Bagpipers Deluxe Whisky Price In Goa [Updated Price]

Goa, the beach paradise of India, is known for its laidback culture, scenic beaches, and lively nightlife. And what better to complement the Goan charm than a glass of smooth Indian whiskey? Bagpipers Deluxe is one of the most popular Indian whiskey brands preferred by tourists and locals alike in Goa.

In this article, we will look at the latest Bagpipers Deluxe whiskey prices in Goa as of August 2023, so you can plan your drinking budget for your next Goan holiday.

An Overview of Bagpipers Deluxe Whiskey

Bagpipers Deluxe is a premium blended Indian whiskey launched by United Spirits Ltd (a Diageo group company). It is made from a careful selection of imported Scotch malts, Indian grain spirits, and special herbs and spices like honey, saffron, and cardamom.

This results in a smooth, mellow, and rich flavor profile with hints of oak, honey, and warm spices. Bagpipers Deluxe has an alcohol content of 42.8% ABV.

It comes in multiple pack sizes – 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml, and 2000 ml. The smaller packs are very popular among whiskey drinkers in Goa due to their affordable prices and ease of portability.

Bagpipers Deluxe Whisky Prices in Goa (August 2023)

Here are the latest Bagpipers Deluxe whiskey prices in Goa as of August 2023:

Brand + Volume Price
Cost of 180ml Bagpipers Deluxe ₹95
Cost of 375ml Bagpipers Deluxe ₹185
Cost of 750ml Bagpipers Deluxe ₹340
Cost of 1000ml Bagpipers Deluxe ₹445

The prices can vary slightly across different stores and hotels in Goa. Taxes and brand promotion offers can also affect the retail price. However, the above rates can be taken as a general indication of how much a bottle of Bagpipers Deluxe costs in Goa.

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Factors Affecting Bagpipers Price in Goa

There are several factors that influence the pricing of Bagpipers whiskey in the coastal state:

  • Taxes: Goa charges heavy excise duty and sales tax on alcohol which impacts the retail price. A 1-liter Bagpipers Deluxe bottle has a 58% tax component levied by the state government.
  • Location: Beach shacks and premium hotels tend to charge higher than local liquor stores. Prices in North Goa are also a bit higher compared to South Goa.
  • Season: During peak tourism season between November to February, some establishments hike prices owing to high demand. Off-season prices are lower.
  • Discounts & Offers: Brand promotions like Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers lower the effective price for consumers. Festive discounts are also common.
  • Wholesaler Margins: Bigger size (750 ml & above) bottles have higher wholesale margins compared to smaller 180 ml bottles. This affects the MRP.

Price Comparison With Other States

Goa imposes one of the highest liquor taxes in India, nearly double of Karnataka. As a result, Bagpipers Deluxe prices in Goa are higher by 25-50% compared to other major states:

  • Karnataka: 750ml Bagpipers costs ₹210 here vs ₹340 in Goa
  • Maharashtra: 750ml Bagpipers costs ₹260 here vs ₹340 in Goa
  • West Bengal: 750ml Bagpipers costs ₹295 here vs ₹340 in Goa

However, Goa is still relatively cheaper than some smaller states like Meghalaya or Manipur where a bottle can cost ₹500-600+.

Tips to Buy Bagpipers at Best Price in Goa

Here are some tips to get the best deals on Bagpipers Deluxe whiskey in Goa:

  • Opt for 180ml or 375ml bottles which are more reasonably priced
  • Buy from local liquor stores rather than hotels or beach shacks
  • Check for ongoing promotions or discounts to lower prices
  • Buy in bulk quantity if you are staying for a long – a 1-liter bottle is cheaper
  • Visit South Goa where prices are relatively lower
  • Avoid buying during the peak December-January period when prices surge
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So next time you are in Goa and wish to buy a bottle of smooth Bagpipers Deluxe, use this price guide to get the best rates. Drink responsibly and enjoy your time in Goa!

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