Black Label Whisky Price in Kolkata 2023: Updated Rates List

Whisky lovers in Kolkata have plenty of options when it comes to buying premium imported whiskies like Black Label. This iconic Scotch whisky from the house of Johnnie Walker continues to be one of the most coveted whisky brands in India. In this article, we will look at the latest Black Label whisky prices in Kolkata for 2023.

An Overview of Black Label Whisky

Johnnie Walker Black Label is a 12-year-old Scotch whisky blend produced by Diageo at their distilleries in Scotland. It is one of the core products in the Johnnie Walker line and represents the brand’s signature smooth, balanced taste profile.

Some key features of Black Label whisky are:

  • Aged for a minimum of 12 years in oak casks
  • A complex blend of over 40 single malt and grain whiskies
  • No artificial colors, flavors or sugars added
  • Smooth, mellow taste with hints of smoky peatiness
  • ABV: 40%

Black Label offers a great introduction to the rich flavors of Scotch whisky without an intimidating price tag. It combines depth of character with approachable drinkability, making it a popular choice for whisky novices and connoisseurs alike.

Black Label Whisky Prices in Kolkata 2023

Here are the latest Black Label whisky prices in Kolkata for 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (180ml) Black Label Whisky ₹1800
Cost of (750ml) Black Label Whisky ₹5400

The above prices are subject to change depending on location, taxes, and retailer margins. However, they give a fair idea of how much you can expect to pay for Black Label whisky in Kolkata today.

Some key points regarding Black Label pricing in Kolkata:

  • 180ml is the regular quarter bottle size. This allows you to sample the whisky without committing to a full bottle.
  • 750ml is the standard full bottle size of Black Label sold in India. Getting the full bottle offers better value for money.
  • Premium liquor shops and 5-star hotel bars will have higher pricing compared to regular wine & beer stores.
  • Pricing can vary by ₹200-500 across different retail shops in Kolkata.
  • Online prices on sites like Living Liquidz are usually lower due to lower overheads.
  • Keep an eye out for occasional discounts, offers, and promotions on Black Label whisky.
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Factors Affecting Black Label Whisky Prices in Kolkata

Black Label’s pricing in Kolkata is impacted by several factors:

Taxes: Central and state government taxes account for a major chunk of the retail price. Import duties, excise duty, VAT, etc. all contribute to elevated liquor prices.

Import costs: As Black Label is imported from Scotland, international shipping and import costs are added to the pricing.

Supplier margins: Distributors, wholesalers, and retailers add their own margins to cover overheads and make a profit.

Location: Zonal pricing means liquor rates vary across districts in Kolkata. Transportation costs also add a local premium.

Store type: Premium stores charge higher margins compared to regular liquor shops.

Seasons and festivals: Prices are hiked during peak demand seasons and festivals when sales are higher.

Price Comparison of Black Label vs Other Popular Whisky Brands

How does Black Label whisky’s pricing compare with other similar standard Scotch whisky brands available in Kolkata? Let’s evaluate:

Brand (750ml) Price
Black Label 12 Years ₹5400
Chivas Regal 12 Years ₹4200
Glenlivet 12 Years ₹5600
Glenfiddich 12 Years ₹5500
Ballantine’s 17 Years ₹11500
JW Double Black ₹5900

Among 12-year-old blended Scotch whiskies, Black Label is competitively priced against comparable premium brands like Chivas Regal and Glenlivet. It is significantly more affordable than older and rarer 18-20 year aged bottles.

The 15-20% retail margins mean Black Label’s pricing is quite fair given its popularity and brand reputation. For whisky lovers looking for smooth, easy-drinking Scotch, Black Label remains an attractive option in Kolkata.

Is Black Label Whisky Worth Its Price in Kolkata in 2023?

The pricing of alcohol is a complex interplay of taxes, marketing, and positioning. However, here are some key reasons why Black Label continues to offer good value in Kolkata at its current pricing:

  • Global brand recognition and trust in Johnnie Walker’s heritage and quality
  • Consistent, smooth, and balanced flavor suited to Indian palates
  • Fair pricing compared to direct competitors in its segment
  • Wider availability compared to limited single malts and rare whiskies
  • Versatile for drinking neat, on-the-rocks, or in cocktails
  • Presented in premium bottles and packaging
  • Pricing has held steady over the years despite inflation and tax hikes
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For regular or first-time Scotch drinkers, Black Label hits the sweet spot of being affordable yet retaining its premium feel and taste profile. While costlier than lower-end whiskies, it’s priced attractively taking into account brand value and aging.


Black Label whisky remains highly sought-after in Kolkata and commands respectable pricing owing to its brand reputation and versatile flavor profile. For 2023, Black Label 18 year costs around ₹1800 for 180ml and ₹5400 for a 750ml bottle at reputable liquor stores across Kolkata.

Compared to direct competitors, Black Label is well-aligned on pricing given its qualities. While the retail pricing is elevated due to taxes and margins, Black Label still represents good value for money for Scotch lovers in Kolkata. With its iconic branding and packaging, it makes for both an impressive gift and a flavorful everyday whisky.

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