Antiquity Blue Price in Hyderabad 2023 [updated list]

Antiquity Blue is one of the most popular and premium whiskey brands in India. It is manufactured by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD) and is available in different sizes and prices across Hyderabad. In this article, we will look at the latest Antiquity Blue price list in Hyderabad for 2023.

An Overview of Antiquity Blue Whiskey

Antiquity Blue is an Indian whiskey blended with imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits. It was launched in the 1990s and soon became a premium whiskey brand in India. Some key features of Antiquity Blue whiskey:

  • It has a rich, smooth taste with hints of oak, honey, and vanilla. The whiskey has been aged for over 4 years in oak barrels.
  • It has an alcohol content of 42.8%
  • Antiquity Blue comes in an iconic blue-colored glass bottle that stands out on liquor store shelves.
  • It is marketed as a high-end premium whiskey in India and caters to upper-class consumers.
  • Antiquity Blue is manufactured at ABD’s distillery in Nashik, Maharashtra using a blend of Indian and imported Scotch malts.
  • It has received various awards and accolades at spirits competitions globally.

Antiquity Blue Price in Hyderabad 2023

The price of Antiquity Blue whiskey in Hyderabad varies depending on the size of the bottle. Here are the latest prices of Antiquity Blue in Hyderabad for 2023:

Antiquity Blue 180ml Price

  • MRP: ₹360
  • Retail Price: ₹340

The 180ml nip bottle is the smallest size available for Antiquity Blue in Hyderabad. It is convenient to carry and can be purchased from most liquor shops in the city. The maximum retail price is ₹360 but it is usually available for ₹340 at stores after discounts.

Antiquity Blue 375ml Price

  • MRP: ₹730
  • Retail Price: ₹680

The 375ml bottle is the quart size for Antiquity Blue. It is ideal for personal use or gifting purposes. The MRP is ₹730 but the retail price after discounts is around ₹680 at licensed shops.

Antiquity Blue 750ml Price

  • MRP: ₹1460
  • Retail Price: ₹1380

The 750ml bottle is the standard size for Antiquity Blue whiskey. It offers better value for money compared to the smaller packs. The MRP is ₹1460 but it can be purchased for approximately ₹1380 from liquor vendors after a discount.

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Antiquity Blue 1000ml Price

  • MRP: ₹1800
  • Retail Price: ₹1700

The 1 liter or 1000ml pack is the largest size available for Antiquity Blue in Hyderabad. It offers the best value for people who enjoy this whiskey regularly. The MRP is ₹1800 but a discounted retail price of ₹1700 is available at most stores.

What Affects the Price of Antiquity Blue in Hyderabad?

There are several factors that determine the retail price of Antiquity Blue whiskey in Hyderabad:

Taxes: Special additional excise duty, VAT, GST, etc. imposed on liquor contribute to high liquor prices in Telangana. Nearly 60% of the Antiquity Blue price comprises taxes.

Import Costs: As the whiskey contains imported Scotch malts, fluctuations in import duties and forex rates affect the pricing.

Supply Chain: Distributor and retailer margins account for 10-20% of the liquor cost. Transportation costs also add to the price.

Brand Positioning: Antiquity Blue is positioned as a premium whiskey, hence priced higher than regular whiskies.

Location: Prices are slightly higher at stores in prime locations and hotels compared to local liquor shops.

Seasons: Prices may be hiked during festive seasons or the new year due to higher demand.

Discounts: Retailers offer discounts of 10-15% on MRP especially on bulk purchases, bringing down the price.

