All Seasons Whisky Price List in Punjab 2023: Latest Rates

Punjab is known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and love for whisky. All Seasons is one of the most popular whisky brands in Punjab, loved by the locals for its smooth taste and affordable prices. In this comprehensive article, we will look at the latest All Seasons whisky price list in Punjab in 2023.

An Overview of All Seasons Whisky

All Seasons is an Indian whisky, manufactured and marketed by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD). It was launched in 1993 and is available in five variants – Regular, Premium, Imperial Blue, Director’s Special, and Signature.

Made from high-quality Indian grain spirits, All Seasons whisky has a smooth taste with hints of honey, spice, and sweet fruit flavors. It is a blend of both Indian and imported Scotch malts matured in oak barrels.

Over the years, All Seasons has established itself as one of the highest-selling whisky brands in India. Its market shares in states like Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh are significantly high.

The brand’s popularity stems from its easy availability, affordable pricing, and consistent taste. All Seasons whisky represents aspiration and style for middle-class Indian consumers looking for quality whisky.

All Seasons Whisky Prices in Punjab 2023

Here is an in-depth look at the latest All Seasons whisky rates in Punjab as of 2023 across various bottle sizes:

Brand Volume Price
All Seasons Whisky 1000 ml ₹650
All Seasons Whisky 750 ml ₹490
All Seasons Whisky 375 ml ₹250
All Seasons Whisky 180 ml ₹130
All Seasons Whisky 90 ml ₹70

The above prices are revised for 2023 and may vary slightly across different shops and cities of Punjab. However, they give a fair idea of how All Seasons whisky is aggressively priced in the state to appeal to whisky lovers.

Let’s analyze the prices of various All Seasons variants available in Punjab in detail:

All Seasons Regular Whisky

This is the standard and original All Seasons whisky blend.

  • 1000 ml – The 1 liter All Seasons Regular whisky bottle is priced at ₹650 in Punjab. This is the most popular large-size bottle preferred by regular whisky drinkers.
  • 750 ml – The 750 ml or quarter bottle costs around ₹490. This is also commonly purchased by budget-conscious liquor lovers.
  • 375 ml – The 375 ml or pint bottle is very economical for occasional drinkers at just ₹250.
  • 180 ml – The 180 ml petite bottle is easy to carry around and costs ₹130 in Punjab making it affordable.
  • 90 ml – The nip size 90 ml bottle is the cheapest option at just ₹70. It is a hit among college youth.

All Seasons Premium Whisky

This variant by All Seasons is priced slightly higher than the regular ones. It is a more refined blend, aimed at upscale consumers wanting a smoother taste.

  • 1000 ml – The 1-liter Premium All Seasons bottle costs ₹750 in Punjab which is a decent value.
  • 750 ml – The 750 ml Premium whisky bottle comes at ₹580, again quite affordable.
  • 375 ml – The 375 ml Premium pint bottle is economically priced at ₹290.
  • 180 ml – The 180 ml petite Premium bottle will cost you ₹150 making it a smart choice.
  • 90 ml – The mini 90 ml Premium bottle is extremely affordable at ₹80 only.
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Imperial Blue Whisky

Imperial Blue is the premium flagship brand by All Seasons, known for its bold taste and strong brand identity. It is a favorite among youth and is considered stylish.

  • 1000 ml – The Imperial Blue 1 liter bottle costs ₹850 in Punjab which is reasonable.
  • 750 ml – The 750 ml Imperial Blue comes for ₹650 in the state which is again quite affordable.
  • 375 ml – You can buy the 375 ml pint bottle for just ₹330 making it very attractive.
  • 180 ml – The 180 ml Imperial Blue petite bottle is economical at ₹170 and easy to carry around.
  • 90 ml – The 90 ml mini Imperial Blue nip bottle comes at an unbelievable ₹90 only!

Director’s Special Whisky

Director’s Special is the luxury premium variant by All Seasons, known for its rich aged flavor and smoothness. Here are its prices in Punjab:

  • 1000 ml – The Director’s Special 1 liter bottle is priced at ₹1200 which is decent for a premium aged whisky.
  • 750 ml – The 750 ml bottle comes for ₹920 which is reasonable for the quality.
  • 375 ml – The 375 ml Director’s Special pint bottle costs ₹470 which is quite affordable.
  • 180 ml – You can buy the 180 ml bottle for ₹240 making it pocket-friendly.
  • 90 ml – The 90 ml mini Director’s Special suits those looking to sample it at ₹120.

Signature Whisky

The ultra-premium Signature variant is the most expensive by All Seasons. Matured for over 8 years, it has a rich, smooth taste perfect for celebrations.

