Black & White Whisky Price List in Haryana 2023 [Updated]

Black & White is one of the most popular blended Scotch whiskies in India. Known for its light and smooth taste, it’s a favorite of whisky drinkers across the country. In this article, we will look at the latest Black and white whisky prices in Haryana for 2023.

An Overview of Black & White Whisky

Black & White is a blend of up to 40 Scotch whiskies, primarily from the Speyside region of Scotland. It was first launched in 1909 and is currently owned by the global drinks company Diageo.

Some of the key features of Black & White whisky include:

  • Smooth, light, and easy drinking taste. The blend has no strong smoky or peaty flavors.
  • Aged for up to 5 years in oak casks giving it a golden color and signature taste.
  • Popular Scotch for mixing in cocktails as well as drinking neat or with ice.
  • Available in different bottle sizes from 60ml to 1 liter.
  • Affordable pricing makes it a value-for-money whisky brand.

In India, Black & White is the 3rd largest Scotch brand after McDowell’s No.1 and Teachers. It outsells other popular blends like Ballantine’s, Chivas Regal, and Johnnie Walker.

Black & White Whisky Prices in Haryana 2023

Here are the latest Black & White whisky prices in Haryana state for 2023:

Black & White Whisky Price List in Haryana 2023

Brand Volume Price
Black & White Whisky 1000ml/1ltr ₹2600
Black & White Whisky 750ml ₹2050
Black & White Whisky 375ml ₹1050
Black & White Whisky 180ml ₹550
Black & White Whisky 60ml ₹150

The above prices are revised for 2023 and may vary slightly across different shops and cities of Haryana. Among the major cities, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Panipat, Sonipat, Rohtak, Hisar, Panchkula, Ambala, Yamunanagar, Karnal etc. have similar prices.

As seen above, a 1 liter Black & White bottle now costs ₹2600 in Haryana. The 750ml pack, which is the most popular, comes for ₹2050. The smaller 375ml, 180ml, and 60ml bottles are priced at ₹1050, ₹550, and ₹150 respectively.

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Compared to last year, the prices have gone up by 4-5% due to inflation and revised liquor rates in the state after excise duty changes. However, Black & White continues to be an affordable blended Scotch choice for regular drinking and parties.

Factors Affecting Pricing in Haryana

The pricing of Black & White whisky in Haryana depends on several factors:

1. Import Duty and Taxes: Like all imported liquors, Black and white whisky attracts high import duty, excise duty, VAT, and other taxes imposed by the central and state governments. Around 65% of the retail price is due to various taxes.

2. State Excise Policies: The Haryana government revises excise duty and other liquor policies every financial year which impacts the pricing. Recently there has been a 10-15% hike in excise rates.

3. Brand Popularity: As a popular brand, Black & White can be affordably priced to drive volumes in Haryana’s competitive liquor market.

4. Location Within the State: MRPs can vary slightly across districts depending on transportation and overhead costs. Shops in Gurgaon may charge extra due to higher rentals.

5. Profit Margins: To account for higher inventory and staff costs, urban liquor stores keep slightly higher margins than rural shops. This also affects the retail prices.

Price Trends Over the Years

If we look at the pricing trends for Black & White whisky in Haryana over the past few years, we see a gradual upward climb:

  • In 2018, the 750ml pack was priced around ₹1200 in the state.
  • By 2021, it had reached ₹1800 – a 50% jump in 3 years.
  • The current 2023 price of ₹2050 indicates a 14% increase in the last 2 years.

This shows that inflation, rising input costs, higher taxes, and duties have consistently pushed Scotch whisky prices higher in the state. However, the pricing power of popular brands like Black & White ensures that the increase is gradual.

Difference Between MRP and Retail Price

It must be noted that the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printed on the Black and white whisky bottles is slightly higher than the actual retail prices in Haryana.

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For example, the 750ml pack mentions MRP of ₹2200 but its prevalent market rate is around ₹2050. Similarly, there are slight variations in the printed MRP and retail prices for all bottle sizes.

This gives retailers some room to provide discounts or absorb temporary increases in input costs. However, the consumer pays the retail price and not the higher MRP.

Price Range Across Different Brands

While Black & White is among the more affordable Scotch whiskies, premium blends and single malts have much higher prices in Haryana. To give an idea, here is a comparison:

  • Entry-level blends like Imperial Blue, Haywards, etc. start from ₹600 per 750ml in Haryana.
  • Standard blends like Black Dog, Vat 69, etc. are priced upwards of ₹1200.
  • Premium blends like Chivas Regal 12 Years cost around ₹2500 per 750ml.
  • Singleton single malts begin from ₹3000. Glenfiddich 12 Years is priced above ₹6000.

So Black & White occupies the mid-premium blended Scotch segment, providing better quality than basic whiskies but at an easy-to-afford rate.

Price Forecast for 2023

The overall whiskey demand remains strong in Haryana driven by the social acceptance of alcohol consumption. Whisky is seen as an aspirational drink even in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

For 2023, we forecast the prices of Black and white whisky to increase at a moderate 6-8% rate in Haryana. No major hikes or reductions are expected unless there are disruptive excise policy changes.

Inflationary pressure, rising input costs, and higher taxation continue to drive up liquor rates across India. However, being an affordable brand, Black & White is likely to get wider price protection compared to more premium Scotch labels.

The brand is focused on keeping prices competitive even as new variants like Black & White Silk and Black & White Editions are launched. This strategy will help maintain its standing as Haryana’s top-selling Scotch whisky.

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How to Buy Black & White at Best Prices?

Here are some tips to buy Black and white whisky at the best rates in Haryana:

  • Opt for the 750ml or 180ml sizes if you want to try out the whisky. Avoid very small 60ml bottles.
  • Purchase from regular liquor shops instead of pubs, bars, or 5-star hotels to save significantly.
  • Look out for any limited-period discounts or promotions by shops during festivals and peak seasons.
  • Register for loyalty programs by leading liquor retailers like HipBar where you can earn rewards on purchases.
  • Buy from wholesale shops or army canteen stores whenever possible. They offer the lowest rates.
  • Travel to neighboring states like Delhi during liquor price cuts to buy extra bottles legally.
  • Don’t buy Black and white from illegal or duplicate sellers – always demand an invoice.

So keep an eye out for the best deals and save on your favorite Black and white Scotch whisky in 2023! Responsible consumption in moderation is recommended.


Black & White continues to be a hot-selling blended Scotch whisky in the Indian state of Haryana. Its affordable pricing, light taste, brand equity, and large marketing make it the first choice for most regular and social drinkers.

In 2023, Black & White whisky is available at an average retail price of ₹2050 for a 750ml bottle in Haryana. Premium variants like Black and white Silk can cost more. Prices vary marginally across cities and shops.

With rising input costs and taxes, the whisky is likely to get 6-8% pricier this year but should remain affordable. Stocks can be bought at the best rates from regular liquor shops, wholesale stores, online platforms, and during state excise promotions.

Drink whisky in moderation and always insist on original bottling when buying to avoid spurious liquor. Enjoy your Black & White responsibly as per the legal drinking age.

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