Amrut Whisky Prices in Haryana 2023: A Detailed Overview

Amrut whisky, produced by Amrut Distilleries in Bengaluru, Karnataka, has become one of the most popular and acclaimed single malt whiskies in India over the last decade. Amrut whiskies are known for their quality and complex flavors, aided by the unique climate and water of South India where they are distilled.

In this article, we will look at the latest Amrut whisky prices in Haryana state as of 2023. Haryana is an important market for Amrut, being one of the largest consumers of premium liquor in North India. We will look at prices of popular Amrut expressions like Amrut Indian Single Malt, Amrut Fusion, Amrut Peated, and more, across different pack sizes.

An Overview of Amrut Whisky

Amrut Distilleries was founded in 1948 and started out producing rum and brandy. It was not until the 2000s that the company started experimenting with single-malt whisky production. The first single malt released was Amrut Classic in 2004 which became an instant hit.

This led to more experimentation and Amrut bringing out innovative whiskies finished in various Indian wines and woods like Fino Sherry, Port pipe, and ex-bourbon, among others. Amrut also started heavily exporting its whiskies to Europe, America, and over 25 countries where it has received glowing reviews and awards.

Some facts about Amrut whisky:

  • Uses Indian malted barley sourced from North India.
  • Mashing, fermentation, and distillation all happen at their Bengaluru distillery.
  • Aged predominantly in ex-bourbon casks with some sherry and wine casks.
  • Natural maturation aided by Bengaluru’s tropical climate.
  • No coloring or chill-filtration is done to preserve true flavors.
  • Flagship expressions include Amrut Indian Single Malt, Amrut Peated, Amrut Fusion, Amrut Intermediate Sherry, etc.

The rich complex malty flavors paired with tropical fruit notes is what makes Amrut whiskies special. Now let’s look at the latest prices in Haryana.

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Amrut Whisky Prices in Haryana 2023

Here are the latest Amrut whisky prices in Haryana state across various pack sizes:

Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky

Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky is their standard unpeated single malt matured in ex-bourbon barrels. It has rich fruity and vanilla notes on the palate.

Pack Size Approx. Price
750 ml ₹5,190
375 ml ₹2,650
180 ml ₹1,280

Amrut Peated Indian Single Malt Whisky

Amrut Peated is their peated malt with smoky, medicinal flavors along with fruit and spices. It is matured in ex-bourbon casks.

Pack Size Approx. Price
750 ml ₹5,790
375 ml ₹2,980

Amrut Fusion Indian Single Malt Whisky

Amrut Fusion is blended from unpeated and peated malts giving a balance of fruit and smoke. Matured in ex-bourbon barrels.

Pack Size Approx. Price
750 ml ₹6,790
375 ml ₹3,490

Amrut Cask Strength Indian Single Malt Whisky

Bottled at a higher alcohol strength without watering down, this shows the pure distillate flavors.

Pack Size Approx. Price
750 ml ₹7,790

Amrut Portonova Indian Single Malt Whisky

Aged in port pipes after a first maturation in ex-bourbon, this has a fruity flavor profile.

Pack Size Approx. Price
750 ml ₹10,790

Amrut Madeira Finish Indian Single Malt Whisky

Finished for 18 months in Madeira wine casks. Complex mix of fruit, spices, and oak.

Pack Size Approx. Price
750 ml ₹12,590

Amrut Greedy Angels Indian Single Malt Whisky

Aged for 8 years in oak, this is a heavy, intense dram. Limited stocks only.

Pack Size Approx. Price
750 ml ₹32,900

Amrut Spectrum Indian Single Malt Whisky

Matured in different cask types like virgin oak, peated casks, and new oak, giving a spectrum of flavors.

Pack Size Approx. Price
750 ml ₹12,590

The above are MRP prices of Amrut whisky in Haryana state at reputed retail liquor stores. Prices can vary slightly across different stores.

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Some premium/limited Amrut expressions may only be selectively available in Haryana at the moment. Pricing also tends to increase every year especially for premium whiskies.

Factors Affecting Pricing of Amrut Whisky in Haryana

The prices of Amrut whiskies in Haryana depend on several factors:

Taxes: This includes excise duty, VAT, and other taxes imposed by the Haryana state government on imported liquor which can be as high as 200% to 300% of the base price.

Import costs: As Amrut whiskies are imported to Haryana from the distillery in Bengaluru, import duties, and logistics costs affect the pricing.

Route to market: The pricing depends on whether the whisky comes to Haryana directly from the distillery or via liquor distributors in other states. More supply chain stages lead to higher markups.

Brand popularity: Higher demand and brand positioning also allow Amrut to command a premium, especially for rare expressions.

Packaging: Premium packaging in glass bottles vs. lower-cost Tetra Pak also impacts pricing.

Location: Amrut whisky prices in Haryana can vary across locations like Gurugram, Ambala, and Hisar depending on local taxes and supply conditions.

Retailer margins: The type of retail store selling the whisky e.g. liquor store, duty-free, restaurant, etc. also affect the final price.

Seasons and occasions: Prices tend to increase around festive seasons and year-end when demand is higher.

Price Trends for Amrut Whisky

Here are some noticeable price trends for Amrut whisky in Haryana:

  • Standard expressions have seen a 10% to 15% annual price increase in recent years. This includes whiskies like Amrut Indian Single Malt and Amrut Fusion.
  • Premium limited releases have increased at a higher rate of 15% to 20% yearly. Eg. Amrut Spectrum, Madeira Cask.
  • Duty-free prices at airport outlets are 30% to 40% lower than regular retail shops in Haryana.
  • Discounts of 15% to 25% on MRP are offered during off-season periods or for bulk purchases.
  • Higher-priced launches catering to affluent drinkers like the Amrut Greedy Angels.
  • Smaller pack sizes (375ml, 180ml) have grown in popularity with higher pricing per ml.
  • Inflation also contributes to increasing Amrut whisky prices in the range of 5% to 10% each year.
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Buying Amrut Whisky in Haryana

Here are some tips for buying Amrut whisky in Haryana:

  • Purchase directly from reputed liquor stores in your city for reliable pricing. Avoid unknown shops selling at very low prices.
  • Government-run retail shops like Haryana State Federation of Consumer Cooperative Wholesale Stores (CONFED) offer good deals sometimes.
  • Keep an eye out for online sales by platforms like Living Liquidz which run special discounts on occasions.
  • Look for duty-free prices at airport retail stores when traveling outside Haryana. Much lower than local state prices.
  • Buying by the full bottle is cheaper than purchasing by the drink at restaurants/bars.
  • Be aware of counterfeit and tampered bottles. Check seals, and labeling before purchasing.
  • Join whisky communities online to find out about new launches, tastings, and price deals on Amrut.


Amrut whiskies from the tropical south of India have built a glowing reputation in Haryana and across the world. While prices have been increasing steadily, there are still good deals to be found especially for standard expressions like Amrut Indian Single Malt and Fusion. For whisky lovers in Haryana, Amrut remains an affordable option to enjoy quality single malt comparable to Scotches at 4X the price point. The brand continues to push boundaries with innovative cask finishes catering to Indian tastes and preferences. With rising incomes and easier availability, Amrut’s future looks bright in this whisky-loving North Indian state.

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