Black Dog Whisky Price in India 2023- Updated Rates

Black Dog whisky is one of the most popular imported whisky brands in India. It is produced by United Spirits Ltd (USL), a subsidiary of the global spirits giant Diageo. Black Dog whisky was launched in India in the 1980s and since then it has become a staple in bars and liquor shops across the country.

In this article, we will take a look at the latest Black Dog whisky prices (MRP) in major cities and states of India as of  2023.

An Overview of Black Dog Whisky

Black Dog Scotch whisky traces its origins to a distillery founded in 1210 AD in Scotland. It is blended and matured in oak casks for over 8 years to give it a rich, smooth taste. The brand gets its name from a loyalty symbol used in the Scottish Highlands – the Black Dog.

Black Dog whisky comes in 4 main variants:

  • Black Dog 12 Years Old
  • Black Dog 15 Years Old
  • Black Dog 18 Years Old
  • Black Dog Quintessence

The 12-year-old variant is the most commonly available and purchased expression. The higher age statements like 15, 18, and Quintessence are premium luxury offerings.

Black Dog whisky is imported to India by USL. It has grown to become one of the highest-selling imported whisky brands in the country due to its affordable pricing, easy availability, and smooth taste.

Black Dog Whisky Prices in Major Indian Cities in 2023

Here are the latest Black Dog whisky prices (MRP) in major Indian cities as of 2023:

City Black Dog 12 Years 750ml Price
Mumbai ₹1,800
Delhi ₹1,550
Bangalore ₹2,050
Pune ₹1,800
Hyderabad ₹2,000
Chennai ₹1,850
Kolkata ₹1,900
Lucknow ₹1,700
Jaipur ₹1,820
Surat ₹1,750
Kanpur ₹1,600
Nagpur ₹1,750
Patna ₹1,500
Indore ₹1,600
Bhopal ₹2,100
Ludhiana ₹1,700
Agra ₹1,600
Nashik ₹1,850
Vadodara ₹1,600
Faridabad ₹1,600
Meerut ₹1,550
Rajkot ₹1,700
Amritsar ₹1,800
Varanasi ₹1,600
Aurangabad ₹1,750
Dhanbad ₹1,850
Srinagar ₹1,950
Ranchi ₹2,000
Jodhpur ₹1,820
Raipur ₹2,100
Kochi ₹2,000
Visakhapatnam ₹2,050
Guwahati ₹1,950

As seen above, Black Dog 12 years 12-year-old 750 ml bottle prices range from ₹1,500 to ₹2,100 across the major cities in India. The prices vary from state to state due to factors like differing state excise duties and transportation costs.

Among the metros, Delhi offers the cheapest rates while Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad feature at the higher end. Smaller cities like Bhopal, Raipur, Ranchi, Srinagar, and Kochi also see elevated rates. Goa, where imported liquor flows more freely, stands out with the cheapest Black Dog price of just ₹1,200 for 750ml.

Black Dog Whisky Prices in Different States of India in 2023

Here is a look at the prevailing Black Dog whisky prices (MRP) in the different states and union territories of India as of 2023:

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State Black Dog 12 Years 750ml Price
Andhra Pradesh ₹1,850
Arunachal Pradesh ₹1,800
Assam ₹1,700
Bihar ₹1,500
Chhattisgarh ₹2,100
Goa ₹1,200
Gujarat ₹1,600
Haryana ₹1,800
Himachal Pradesh ₹1,700
Jammu and Kashmir ₹1,950
Jharkhand ₹2,000
Karnataka ₹2,050
Kerala ₹2,000
Madhya Pradesh ₹2,100
Maharashtra ₹1,800
Manipur ₹2,100
Meghalaya ₹1,900
Mizoram ₹2,000
Nagaland ₹2,050
Odisha ₹1,600
Punjab ₹1,600
Rajasthan ₹1,810
Sikkim ₹1,800
Tamil Nadu ₹1,850
Telangana ₹1,800
Tripura ₹1,750
Uttar Pradesh ₹1,800
Uttarakhand ₹1,950
West Bengal ₹1,900
Andaman and Nicobar Islands ₹1,600
Chandigarh ₹1,700
Dadra and Nagar Haveli ₹1,600
Daman and Diu ₹1,600
Delhi ₹1,550
Lakshadweep ₹2,100
Puducherry ₹1,850

