Black Label Whisky Price in Delhi 2023- Updated List

Whisky lovers in Delhi have plenty of options when it comes to indulging in a glass of premium Scotch whisky. One of the most popular and sought-after whisky brands available in Delhi is Johnnie Walker Black Label. This iconic blended Scotch whisky offers a rich, smoky, and complex flavor profile that makes it a favorite of whisky connoisseurs.

In this article, we will provide the latest 2023 price list for Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky in Delhi across various bottle sizes. We will also compare the prices with other popular Johnnie Walker labels like Double Black. Read on to find out where you can find the best deals on Black Label whisky in Delhi today.

Overview of Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky

Johnnie Walker Black Label is a 12-year-old Scotch whisky blend made from over 40 whiskies aged for at least 12 years. It is one of the core offerings from the house of Johnnie Walker and is strikingly packaged in its iconic square bottles with the Johnnie Walker Striding Man logo.

This whisky offers robust smoky flavors along with hints of vanilla, oak, and dark fruits. The blend has malts from distilleries like Cardhu, Glen Elgin, and Auchroisk that contribute to its complex yet well-balanced taste profile. Black Label has tasting notes of sweet vanilla, orange, raisins, and peat smoke.

With an alcohol percentage of 40%, Black Label makes for an ideal sipping whisky and is regarded by experts as a benchmark premium Scotch blend. It is also one of Johnnie Walker’s most popular variants across the globe including in the Indian market.

Black Label Whisky Price in Delhi in 2023

Here are the latest Black Label whisky prices in Delhi for 2023 across various bottle sizes:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (200ml) Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky ₹835
Cost of (500ml) Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky ₹2150
Cost of (750ml) Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky ₹2800
Cost of (750ml) Johnnie Walker Double Black Whisky ₹3120
Cost of (1000ml/1Ltr) Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky ₹3300
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As evident from the price list, Black Label is priced competitively for its category as a premium 12-year-old Scotch whisky blend. The 750ml bottle which is the standard whisky bottle size costs ₹2800 in Delhi for 2023. This makes it an attractive buy for whisky lovers who want to enjoy a high-quality single malt without spending too much.

The 200ml and 500ml sizes allow you to buy smaller bottles if you just want to sample the whisky. The 1 liter option is good for whisky lovers who might want to stock up their home bars without having to buy multiple 750ml bottles.

Price Comparison with Johnnie Walker Double Black

Another popular variant from Johnnie Walker that’s also readily available in Delhi is Johnnie Walker Double Black. This is a higher-end premium blend than the classic Black Label.

Double Black gets its name from the double maturation process used. The blended malt and grain whiskies are first aged in charred oak casks and then finished in deeply charred oak casks. This imparts a robust smoky and complex flavor.

Here is a price comparison between 750ml bottles of Black Label and Double Black in Delhi for 2023:

  • Johnnie Walker Black Label (750ml) – ₹2800
  • Johnnie Walker Double Black (750ml) – ₹3120

So Double Black commands about a 10% premium in pricing over the standard Black Label in the Delhi market today. It retails for around ₹300 more for a 750ml bottle.

Where to Buy Black Label Whisky in Delhi

Here are some of the best places to buy Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky in Delhi:

  • Premium liquor stores like The Liquor Store, Imperial, Tonique, etc will stock Black Label. You can also find other premium whisky brands here.
  • Bar & restaurants like Duty-Free at Aerocity, The Drunken Botanist in Cyber Hub, etc will serve Black Label. Having it here allows you to sample the whisky.
  • Online delivery platforms like Living Liquidz allow you to conveniently order Black Label and have it delivered. Prices are competitive and you can avail of deals/discounts.
  • Duty-Free shops at Delhi airport will stock Black Label at duty-free rates, making it cheaper compared to buying from regular retail shops in the city.
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So head to these places in Delhi to get your hands on a bottle of the iconic Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch whisky. With its complex smoky flavors and affordable pricing, Black Label makes for a fine addition to any whisky lover’s home bar.

Things to Know Before Buying Black Label Whisky

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky in Delhi:

  • Always check the bottle seal carefully for any tampering. Also examine the label, cap, and bottle for any damage or imperfections.
  • Check the alcohol percentage which should be 40% for Black Label. Anything less indicates dilution.
  • Check the bottling date as well as the best before date on the label to get a fresh batch.
  • Buy from reputed stores only to ensure a genuine product. Avoid unfamiliar shops selling at very low prices.
  • Ensure you have original payment receipts that can be used if you need to make an exchange or return later on.
  • Refrain from buying whisky that is being resold in reused bottles. Always buy sealed original bottles.

Following these tips will help whisky lovers in Delhi buy the genuine and best quality Black Label whisky every time.


Johnnie Walker Black Label remains a coveted premium Scotch whisky brand for good reason. It offers exemplary quality and flavor that justifies its pricing. In Delhi, 750ml bottles retail at around ₹2800 in 2023 which is quite attractive.

Whisky enthusiasts in the city can head to premium liquor stores, bars, duty-free shops, and online platforms to buy Black Label today. This iconic 12-year-old whisky deserves a spot in every whisky lover’s home bar.

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