  • 1000 ml – The Signature 1 liter bottle costs around ₹1400 in Punjab which is value for money.
  • 750 ml – The 750 ml Signature bottle comes for ₹1100 which is decently priced.
  • 375 ml – The 375 ml Signature pint bottle is available for ₹560, quite affordable.
  • 180 ml – The 180 ml petite Signature bottle costs ₹280 which is light on the pocket.
  • 90 ml – You can buy the 90 ml mini Signature nip for ₹140 to try the premium blend.
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Factors Affecting Pricing of All Seasons Whisky in Punjab

There are several factors that influence the pricing strategy of All Season’s whisky in Punjab:

State Excise Policies – The Punjab state government levies excise duties and taxes on liquor, which impacts retail prices. All Seasons prices its whisky competitively keeping the taxation structure in mind.

Raw Material Costs – Grain prices and the cost of imported Scotch malts affect the distiller’s costs. Any spikes get passed on to the consumers through revised MRPs.

Competitor Brands – To stay ahead in Punjab’s competitive whisky market, All Seasons prices its products attractively compared to rival brands like Haywards, Royal Stag, etc.

Target Consumers – Keeping its core middle-class consumer base in mind, All Seasons tries to offer quality whisky at affordable rates.

Seasons and Festivals – Prices may be hiked during peak seasons or festivals when demand goes up. Discounts are offered during off-season months.

Location – Whisky prices in Punjab vary slightly across cities, with marginally higher rates in metros compared to small towns.

How to Find the Best All Seasons Whisky Rates in Punjab?

Here are some smart tips to help you find the best prices on All Seasons whisky in Punjab:

  • Compare prices across different liquor stores in your area. Avoid highway liquor shops.
  • Look out for special discounts, offers, and happy hours to save money.
  • Go for lower-priced regular All Seasons instead of premium variants if you want to save money.
  • Buying larger 1 liter or 750 ml bottles is more economical than 180 ml ones in the long run.
  • Reputed online liquor stores can offer decent uniform pricing across the state.
  • Purchase during the off-season summer months from May to July to get good discounts.
  • Opt for lower-priced All Seasons whisky if using it for cocktails or food pairing.
  • As a member of social clubs or bars, you can get privileged rates on liquors like All Seasons.
  • Find shops selling new bottles at a discount to clear old stock.

So use these tips to find the best All Seasons whisky rates in Punjab and enjoy your favorite drink without overspending.

Why is All Seasons Whisky So Popular in Punjab?

Let us look at some of the key reasons why All Seasons whisky is so popular and widely consumed in the state of Punjab:

Smooth Taste Profile – Made from quality grains and malts, All Seasons has a gentle, smooth taste. This appeals to the Punjabi palate which prefers easy-drinking spirits.

Premium Brand Image – With its distinct brand identity, All Seasons is seen as a sophisticated, aspirational whisky brand in Punjab.

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Economical and Accessible – Affordable pricing coupled with widespread availability makes All Seasons the go-to whisky choice in Punjab.

Variety – With 5 main variants catering to different preferences and budgets, the brand has options for all consumer segments.

Ideal for Cocktails & Food Pairing – All Seasons’ versatility and balance of flavors make it ideal for whisky-based cocktails and pairing with spicy Punjabi dishes.

Festive & Celebratory Drink – During weddings, celebrations, and social occasions, All Seasons is the number one choice in Punjab for toasting.

Youth-Oriented Marketing – Aggressive marketing showcasing success, status, and style resonates with the youth who are among its biggest consumers.

Considering these factors, All Seasons whisky seems to have gotten the recipe just right for the tastes and preferences of Punjab. It is hence poised to rule the market for a long time.

Should You Buy All Seasons Whisky in Punjab?

For whisky lovers in Punjab looking for quality, taste, and value, All Seasons is definitely a recommended buy.

Here are some good reasons to choose All Seasons as your preferred whisky brand:

  • It delivers a pleasingly smooth drinking experience with mellowed grain spirits.
  • The taste has wide appeal and caters to Punjabi palates.
  • It is much more affordable than imported Scotch whiskies.
  • The different variants at various prices provide choices for all budgets.
  • Blending and maturation result in consistency in taste.
  • All Seasons whisky has become synonymous with celebrations in Punjab.
  • It is easily available across all liquor outlets big and small.
  • Being Indian-made, it supports local manufacturing and jobs.
  • The brand has a trustworthy image among consumers in Punjab.

So for your regular sundowner drink or raising a toast at weddings, All Seasons is a wise choice when buying whisky in Punjab. It gives you quality, smoothness, status and satisfaction.

Summing it Up

In this detailed guide, we have covered everything you need to know about All Seasons whisky prices in Punjab in 2023. The brand has strategically priced its various variants across different bottle sizes to appeal to the diverse consumer segments in the state.

Middle-class buyers looking for affordability can opt for regular All Seasons of Imperial Blue. Those wanting a smoother premium experience can upgrade to Premium or Director’s Special variants. For celebrating special occasions, the Signature whisky makes for an excellent high-end choice.

We have also shared tips and recommendations on how to find the best deals on All Seasons when buying whisky in Punjab. Taking advantage of discounts, offers, lean season pricing, and large bottle sizes can help you maximize savings.

Overall, All Seasons presents excellent value for money owing to competitive pricing, good taste, easy availability, and strong brand ID.

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