Antiquity Blue Price in Assam 2023 [Updated Price List]

Antiquity Blue is one of the most popular and affordable whisky brands in Assam. With its smooth taste and mild flavor, Antiquity Blue has become the go-to whisky for many in the state. In this article, we will look at the latest Antiquity Blue price list in Assam for 2023.

An Overview of Antiquity Blue Whisky

Antiquity Blue is an Indian whisky, manufactured and marketed by United Spirits Ltd (USL), a Diageo Group company. It was launched in the 1990s and is one of the largest-selling whisky brands in India.

Some key features of Antiquity Blue:

  • It is made from molasses and is a blend of imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits.
  • It has a light and smooth taste profile with hints of honey and spice.
  • Antiquity Blue is available in different bottle sizes – 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml.
  • It is an affordable whisky priced at around Rs.100-150 for 180 ml in Assam.
  • The brand is promoted through mass advertising as a “true blue” Indian whisky.
  • Antiquity Blue is exported to several countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Germany, and more.

So if you are looking for an easy-drinking, value-for-money whisky, Antiquity Blue fits the bill perfectly. Now let’s look at the latest prices of this whisky in Assam.

Antiquity Blue Price List in Assam for 2023

Here are the latest Antiquity Blue prices in Assam for different bottle sizes:

Brand Volume Price
Antiquity Blue price in Assam 1000ml/1ltr ₹1200
Antiquity Blue price in Assam 750ml ₹800
Antiquity Blue price in Assam 375ml ₹450
Antiquity Blue price in Assam 180ml ₹250
Antiquity Blue price in Assam 90ml ₹130

These are the recommended retail prices for Antiquity Blue in Assam. However, the actual selling price may vary across different shops and locations. Taxes levied by the state government also impact the final selling price.

Here are some key points on Antiquity Blue pricing in Assam:

  • The bigger 1-litre bottle offers the best value for money. It is priced attractively at just ₹1200.
  • 750 ml and 375 ml bottles are convenient sizes for home consumption or gifting purposes.
  • The 180 ml pack is the popular quarter bottle size. It is affordably priced under ₹300.
  • The 90 ml miniature bottle is meant for single-serve drinking or trial purposes.
  • Overall, Antiquity Blue is very competitively priced in Assam compared to other states.
  • Prices may be a bit higher in hotels/restaurants or at liquor stores in prime locations.
  • There could be some variations in prices across different districts of Assam.
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So if you are looking for Antiquity Blue in Assam, expect to pay anywhere between ₹250 to ₹1200 based on the bottle size. The pricing is quite attractive and makes Antiquity a value-buy whisky in the state.

Factors Affecting Antiquity Blue Price in Assam

The retail price of Antiquity Blue in Assam is dependent on several factors:

State Excise Duty – The Assam state government imposes excise duty on liquor which impacts the retail price. The rate is 75% of the wholesale price. Any changes in excise duty will be reflected in the MRP.

Transportation Costs – Assam has hilly terrain which increases freight charges. Additional costs are added if goods are transported from outside the state.

Tax Structure – GST at 18% and other local taxes also contribute to the final consumer price. Changes in taxation can lead to price fluctuations.

Brand Popularity – Higher demand for the brand allows retailers to keep margins. But intense competition also regulates prices.

Location – Prices are usually higher in premium hotels, bars, and restaurants compared to local liquor shops.

Seasons and Festivals – Prices may be hiked during peak seasons or festive times when demand goes up.

Raw Material Costs – An increase in costs of grain, molasses, packaging, etc. impacts the overall pricing.

However, Antiquity Blue remains competitively priced owing to smart cost management by USL and its popularity amongst consumers in Assam.

Price Trends Over The Years

If we analyze historical price trends, we see that Antiquity Blue has become more affordable in Assam over the past decade:

  • In 2010, the MRP of 750 ml Antiquity Blue was around ₹600 in Assam.
  • By 2015, prices of the 750 ml bottle came down to ₹500.
  • In 2020, just before the pandemic, 750 ml Antiquity Blue was priced at ₹450 in Assam.
  • After disrupted sales during lockdowns, the price has stabilized at ₹800 for a 750 ml bottle in 2023.
  • On a per ml basis, Antiquity Blue is nearly 40-50% cheaper now than its price 5-10 years back.
  • This makes it extremely attractive and within reach for regular consumption.
  • Higher localization and lower costs have enabled more affordable pricing for the brand.
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The rising affordability has been a key factor behind Antiquity Blue’s surging popularity in Assam. Going forward, the brand is expected to remain competitively priced even if there are marginal hikes.

Price Comparison With Other Brands

It also helps to compare Antiquity Blue prices versus other whisky brands popular in Assam:

Brand 750ml Price
Antiquity Blue ₹800
McDowell’s No.1 ₹790
Royal Stag ₹710
Imperial Blue ₹725
Blender’s Pride Reserve ₹1400
Black Dog ₹2250

We can see that Antiquity Blue is very attractively priced against both – premium whiskies like Black Dog, as well as regular ones like McDowell’s No.1. It matches the pricing of bestsellers like Royal Stag and Imperial Blue.

This competitive pricing has enabled Antiquity Blue to gain market share, especially amongst younger consumers who get quality whisky at an affordable budget.

Price Forecast for 2023

Given the rising inflation and input costs, some price hike is expected for Antiquity Blue in Assam in 2023. However, it is unlikely to be a very sharp increase given the strategic pricing of this brand.

Our price forecast for Antiquity Blue in Assam for 2023:

  • 180 ml bottle may see 5-10% increase to around ₹275
  • 750 ml bottle could be up by 10% at ₹880
  • The 1 litre pack may also see a slight price hike to ₹1300

However, the brand will try to absorb costs as much as possible to retain sales volumes. Being an affordable whisky, demand is sensitive to sharp price rises.

Any hikes are likely to be gradual over the next 6-12 months. Only if raw material or tax rates go up substantially will there be steeper increases. Overall, Antiquity Blue will remain a value-buy whisky in 2023 as well.

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How to Find the Best Deals on Antiquity Blue?

Here are some tips to get the best price on Antiquity Blue in Assam:

  • Buy during ongoing discounts, offers, and festive sales from licensed shops.
  • Register for loyalty programs by retailers to avail of member-only prices periodically.
  • Buy from wholesale shops or cash-and-carry stores in bulk quantity for discounts.
  • Look for prices at army canteens which sell liquor at near-cost rates.
  • Purchase when there are temporary price cuts or rebates in your location.
  • Avoid MRP rates at bars, pubs, and hotels which have very high markups.
  • Compare prices online via apps and aggregator sites before purchasing.
  • Prefer locally produced liquor in Assam which has lower logistics costs.

So look out for the best deals and offers, especially on festive occasions like Bihu or New Year when demand rises. With some smart shopping, you can buy Antiquity Blue at attractive rates in Assam!


With its affordable pricing and smooth distinctive taste, Antiquity Blue has become a hit whisky in Assam. Compared to other brands, it offers great value for money across different bottle sizes.

The pricing is competitively aligned based on taxation, production costs, and market dynamics in Assam. While marginal price hikes in 2023 are likely, Antiquity Blue is forecast to remain reasonably priced for regular consumption.

With rising incomes and easier availability, whisky demand is on the rise. For Assam’s whisky lovers, Antiquity Blue is surely the true blue choice that perfectly combines quality and value.

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