Price Comparison of Antiquity Blue With Similar Whiskeys

Here is a price comparison of Antiquity Blue with other premium whiskies in Hyderabad available in 750ml size:

Brand Type Approx Price
Antiquity Blue Blended Indian Whiskey ₹1380
Blenders Pride Indian Whiskey ₹1400
Royal Stag Indian Whiskey ₹1400
Imperial Blue Indian Whiskey ₹1350
Original Choice Blended Scotch ₹1400
Black & White Blended Scotch ₹1700
Chivas Regal 12 YO Blended Scotch ₹2500
Glenfiddich 12 YO Single Malt Scotch ₹4500

Among premium Indian whiskies, Antiquity Blue is competitively priced against brands like Blenders Pride and Royal Stag in Hyderabad. But it is more expensive than regular whiskies such as Imperial Blue. Among Scotch whiskies, it is cheaper than aged malts like Glenfiddich 12 YO.

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Places to Buy Antiquity Blue in Hyderabad

Here are some of the best places to buy Antiquity Blue whiskey in Hyderabad:

  • Wine Shops: Most local liquor shops and chains like Spencers, Jai Hind Liquors, Elite Shoppy, etc. stock Antiquity Blue. They offer decent discounts.
  • Duty-Free Shops: Antiquity Blue is available at duty-free stores in Hyderabad airport at attractive rates.
  • Online: Apps like HipBar, and Living Liquidz deliver Antiquity Blue across Hyderabad at MRP.
  • Supermarkets: Modern retail chains like More, Reliance Fresh, etc. have in-store liquor shops selling Antiquity Blue.
  • Hotels & Bars: Premium hotels and bars in Hyderabad serve Antiquity Blue by the drink or bottle. Pricing is higher.
  • Military Canteens: Armed forces personnel can buy liquor at discounted rates from CSD canteens in Hyderabad.
  • Distillery: ABD’s distillery at Nashik offers factory buying at wholesale rates if you buy in bulk quantity.

Price Trends of Antiquity Blue in Hyderabad

  • The price of Antiquity Blue whiskey has gradually increased over the last decade in line with inflation and higher taxes.
  • However, the rate of price increase has been moderate compared to other premium liquor brands.
  • For instance, a 750ml bottle of Antiquity Blue priced at ₹1100 in 2013 is now available for ₹1380 in 2023. That’s just a 25% price increase over 10 years.
  • The steep taxation structure in Telangana means liquor prices are higher compared to other states. But volumes are lower.
  • Despite price hikes, Antiquity Blue whiskey has retained its appeal as an affordable premium brand.
  • Strong brand equity and a loyal consumer base have ensured steady sales for Antiquity Blue even as new premium whiskies enter the market.

Outlook on Antiquity Blue Pricing in Hyderabad

The future pricing trend for Antiquity Blue whiskey in Hyderabad is expected to be:

  • Gradual Price Increase: Prices will increase moderately in line with inflation and higher input costs. But the quantum of hikes will be limited.
  • Competitive Pricing: Antiquity Blue will be priced competitively against premium whiskies to retain market share. Deep discounts are unlikely.
  • Higher Taxes: An increase in federal and state levies on liquor could compel price hikes. However, the impact may be diluted over wider SKUs.
  • Brand Position: The premium image and brand equity of Antiquity Blue makes it less vulnerable to price wars.
  • Market Demand: Strong demand from urban consumers and brand loyalists will sustain sales despite price rises.
  • Festive Offers: Attractive discounts can be expected during peak seasons to boost revenues.
  • New Products: Line extensions under the Antiquity brand may be priced lower to target a wider audience.
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So in summary, while Antiquity Blue prices are bound to increase in the future, the premium whiskey brand seems well-positioned to retain its appeal and strong market share in Hyderabad. Judicious pricing strategy and brand equity will likely cushion the impact of taxes and other cost pressures. For whiskey lovers in Hyderabad, Antiquity Blue will continue to be an aspirational yet affordable choice.

So in summary, Antiquity Blue continues to be the whiskey of choice for discerning drinkers in Hyderabad looking for a premium branded whiskey experience. With competitive pricing, smooth taste, and iconic packaging, Antiquity Blue has retained its aspirational image despite rising taxes and input costs. While prices are bound to increase moderately, they are likely to remain accessible for regular consumption among metro audiences seeking an affordable luxury.

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