Antiquity Blue Whisky Prices in Goa: Updated Price List

As a whisky enthusiast and expert on liquor prices in Goa, I’m often asked about the current pricing for Antiquity Blue, one of the most popular whisky brands in the state. With frequent fluctuations in alcohol rates here, it can be hard to keep track of exactly how much you’ll pay for a bottle of this iconic Indian whisky at any given time.

In this article, I’ll provide a detailed overview of Antiquity Blue rates across various bottle sizes in Goa as of 2023. Whether you’re a local looking to restock your bar collection or a tourist hoping to grab some cheap liquor on your next Goan holiday, read on for the most up-to-date Antiquity Blue price list.

An Overview of Antiquity Blue Whisky

First, let’s take a quick look at what makes Antiquity Blue whisky so iconic. Produced by the Indian conglomerate United Spirits Limited, Antiquity Blue is one of the country’s oldest whisky brands, tracing its origins back to the 1950s.

It’s distilled from Indian malted barley and aged for around 5 years in oak barrels, resulting in a rich golden blend with notes of vanilla, honey, and spice. While not a single malt or premium liquor by any means, Antiquity Blue offers a very quaffable and affordable whisky for mixing and sipping. It’s particularly popular in Goa, where its light and easy-drinking profile suits the warm climate and tourist crowds.

Antiquity Blue Whisky Prices in Goa for 2023

Now onto the main event: how much does Antiquity Blue whisky currently retail for in Goa? Here are the latest rates across all common bottle sizes:

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180ml Bottle

The small 180ml bottle is the lowest available volume for Antiquity Blue. It typically retails in Goa for around ₹162. This makes it a very affordable option for tasting or casual drinking.

375ml Bottle

The mid-size 375ml format offers better value and is common at beach shacks and liquor stores. The 2023 Antiquity Blue price for a 375ml bottle is around ₹330 in Goa.

750ml Bottle

The iconic 750ml bottle is the most popular size for Antiquity Blue purchases. It provides enough volume for stocking home bars or picking up multiple bottles on a trip. The current average price in Goa is ₹675.

2,000ml/2L Bottle

For buyers looking for maximum value, 2-liter bottles offer the best bulk pricing. In Goa, a 2,000ml Antiquity Blue bottle can be found for approximately ₹1,750. This large format is ideal for parties or functions.

Price Comparison By Volume

To summarize, here is a quick price comparison table for Antiquity Blue whisky in Goa by volume:

Bottle Volume Average Price
180ml ₹162
375ml ₹330
750ml ₹675
2000ml/2L ₹1,750

As you can see, the per ml pricing is lowest when purchasing larger bottle sizes, making the 2L format the best value. However, smaller bottles may be more suitable for single serve drinking or fitting within a limited liquor budget.

Factors Affecting Pricing

There are a few key factors that can influence the retail pricing of Antiquity Blue whisky in Goa:

  • Taxes: Alcohol taxes in Goa are relatively low compared to other Indian states. But fluctuations in state excise duties can lead to price changes.
  • Location: Prices tend to be slightly higher at upscale resorts and beach shacks compared to local liquor shops.
  • Season: Rates can increase during peak tourism seasons when demand is very high. The holiday weeks around New Year’s tend to have the steepest hikes.
  • Retailer Margins: Bigger chains may be able to offer lower prices due to high volume purchases compared to small local shops.
  • Discounts & Deals: Look out for holiday sales, volume discounts, or other promotional offers that lower the typical pricing.
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Buying Antiquity Blue Whisky in Goa

When looking to purchase Antiquity Blue whisky in Goa, here are a few tips to get the best deal:

  • Compare rates across nearby stores and shops before choosing where to buy.
  • Check the websites of major liquor chains like Jimmy’s or John Distilleries for current pricing and discounts.
  • Be flexible on bottle size – consider the 2L option if you want maximum savings.
  • Avoid buying from the bar at restaurants and hotels as there is usually a heavy markup.
  • Purchase early during your trip and avoid peak times like New Year’s when prices surge.
  • The maximum legal age limit for buying alcohol in Goa is 25 years. Carry a valid ID.

Enjoy Antiquity Blue Whisky Responsibly

With its smooth taste profile and affordable rates, Antiquity Blue whisky is a great value option for visitors and locals in Goa alike. Just remember to enjoy your drinks responsibly – never drink and drive, stay hydrated between rounds, and pace yourself when partaking during celebrations. Want to try India’s iconic Antiquity Blue whisky without busting your vacation budget? Use this updated 2023 price guide for Goa to get the best rates on your next bottle!

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