Amrut Whisky Price In USA [2023 Updated List]

Amrut Whisky, produced by Amrut Distilleries in India, has become quite popular in the United States over the past decade. As a whiskey connoisseur and expert, I frequently get asked about the latest Amrut Whisky prices in the USA. So I’ve put together this 2023 updated price list for all the major Amrut Whisky expressions available in America.

Why is Amrut Whisky Gaining Popularity in the USA?

There are several reasons why Amrut Whiskeys are getting more popular in the American market:

  • Quality: Amrut produces high-quality single malt whiskeys that can compete with the best Scotch whiskies. They use premium Indian barley and unique distillation methods.
  • Value: Despite being high quality, Amrut whiskies are very reasonably priced compared to similar single malts from Scotland. This makes them a great value purchase.
  • Uniqueness: Amrut makes some unique expressions like peated single malts and whiskey aged in Indian wine barrels. This exotic taste profile appeals to American whiskey drinkers looking for something different.
  • Awards: Amrut Whiskies have won several prestigious international awards. This recognition has helped them gain visibility in the competitive American market.

Amrut Whisky Price List in the USA for 2023

Here is an updated list of Amrut whisky prices in the USA as of August 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (50ml) Amrut fusion Whisky $9.99
Cost of (50ml) Amrut Single Malt Whisky $9.99
Cost of (750ml) Amrut fusion Whisky $78.99
Cost of (750ml) Amrut Single Malt Whisky $61.99
Cost of (750ml) Amrut Single Malt Peated Whisky $81.99
Cost of (750ml) Amrut Cask Strength Whisky $89.99
Cost of (750ml) Amrut Kadhanbam Whisky $149.99
Cost of (750ml) Amrut Intermediate Sherry Whisky $149.99
Cost of (750ml) Amrut Traditional Whisky $54.99
Cost of (750ml) Amrut Naarangi Single Malt Whisky $139.99
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The prices can vary slightly between different stores and regions, but this gives a good overview of the average cost of Amrut whiskies in the USA.

Factors Affecting Amrut Whisky Prices

There are several factors that impact the retail pricing of Amrut whiskies in America:

  • Taxes: Alcohol taxes in the US significantly contribute to the final shelf prices. There are federal taxes as well as varying state taxes imposed on whiskies.
  • Import Costs: As Amrut is imported, it incurs international shipping and import duties which raise the costs. Fluctuations in currency exchange rates also impact end pricing.
  • Whisky Age: Older and rarer expressions like the Amrut Kadhambam are costlier to produce and age leading to higher prices.
  • Reseller Margins: The retailer and distributor margins also account for a portion of the final shelf price in the US.
  • Brand Positioning: Amrut positions itself as a premium single malt which allows it to command a higher price point.

5 Best Value Amrut Whiskies in the USA

For whiskey drinkers looking for the best value on Amrut whiskies in 2023, I recommend considering these 5 bottles:

1. Amrut Traditional – Aged for around 5 years in ex-bourbon barrels, this is the most affordable core range Amrut whisky in the US at just $54.99 a bottle. It delivers a lot of flavor and complexity despite the low price tag.

2. Amrut Fusion – This innovative blend of peated and unpeated malts provides a surprising depth of flavors for just $78.99 a bottle. It’s the gateway into the world of Amrut.

3. Amrut Single Malt – The standard unpeated single malt whiskey from Amrut retails for a reasonable $61.99. It has the quintessential tropical fruit and spice notes the distillery is known for.

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4. Amrut Peated Single Malt – For Islay Scotch lovers, the Peated expression adds a smoky twist to Amrut’s single malt for only $81.99 a bottle.

5. Amrut Naarangi – This unique whiskey aged in Indian orange barrels costs $139.99. The orange influence accentuates the fruitiness creating a wonderful interplay of flavors.

Explore the Exciting Range of Amrut Whiskies

Amrut Distilleries produces an extensive range of fine single-malt whiskies that whiskey enthusiasts in the US can now easily enjoy. This 2023 updated price list makes it easy to identify both premium offerings like the Amrut Kadhambam or Intermediate Sherry as well as affordable options like the Traditional and Fusion. With production limited to around 100,000 liters annually, these expressions offer incredible quality and value. Expand your drinking horizons and explore Amrut’s exotic and award-winning Indian malt whiskies.

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