The prices vary quite a bit – from ₹1,200 in Goa to ₹2,100 in Chhattisgarh for the same 750ml bottle. States like Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu in the south and cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Bhopal in the west tend to have higher rates due to higher demand.

Delhi continues to have the lowest price point due to lower taxes while other northern states like Punjab, UP, and Bihar are at the more affordable end of the spectrum. The northeast states and UTs also command premium pricing due to higher logistics costs.

Factors Affecting Black Dog Whisky Prices in India

The pricing of imported alcohol like Black Dog whisky in India depends on several factors:

State Excise Policies: Alcohol taxation and pricing policies vary widely between states. States like UP, Delhi, and Punjab have lower excise rates while Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu have much higher rates.

Logistics & Transportation: Costs for moving the bottles from the port to warehouses across states add to the final pricing. Remote northeast states tend to have higher logistics costs.

Demand and Supply: Black Dog 12 Years is not produced in India, hence all bottles are imported based on anticipated demand. If certain states see higher demand due to rising incomes and favorable policies, prices trend higher.

Import Duties: Apart from excise, imported liquor also attracts basic customs duty, IGST, cess, etc. which contributes to the final pricing.

Supplier Discounts & Promotions: USL provides varying discounts to different states, wholesalers, etc. This affects the final MRP printed on bottles. Retailer margins also play a role here.

Currency Exchange Rates: Since Black Dog is imported, changes in USD to Indian Rupee rates influence landed costs and pricing.

Price Trends of Black Dog Whisky in India

While Black Dog whisky prices have risen moderately in line with inflationary trends, it has remained largely affordable and witnessed consistent demand over the years.

A 750ml bottle of Black Dog for 12 years cost around ₹1,200-1,400 back in 2015-16. Today it hovers between ₹1,500 to ₹2,100 depending on the state. This reflects an average price hike of 10% per year.

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Among metros, price growth has been sharper in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad compared to Delhi. Goa remains an outlier with unusually low rates due to tourism impact.

Premium variants like Black Dog 15 years and 18 years have seen higher price hikes as they cater to more affluent consumers. The average selling price of a Black Dog 750ml bottle is still between ₹1,600 to ₹1,800 across most parts of India.

Going forward, modest price rises are expected for Black Dog whisky based on inflation and other cost drivers. However, it is likely to remain among the most affordable imported whisky options available in India along with 100 Pipers.

Is Black Dog Whisky Worth Its Price in India?

At an average price point of ₹1,600-1,800, Black Dog 12 years represents a fairly good value proposition among premium imported whiskies in India. While it costs almost double compared to top local whisky brands like Blenders Pride and Royal Stag, it offers better flavor depth and brand prestige.

Compared to other similarly aged Scotch whiskies from Diageo’s stable like VAT 69 and Johnnie Walker Black Label, Black Dog is priced lower despite belonging to the same 12 years age segment.

Other 12-year-old blended Scotch whiskies like Ballantine’s Finest, 100 Pipers, and Chivas Regal 12 are also priced on par or higher than Black Dog. So it does manage to hold its own in terms of quality vs price ratio.

Among single malts, Black Dog 12 years is priced lower than 12-year-old variants from Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, and McDowell’s No.1. The taste profile may vary between single malts and blends, but Black Dog offers familiar smoothness at an everyday premium price point.

Overall Black Dog whisky seems to offer good bang for the buck for regular drinkers who want to upgrade from cheaper Indian whiskies but find single malts too expensive or adventurous. It hits the sweet spot between affordability, easy availability, and premium branding which drives its consistent popularity in India.

