Ballantine Whisky Prices in USA [2023 Updated Price List]

As a whisky enthusiast and expert, I always get asked about Ballantine whisky prices in the USA. With its complex flavors and smooth finish, Ballantine has become a popular Scotch whisky brand for both novices and aficionados alike.

In this article, I’ll provide a detailed price comparison of Ballantine whiskies easily available in the USA as of 2023. Whether you’re looking to try Ballantine for the first time or restock your home bar, this guide will help you find the best deals.

Overview of Ballantine’s Whisky

Ballantine’s is a blended Scotch whisky owned by Pernod Ricard. It was established in 1827 by George Ballantine and is one of the world’s leading Scotch whisky exporters.

Ballantine uses over 40 single malt and single grain whiskies in its blending process. These whiskies are meticulously chosen from the four prominent Scotch whisky regions – Speyside, Highlands, Islay, and Lowlands. This allows Ballantine’s master blender Sandy Hyslop to craft a perfectly balanced and rounded blend.

The Ballantine’s portfolio includes the flagship Ballantine’s Finest along with aged and limited edition expressions like 17 Year Old, 21 Year Old, 30 Year Old, and 40 Year Old.

Factors Affecting Ballantine Whisky Prices

Several factors impact the retail price of Ballantine whiskies in the USA:

  • Age: Older Ballantine expressions like 21 Year Old are pricier than younger ones like Finest due to prolonged barrel aging.
  • Rarity: Limited edition Ballantine whiskies are higher priced for their exclusivity.
  • Taxes: Alcohol taxes levied by federal, state, and local governments contribute to the retail price.
  • Shipping costs: Importing Scotch from Scotland to the USA adds overheads.
  • Retailer margins: Prices vary across liquor stores based on their business overhead and profit margins.
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Ballantine Whisky Price Comparison Chart

Here is a detailed price comparison of popular Ballantine whisky formats readily available in the USA as of 2023:

Brand + Volume Price
Cost of (700ml) 21 Years Old Ballantine’s Whisky $129
Cost of (1000ml/1Ltr) Ballantine’s Finest Whisky $27.95
Cost of (1000ml/1Ltr) 12 Years Old Ballantine’s Whisky $39.95

Below I have provided more context around the price points for each Ballantine variant:

Ballantine’s 21 Year Old

The Ballantine’s 21-Year-Old is the oldest regular expression in the core range. Aged for over two decades in oak casks, it delivers rich fruitcake, honey, and vanilla notes on the palate.

A 700ml bottle of Ballantine’s 21-Year-Old typically retails for around $129 in the USA. It offers an indulgent sipping experience for seasoned Scotch drinkers.

Ballantine’s Finest

Ballantine’s Finest is the entry-level blend that introduced the brand. It brings together malt and grain whiskies aged for up to 6 years.

The Finest has tasting notes of sweet oak, pear, and butterscotch. It’s a smooth and mellow whisky perfect for cocktails or everyday sipping.

A 1-liter bottle of Ballantine’s Finest generally costs around $27.95 in American liquor stores. It’s an affordable option to always keep stocked in your home bar.

Ballantine’s 12 Year Old

With a 12-year age statement, this expression shows deeper flavor compared to the Finest. Aging in oak barrels provides rich oak, vanilla, and spices on the palate.

The 12 Year Old offers complexity at an accessible price point. A 1-liter bottle is priced at around $39.95 in the US, making it a popular choice for Scotch beginners.

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Best Places to Buy Ballantine Whisky in the USA

Ballantine whiskies can be found at most liquor retailers across the USA. Here are some of the best places to find good deals:

  • Total Wine & More: With over 200 stores across the country, Total Wine has a wide selection of Ballantine bottles at competitive pricing.
  • Binny’s Beverage Depot: This Midwest chain has 25+ Ballantine labels in stock at its stores and online.
  • Hi-Time Wine Cellars: This California-based liquor store ships Ballantine whiskies nationwide with flat-rate shipping.
  • Ace Spirits: Based in Hopkins, MN, Ace Spirits has rare Ballantine releases and ships to 25+ states.
  • Whisky Exchange: This online retailer ships an extensive Ballantine range to many US states at fair prices.

Tips for Saving on Ballantine Whisky

Here are some tips to get the best deals on Ballantine whisky in the US:

  • Compare prices across local liquor stores and online retailers.
  • Buy larger 1.75L bottles to get a lower per ml price.
  • Look for rebates, store discounts, or coupon codes when shopping online.
  • Buy during sales around holidays and shopping events.
  • Join retailer loyalty programs for exclusive deals and first access to rare bottles.
  • Buy in states with lower alcohol taxes like New Hampshire or Delaware.

So there you have it – a detailed price comparison of Ballantine whiskies easily found in the US market today. Sip your way through the Ballantine range to find your perfect dram. Sláinte!

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