Black Dog Whisky Price in Punjab 2023- Updated Rates

Black Dog whisky is one of the most popular imported whisky brands in India, especially in the northern states like Punjab. With its rich taste and smooth finish, Black Dog has become the whisky of choice for many whisky lovers and connoisseurs in Punjab.

In this article, we will look at the latest Black Dog whisky prices in Punjab as of 2023 across various pack sizes.

An Overview of Black Dog Whisky

Black Dog is a Scotch whisky produced by Diageo, one of the largest spirits companies in the world. It was launched in India in the 1980s and has grown to become a leading premium whisky brand in the country.

Black Dog whisky gets its name from the Black Dog specter that was said to guard the warehouse where the whisky barrels were stored in Scotland. It is available in three expressions – Black Dog 12 Years Old, Black Dog Centenary, and Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve.

It is the smooth, rich, and layered flavors that set Black Dog apart from other whiskies. The blend uses over 40 single malts and grains from the four corners of Scotland like Cardhu, Cragganmore, Glen Elgin, Mortlach etc. The whiskies are aged primarily in American oak casks with some Spanish oak influence too.

This unique blending and aging process results in a refined Scotch that is easy to drink, with notes of honey, fruits, and vanilla. Black Dog continues to be a popular gift choice and a regular at bars and weddings in Punjab and across India.

Black Dog Whisky Prices in Punjab

Here are the latest Black Dog whisky prices in Punjab across various pack sizes:

Black Dog 12 Years Old

Black Dog 12 Years Old is the entry-level variant in the Black Dog range. Aged for a minimum of 12 years in oak casks, it has appealing notes of honey, citrus, and butterscotch.

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Pack Size Price in Punjab
750 ml ₹1,320
375 ml ₹685
180 ml ₹370

Black Dog Centenary

Black Dog Centenary is a special release launched to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Black Dog brand. It is a rich, intense whisky with robust flavors of dried fruits, cocoa, and warming spices.

Pack Size Price in Punjab
750 ml ₹1,650
375 ml ₹910
180 ml ₹490

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Triple Gold Reserve is the premium, exclusive variant in the line-up. It is an 18-year-old Scotch sourced from the finest single malts and aged in unique triple gold casks.

Pack Size Price in Punjab
750 ml ₹4,600
375 ml ₹2,500

The above prices are indicative price averages for these Black Dog expressions in Punjab. Actual prices may vary slightly across different shops and cities of Punjab.

Factors Affecting Black Dog Prices in Punjab

The prices of imported spirits like Black Dog are dependent on various factors:

Taxes and Duties

Heavy taxes and import duties form a major chunk of imported alcohol prices in India. For example, in Punjab, the total taxes on imported Scotch whisky are around 150-200% of the base price. This includes basic customs duty, additional customs duty, state excise duty, VAT, etc. Any changes in taxation directly impact retail prices.

Currency Exchange Rates

Since Black Dog is imported to India, fluctuations in the INR-GBP currency exchange rate also affect landed costs and prices. A weaker Rupee means higher input costs for the brand, often leading to price hikes.

State Policies

Liquor pricing policies vary across states in India. For instance, Punjab has high sales taxes on liquor compared to Goa or Delhi. So Black Dog prices in Punjab tend to be higher than other states.

Brand Value

As a premium global whisky brand, Black Dog commands a brand value premium. Consumers are willing to pay more for the craftsmanship, quality, and tasting experience associated with the brand. This allows Black Dog to be priced higher than even other imported Scotch whiskies.

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Location within State

Rates may vary even within the state depending on transportation and local taxes. Whisky prices in larger cities like Chandigarh may be higher compared to small towns in Punjab.

Price Trends of Black Dog Whisky in Punjab

Looking at historical pricing data, we can analyze the price trends for Black Dog whisky in Punjab:

  • Black Dog prices have steadily increased over the last decade, with the average annual price hike being 8-12%.
  • Bigger price hikes have happened when federal or state taxes were increased on imported alcohol. For example, there were 25-35% price spikes after hike in customs duty in 2014 and 2020.
  • New product introductions like Black Dog Centenary and Triple Gold Reserve have commanded even higher premiums than the standard expressions. Their prices start high and increase at above-average rates.
  • Smaller pack sizes like 375 ml and 180 ml packs have witnessed faster price growth to promote larger 750 ml bottles which offer better value.
  • Among metro cities, price growth has been slightly slower in Punjab compared to Mumbai or Delhi where demand is higher. But prices remain at par with most other major markets.
  • The COVID pandemic caused supply chain disruptions leading to temporary price spikes in 2020 and 2021, which stabilized as normalcy resumed.

Buying Black Dog Whisky in Punjab

Here are some tips for buying Black Dog whisky in Punjab:

  • Always check batch codes and holograms to ensure genuine imported products. Fake versions are common.
  • For maximum value, purchase larger 750 ml bottles compared to smaller sizes.
  • Explore liquor stores in Chandigarh that offer competitive pricing on imported alcohol.
  • Online platforms like Living Liquidz often run deals and discounts, offering lower prices.
  • Register on brand websites for alerts on limited-period pricing offers or giveaways.
  • Buying when traveling abroad can sometimes work out cheaper due to lower overseas rates. But check customs allowance limits.
  • Keep an eye out for price drops during Diwali or New Year when many brands offer promotions.
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Future Outlook on Pricing

Going forward, the following Black Dog whisky price trends can be expected in Punjab:

  • Gradual annual price increases are in line with historic trends. Larger spikes in case of policy changes.
  • New special/limited releases to enter at premium price points.
  • Focus on pushing mid-range Centenary expression through competitive pricing vs. 12YO.
  • Smaller sizes see relatively larger hikes to drive buyers towards 750 ml bottles.
  • Some easing of price growth due to pressure from lower-priced imported whiskies.
  • Reductions in customs duty on Scotch whisky could lower prices but this seems unlikely.
  • Higher taxation on luxury products may drive up prices beyond regular increases.
  • Online discounts and deals to continue, mitigating the full impact of price hikes offline.
  • Among metro cities, expect Punjab prices to be at par with Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

So whisky lovers in Punjab can expect to pay a premium for enjoying the fine taste and brand prestige of Black Dog. However, shopping smartly during discount deals and buying larger bottles can help maximize value. With its sophisticated flavor and brilliant legacy, Black Dog remains a coveted drink for Scotch aficionados in the state.

Here is a price table for quick reference of Black Dog whisky rates in Punjab:

Black Dog Variant Pack Size Punjab Price
Black Dog 12 Years Old 750 ml ₹1,320
Black Dog 12 Years Old 375 ml ₹685
Black Dog 12 Years Old 180 ml ₹370
Black Dog Centenary 750 ml ₹1,650
Black Dog Centenary 375 ml ₹910
Black Dog Centenary 180 ml ₹490
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve 750 ml ₹4,600
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve 375 ml ₹2,500

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