Price Comparison Between Black Dog and Other Whisky Brands

Here is a price comparison of Black Dog 12 years old with other popular whisky brands in India for a 750ml bottle:

  • Black Dog 12 Years: ₹1,600 – ₹2,100
  • Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years: ₹2,500 to ₹3,500
  • Chivas Regal 12 Years: ₹2,500 to ₹3,000
  • Ballantine’s Finest: ₹2,000 to ₹2,500
  • VAT 69: ₹1,600 to ₹2,000
  • Jameson Irish: ₹2,500 to ₹3,500
  • Glenlivet 12 Years: ₹3,500 to ₹4,500
  • Glenfiddich 12 Years: ₹3,500 to ₹4,000
  • Blenders Pride: ₹650 to ₹1,000
  • Royal Stag: ₹350 to ₹600
  • McDowell’s No.1: ₹600 to ₹1,500
  • 100 Pipers: ₹1,600 to ₹1,850
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As seen above, Black Dog 12 years is priced at par or slightly lower than comparable 12-year-old Scotch whisky brands like 100 Pipers, Ballantine’s, and VAT 69 in the value blended whisky segment.

Premium single malts and blends like Johnnie Walker Black Label and Chivas Regal 12 years are almost 50% pricier than Black Dog. Among cheaper Indian whiskies, Black Dog costs almost 3 times more than bestsellers like Blenders Pride and Royal Stag.

So Black Dog straddles a nice middle ground between affordable Indian whiskies and high-end Scotch malts and blends. This explains its enduring appeal among premiumization-seeking whiskey drinkers upgrading from cheaper options.

The Premium Pricing of Older Black Dog Expressions

The higher-aged Black Dog expressions like the 15-year-old and 18-year-old are priced higher owing to their older, more exclusive stocks blended in. Here are the typical prices of the premium Black Dog variants:

  • Black Dog 15 Year Old: ₹5,500 to ₹7,000
  • Black Dog 18 Year Old: ₹9,500 to ₹12,500
  • Black Dog Quintessence: ₹15,000 to ₹25,000

As evident, the pricing jumps multi-fold for these luxury releases. Black Dog 18 Years is priced nearly 6 times higher than the 12-year-old expression. And Black Dog Quintessence costs a whopping ₹15,000 to ₹25,000 – placing it in the ultra-premium bracket.

These variants are priced on par with similarly aged Scotch whiskies from Diageo’s Classic Malts portfolio like Talisker 15, Lagavulin 16, etc. They represent the pinnacle of the Black Dog range.

Only well-heeled whisky enthusiasts, executives gifting clients, or hardcore Black Dog fans are likely to splurge on these limited releases. They offer a refined and exclusive sipping experience.

Should you Buy Black Dog Whisky in 2023?

Black Dog remains a smart buy for several reasons:

  • Smooth Taste: Offers easy drinking taste with signature honey, and toffee notes.
  • Value: Attractively priced compared to other 12-year-old Scotch whisky brands
  • Premium Image: Strong heritage branding and marketing by USL in India.
  • Occasions: Works well as a gift or for festive consumption and parties.
  • Food Pairing: Pairs flexibly with Indian cuisines compared to stronger malts.
  • Availability: Easy to find a bottle at most liquor shops and bars/pubs.
  • Affordable Luxury: Lets buyers upgrade from cheap whiskies at a small premium.
  • Bang for Buck: Perhaps offers the best quality/experience per Rupee spent on any whisky.

However, buyers looking for bolder single malt flavors or connoisseur-grade whiskies may be better off trying pricier 12+ years aged malts. Those with lower budgets can consider cheaper Indian blends too.

But for the regular premium Scotch whisky lover in India, it is hard to go wrong with a smooth, time-tested brand like Black Dog. It will continue to retain its strong value positioning in 2023 as well. Sláinte!

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