Bagpiper Whisky Price in Kerala 2023- Latest Rates

Bagpiper is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. This classic blended Scotch whisky has been available in the Indian market since the 1970s and enjoys a loyal following across the country. In the state of Kerala too, Bagpiper whisky is highly in demand, with hundreds of licensed liquor shops and bars stocking various sizes of this whisky brand.

In this article, we take a close look at the latest Bagpiper whisky price in Kerala in 2023, for various sizes of this whisky including 1000ml, 750ml, 375ml, 180ml, and 90ml bottles. Read on to find out the exact MRP rates of Bagpiper whisky in Kerala today.

An Overview of Bagpiper Whisky

Bagpiper whisky is manufactured and marketed in India by United Spirits Ltd (USL), a Diageo group company. It is one of the highest-selling whisky brands in the country today.

Some key facts about Bagpiper whisky:

  • Bagpiper is a classic blended Scotch whisky, made from a blend of malt and grain whiskies sourced from Scotland.
  • It was launched in India in the 1970s and soon became popular for its easy drinking taste profile.
  • Bagpiper has a smooth, mellow, and delicate taste with hints of oak, honey, and vanilla.
  • It has an alcohol content of 42.8% v/v or 85.6 proof.
  • Bagpiper whisky is available in five bottle sizes in India – 1000ml, 750ml, 375ml, 180ml and 90ml.
  • It is affordably priced which adds to its popularity in a price-sensitive market like India.
  • Bagpiper whisky has won several accolades and awards including being crowned the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ in India.
  • It is commonly consumed with soda water, cola or on the rocks. Bagpiper is regarded as an ideal whisky for cocktails too.

Bagpiper Whisky Prices in Kerala 2023

Let us now look at the latest MRP prices of Bagpiper whisky in the state of Kerala, as applicable in September 2023:

1. Bagpiper 1000ml Price in Kerala

The biggest 1000ml bottle of Bagpiper whisky is priced at ₹800 in Kerala currently.

This 1-litre bottle packs the most value and is ideal for whisky lovers who like to enjoy this drink regularly. It is also a cost-effective option for bars, clubs, and restaurants that serve Bagpiper whisky.

2. Bagpiper 750ml Price in Kerala

The standard 750ml bottle of Bagpiper Scotch whisky is available in Kerala for ₹550 currently.

This is the most popular bottle size, ideal for personal consumption as well as gifting purposes. The 750ml packs contain 12 regular pegs of 60ml each. It offers the best value for money.

3. Bagpiper 375ml Price in Kerala

The smaller 375ml bottle is priced at ₹280 in Kerala at present.

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The 375ml pack contains 6 pegs of 60ml each. This miniature bottle is apt for travelers and tourists visiting Kerala who wish to sample this whisky. It is also suitable for house parties or short trips.

4. Bagpiper 180ml Price in Kerala

The 180ml bottle of Bagpiper whisky retails at ₹150 in the state as of September 2023.

This is the ‘quarter’ bottle and contains 3 pegs of 60ml each. It is a pocket-friendly bottle for occasional drinking or trial purposes. The 180ml bottle is easy to carry around discreetly as well.

5. Bagpiper 90ml Price in Kerala

The smallest 90ml nip bottle of Bagpiper Scotch whisky costs ₹90 in Kerala presently.

This miniature 90ml bottle contains only 1.5 pegs of 60ml each. It is ideal for trial sampling or gifting purposes. Some airlines also serve 90ml bottles of Bagpiper whisky.

The below table summarizes the latest Bagpiper whisky price list in Kerala, for easy reference:

Brand Volume Price in Kerala
Bagpiper Whisky 1000ml ₹800
Bagpiper Whisky 750ml ₹550
Bagpiper Whisky 375ml ₹280
Bagpiper Whisky 180ml ₹150
Bagpiper Whisky 90ml ₹90

The prices are uniform across the state and applicable to all municipal corporations, towns, and villages in Kerala currently.

Factors Influencing Bagpiper Whisky Prices in Kerala

The pricing of alcohol and spirits, including whisky, in Kerala, is regulated by the state excise department. Here are some key factors that determine the retail prices of Bagpiper whisky in the state:

  • Import Duty – Basic customs duty levied on imported Scotch whiskies like Bagpiper makes up a significant portion of the pricing. It is currently 150% for imported spirits in India.
  • State Excise Duty – Kerala has one of the highest excise duties on alcohol in India, currently around 210% of the manufacturing cost. This significantly increases the retail prices.
  • Transportation & Distribution – There are costs involved in transporting the stocks from the distillery to various liquor warehouses in Kerala. The distribution network also adds to the pricing.
  • Retailer Margins – Included in MRP is the profit margin for retailers & shops selling Bagpiper whisky in Kerala. This is usually around 5-10% of the price.
  • Brand Popularity – As a leading brand, United Spirits factors in a premium in the pricing of Bagpiper whisky. The brand value and goodwill allow them to price it higher than lesser-known brands.
  • Taxes – GST at 18% and state sales tax further add to the total cost paid by consumers in Kerala.
  • Inflation – Rising inflation levels also have an impact on alcohol pricing in Kerala every fiscal year.
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Price Trends Over the Last 5 Years

A look at the price trends for Bagpiper whisky in Kerala over the last 5 years reveals that prices have gradually increased each year:

  • In 2018, the MRP of 750ml Bagpiper in Kerala was around ₹420.
  • By 2021 it had reached ₹500, an increase of around 20%.
  • The current price of ₹550 for 750ml Bagpiper means a price hike of 10% in the last 2 years.
  • The smallest 180ml bottle has seen the price go up from ₹120 to ₹150 from 2018 to 2023.
  • Higher taxation and rising input costs are majorly responsible for the steady price increases over the years.
  • However, given its brand equity, Bagpiper whisky continues to enjoy strong demand in Kerala even at higher prices.

