The pricing of All Seasons whisky in Kerala is dependent on a variety of factors:

Taxes and Duties: Special excise duties, sales tax, transportation costs, etc. contribute to high tax rates which make up the majority of the MRP. Any changes in duties directly impact retail prices.

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Input Costs: Rising costs of raw materials like broken rice, packaging materials, etc. affect the production costs. This results in price hikes by manufacturers.

State Policies: Alcohol pricing policies like minimum pricing rules, licensing fees, etc. imposed by the Kerala government also influence liquor rates in the state.

Branding Strategy: The manufacturer’s target positioning and branding strategy for All Seasons impacts the ideal pricing levels they aim for. Premium positioning could mean higher prices.

Competition: To stay competitive in the economy whisky segment, All Seasons has to be priced attractively vis-a-vis rivals like McDowell’s No.1.

Inflation: Overhead costs and rising inflation over the years lead to some increase in alcohol prices to maintain profitability.

How to Buy All Seasons Whisky in Kerala at Best Price?

Here are some tips to buy All Seasons whisky at the best price in Kerala:

  • Buy directly from Bevco outlets instead of private liquor stores to get the official fair prices.
  • Look out for any special discounts or sales offered by Bevco during festival seasons or state budgets.
  • Avoid buying from bars or hotels as they charge higher rates due to overheads.
  • Buying larger bottles (1-litre pack) gives more value for money compared to smaller packs.
  • Try to buy in groups or bulk quantities for better deals and savings.
  • Online home delivery apps like HipBar also offer periodic discounts, free delivery, etc. which lower effective costs.
  • Keep an eye on alcohol industry news for any changes in excise duties or state policies that may affect prices.


All Seasons continues to be an affordable and value-for-money whisky choice for regular drinkers in Kerala. Its competitive pricing has held ground despite creeping inflation over the years.

The 180 ml and 750 ml bottle sizes offer maximum bang for the buck. Prices across all pack formats have stabilized in 2023 after recent duty cuts.

Kerala’s alcohol consumers can continue to enjoy All Seasons whisky without burning a hole in their pockets. But do remember to drink responsibly!

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