Antiquity Blue Price in Punjab 2023 [Updated Price List]

Antiquity Blue is one of the most sought-after whisky brands in Punjab and across India. It strikes the ideal balance between affordability and premium blending. This detailed guide covers the current Antiquity Blue price list in Punjab for 2023.

Overview of Antiquity Blue Whisky

Launched in the 1990s by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), Antiquity Blue swiftly gained popularity for its smooth, vibrant taste profile. Here are some noteworthy attributes of this whisky:

  • It is crafted from a harmonious blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts. This lends it a balanced flavor and easy drinkability.
  • You can detect rich aromas of honey, ripe fruits, and warm spices with a lingering finish.
  • With an ABV of 42.8%, it offers a pleasant level of kick without being too overpowering.
  • Antiquity Blue is available in 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1000 ml pack sizes. There’s a bottle for every budget and occasion.
  • The brand has been lauded in numerous spirits challenges globally for its excellent quality.
  • Reasonable pricing across various retail outlets has aided its widespread adoption by consumers.

Latest Antiquity Blue Price List in Punjab 2023

Here are the current prices of Antiquity Blue whisky across different bottle sizes in Punjab:

Antiquity Blue 180 ml Price

The 180 ml version is the smallest pocket-sized bottle for Antiquity Blue. It contains around 12 standard drinks.

The prevalent Antiquity Blue 180 ml price in Punjab today is Rs. 200 to Rs. 220. It is conveniently available at this affordable range in most liquor stores online and offline.

This makes it ideal for personal consumption or gifting to friends. The quarter bottle lets you sample the Antiquity Blue taste profile cost-effectively.

Antiquity Blue 375 ml Price

The 375 ml quarter bottle holds about 24 standard drinks of Antiquity Blue whisky.

It is easily available at Rs. 400 to Rs. 430 in Punjab currently. This pricing applies across all major retail channels.

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The 375 ml pack is popular among both occasional and regular drinkers seeking a balance between quantity and budget. It also enables easier storage compared to bigger bottles.

Antiquity Blue 750 ml Price

This 750 ml full bottle size contains close to 48 standard drinks of Antiquity Blue.

The prevailing Antiquity Blue 750 ml price in Punjab is Rs. 750 to Rs. 810. You can buy it at any reputed online or offline shop within this price range.

Among spirit aficionados who like unwinding with a drink or two after work, the 750 ml pack is the most sought-after. It offers the best value for money.

Antiquity Blue 1000 ml Price

The 1000 ml or 1-litre bottle is the largest pack size available for Antiquity Blue in the market currently. It carries around 64 standard drinks.

In Punjab, the Antiquity Blue 1 liter price today ranges between Rs. 1250 to Rs. 1350. It is easily procurable from leading retailers and platforms at this competitive pricing.

For regular drinkers who like keeping their bar stocked up, the 1-litre economical bottle is a popular choice. Despite its size, it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Size-wise Price Comparison

Here is an easy side-by-side price comparison between different Antiquity Blue bottle sizes in Punjab:

Bottle Size Price Range
180 ml Rs. 200 – Rs. 220
375 ml Rs. 400 – Rs. 430
750 ml Rs. 750 – Rs. 810
1000 ml Rs. 1250 – Rs. 1350

It is clear that larger-sized bottles offer more value for money based on per ml pricing. But smaller bottles let you try out the experience before investing in a full bottle.

What Makes Antiquity Blue Prices Vary in Punjab?

While the above prices are a general benchmark, actual rates may vary due to these key factors:

1. Taxes – Prices differ based on GST, excise duty, inter-state levies applicable. Rate changes impact retail pricing.

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2. Location – Outlets located near distilleries or cheaply sourced may offer lower prices.

3. Retail Shop Type – Premium pubs, hotels, and airports may charge higher than regular stores.

4. Discount Offers – Shops often run limited-period promotions, and discounted MRP rates on Antiquity Blue.

5. E-commerce Pricing – Online alcohol delivery platforms have dynamic pricing with frequent revisions.

6. Bulk Discounts – Buying 6 or 12 bottles together can attract attractive discounts over MRP.

7. Festive/Peak Season Demand – Prices tend to be higher during high-sale festive or holiday seasons.

Where to Buy Antiquity Blue at the Best Rate in Punjab?

Use these tips to grab the most reasonable deals on Antiquity Blue in Punjab:

  • Browse through online liquor apps for the real-time lowest price via price filters.
  • Use aggregator sites like Ryl to instantly compare rates across different online platforms.
  • Sign up for email/SMS price alerts so you never miss a price drop or deal.
  • Purchase during ongoing festive sales and happy hours for the best discounts.
  • Opt for the 1-litre pack if your monthly consumption is high.
  • Check different shops in your area as each may offer unique pricing.
  • Look for clearance sales where shops sell surplus stock at discounted prices.
  • Buy from duty-free liquor stores at airports when traveling outstation.

Historical Pricing Trends of Antiquity Blue in Punjab

Over the past few years, Antiquity Blue whisky prices in Punjab have seen only minor inflation-linked increases. Its affordable price positioning has remained largely consistent.

For instance, back in 2020, the Antiquity Blue 750 ml price in Punjab was around Rs. 680 to Rs. 720. In 2022, it went up marginally from Rs. 700 to Rs. 760.

However, in late 2022, rising input costs led to price hikes of 8-12% across different bottle sizes. Still, Antiquity Blue remains reasonably priced vis-a-vis premium rivals like Blenders Pride, Royal Stag, etc.

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Experts feel this balanced pricing strategy has helped maintain the brand’s accessibility and popularity among Punjab’s value-seeking buyers.

Future Price Projections for Antiquity Blue

Based on prevailing industry trends and forecasts, the following Antiquity Blue price movements are expected in Punjab over the next 2-3 years:

  • 180 ml – May be priced around Rs. 240 to Rs. 260
  • 375 ml – Expected to reach close to Rs. 460 – Rs. 500
  • 750 ml – May go up to Rs. 850 – Rs. 920
  • 1000 ml – Likely to be priced around Rs. 1450 – Rs. 1550

However, multiple variables like taxation, inflation, regulations, etc. can alter the projections. Broadly, moderate price increases seem likely in line with the overall consumer price index.

Smart Tips for Buying Antiquity Blue

Follow these expert tips for buying Antiquity Blue whisky smartly within your budget:

  • Verify bottle seal, labels, and QR codes thoroughly before purchase. Avoid tampered bottles.
  • Do a price per ml calculation to find the size giving you maximum savings.
  • Check the State Excise department’s price portal for official wholesale rates.
  • Pre-book online during the festive season offers to lock in discounted prices.
  • Buy from licensed, reputed retailers only to avoid fake or illegal liquor.
  • Refer to updated online price lists and choose the shop accordingly.
  • Don’t get swayed by marketing gimmicks and buy only what you’ll actually consume.
  • Opt for credit card purchases on online platforms for cashback rewards.

Final Thoughts

To recap, Antiquity Blue continues to dominate the mid-premium whisky segment in Punjab owing to its pocket-friendly pricing. This handy guide offers complete clarity on its current prices across bottle sizes and shopping channels. While moderate price hikes are expected moving forward, smart buying practices can help you find the best deals. So enjoy your favorite Antiquity Blue within budget by following the tips outlined here. Cheers!

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