How to Buy Bagpiper Whisky in Kerala at the Best Price?

Here are some tips to buy Bagpiper whisky in Kerala at the most competitive rates:

  • Opt for the 1 litre (1000ml) bottle which offers the best value at just ₹800 currently. The 180ml bottle at ₹150 is also attractively priced.
  • Look out for special discounts or offers on Bagpiper by liquor shops during festive seasons or state holidays.
  • Register with popular online liquor delivery apps like Living Liquidz to avail great deals, cashbacks, and rewards on purchases.
  • Buying Bagpiper whisky by the case directly from distributors can help bring down the per-bottle cost. This requires a business license.
  • Duty-free stores at Kerala airports sell Bagpiper and other whisky brands at significant discounts compared to local liquor shop prices.
  • Cross-check prices across different retailers before buying as rates may vary slightly in some outlets.

Popular Cocktails & Mixes with Bagpiper Whisky in Kerala

In Kerala, people consume whisky like Bagpiper in many delicious and refreshing cocktails. Here are some popular Bagpiper whisky cocktails relished in the state:

Classic Whisky Soda

  • Just add soda water, ice, and lemon to Bagpiper whisky in a tall glass for a simple aperitif drink. Adjust the soda-to-whisky ratio as per taste.

Masala Soda Whisky

  • Add dried ginger, black pepper, lime, mint leaves, and soda to Bagpiper whisky for a spicy desi twist.

Honey Pepper Whisky

  • Mix honey, freshly crushed black pepper, and lime juice with Bagpiper whisky for a sweetly spiced cocktail.

Bagpiper Mojito

  • Blend Bagpiper whisky with mint leaves, sugar syrup, soda water, and lime wedges for a refreshing summer cooler.

Bagpiper Cola

  • The simple combination of Bagpiper whisky and chilled cola makes a fizzy cocktail. Adjust the ratio as per preference.
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Coconut Water Bagpiper

  • For a tropical whisky drink, mix Bagpiper with tender coconut water, coconut milk, and ice. Garnish with mint.

Ginger Bagpiper

  • Muddle fresh ginger slices in Bagpiper whisky and top it up with chilled soda for a zesty cocktail.

Health Aspects of Consuming Bagpiper Whisky

Drinking alcohol-based spirits like Bagpiper whisky does come with its share of health risks and concerns. Here are some medical impacts of consuming whisky that apply to Bagpiper as well:

  • Alcohol damages the liver in the long run leading to liver cirrhosis if consumed heavily on a regular basis.
  • Alcohol is carcinogenic and chronic drinking can increase cancer risk in the digestive system and breast.
  • Whisky can cause hypertension, irregular heartbeat, and heart attacks, especially at higher volumes.
  • It impairs brain functions like focus, coordination, and judgment. Excess alcohol leads to slurred speech.
  • Being high in calories, whisky may contribute to weight gain and obesity when consumed frequently.
  • Alcohol affects sleep patterns badly leading to insomnia. Hangovers after drinking are also common.
  • Pregnant women are advised against alcohol as it negatively impacts the fetus and causes birth defects.

However, drinking in careful moderation has shown some possible health benefits:

  • Whisky contains antioxidants like ellagic acid that help fight cell damage and boost immunity.
  • It improves good cholesterol (HDL) levels and prevents plaque formation in arteries.
  • Whisky may help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in later life when consumed in moderation.
  • It can aid digestion and appetite when taken in small amounts before a meal.

Overall, responsible consumption of whisky is advised as per recommended limits prescribed by medical authorities. Excessive drinking of any alcohol is injurious to health. Those with medical conditions, pregnant women, and drivers are better off avoiding whisky and other spirits altogether.

Verdict – Bagpiper Whisky Offers Good Value in Kerala

To summarize, Bagpiper whisky is a quality blended Scotch whisky that enjoys immense popularity in the Kerala market. It is competitively priced across various bottle sizes, led by the 1-litre pack at ₹800.

The rising prices over recent years have not dampened demand for Bagpiper in Kerala, boosted by its iconic branding and easy drinking taste. It continues to be widely consumed across liquor vends in the state, as well as being an integral part of the restaurant and bar menu.

Overall, Bagpiper presents a great value-for-money blended Scotch choice for regular whisky lovers and connoisseurs in Kerala. However, responsible consumption within limits is always advised, keeping in mind the health risks of excessive alcohol intake.

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