Ballantine Whisky Price in Goa [2023 Updated List]

Goa, the tropical paradise located along the scenic Konkan coastline of India, is a destination that is synonymous with fun, frolic, sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, seafood, and of course, liquor. As one of the top tourist destinations in India, Goa attracts lakhs of domestic and international tourists every year.

While feni is the local alcoholic drink of Goa, India’s beach state is also home to scores of liquor brands across categories including whisky, rum, vodka, beer, and more. In fact, Goa has one of the most thriving liquor markets in India with tourists and locals alike flocking to the numerous bars, restaurants, shacks, clubs, events, and more to try out various alcohol brands.

Overview of Ballantine’s Whisky

Ballantine’s is a blended Scotch whisky brand that traces its origins back to 1827 when founder George Ballantine started supplying whisky to Edinburgh establishments. It is one of the world’s most famous Scotch whisky brands and is among the top sellers globally including in India.

Ballantine’s whisky range includes the 12-year-old, 17-year-old, 21-year-old, 30-year-old, and 40-year-old expressions in addition to Ballantine’s Finest which does not have an age statement.

The Ballantine’s flavors strike the perfect balance between signature smoothness and rich complexity. It brings together Scotland’s finest single malts and grains in perfect harmony.

Ballantine Whisky Prices in Goa (2022)

Here are the latest Ballantine whisky prices in Goa as of August 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (375ml) Ballantine Finest Whisky ₹925
Cost of (750ml) Ballantine Finest Whisky ₹1850
Cost of (750ml) Ballantine 12-Year-Old Whisky ₹2700
Cost of (750ml) Ballantine 17-Year-Old Whisky ₹7500
  • The above Ballantine whisky prices in Goa are indicative only. Actual prices may vary depending on location, taxes, etc.
  • Prices given are for bottles only, not quarters/pegs. Add bar/restaurant charges if applicable.
  • Premium whisky prices are higher at premium hotels, bars, pubs, and clubs. Average costs at normal liquor stores.
  • Most establishments levy extra charges for mixers like soda and water.
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As evident from the price list above, Ballantine Finest is the most affordable expression available in Goa at just ₹925 for 375ml and ₹1850 for a 750ml bottle. It offers the signature smooth Ballantine taste profile without a specific age statement.

The 12-year-old expression is aged for a minimum of 12 years lending it extra depth, complexity, and character. It is priced at ₹2700 for a 750ml bottle.

The premium 17-year-old Ballantine’s with its distinctive rich honeyed flavor and notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves costs approximately ₹7500 in Goa. This makes it an indulgent choice for scotch lovers and connoisseurs who appreciate fine whisky.

Factors Affecting Ballantine’s Whisky Prices in Goa

There are several factors that influence the pricing of Ballantine’s whisky in Goa including:

  • Taxes: Goa levies extensive taxes on liquor which impacts the end consumer pricing. These include import duties, excise duties, municipal taxes, etc. imposed by central and state governments.
  • Brand: Premium whisky brands like Ballantine’s are priced higher than regular or economy brands. The age and rarity of the expression also add to the pricing.
  • Location: Prices are higher at premium hotels, resorts, clubs, and bars located in prime tourist spots compared to local liquor shops.
  • Bottling: The volume of bottling also determines the price. Smaller 375ml bottles are priced lower than 750ml bottles.
  • Season: During peak tourism seasons like December-January, prices are relatively higher owing to increased demand.
  • Discounting: Many restaurants/bars offer happy hour pricing or other discounts occasionally reducing prices.

Where to Buy Ballantine’s Whisky in Goa?

Here are some of the best places to buy authentic Ballantine’s whisky bottles in Goa:

  • The Liquor Store: This liquor supermarket located near Panjim offers an extensive collection of domestic and imported alcohol at reasonable rates.
  • Madgaon’sLas Vegas: This liquor store located in Madgaon’s municipal market has a wide selection of IMFL liquor brands.
  • Jimmy Boy’s: A popular liquor store in Calangute with great deals on alcohol including whisky.
  • Store No. 115, 18th June Road: Well-known liquor store in Panaji stocking premium whisky brands.
  • Purple Lounge, Baga: Upscale wine and spirits store selling single malts and blended whiskies.
  • Hotel liquor shops: Many premium hotels have attached liquor stores selling alcohol at MRP rates.
  • Duty-free shops at Goa airport: Limited selection of Ballantine’s whiskies is available at attractive duty-free pricing.
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Best Ballantine’s Whisky Expressions to Try in Goa

Here are some of the best Ballantine’s whiskies recommended for trying in Goa:

  • Ballantine’s 12-Year-Old: The perfect balance of rich flavors and Ballantine’s signature smoothness. Notes of honey, peach, and subtle oak.
  • Ballantine’s 17-Year-Old: Extra matured for additional smoothness. Distinctive rich honeyed flavor with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon.
  • Ballantine’s Finest: Blended from Scotland’s finest single malts and grains. The core flavor profile at an affordable price point.
  • Ballantine’s 21-Year-Old: Sophisticated and complex with ripe fruit, vanilla, and nutty oak influences. A deliciously indulgent sipping whisky.
  • Ballantine’s 30-Year-Old: Rare and exclusive. Opulent, mature flavors of exotic spices, prunes, and Brazilian nuts.

So visit Goa for a taste of Ballantine’s finest blended Scotch whiskies and experience the smooth, complex flavors that have made it an enduring icon across the globe. Sláinte!

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