Blenders Pride Price in Punjab 2023 [Updated Price List]

Punjab, located in the northern part of India, is known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and love for whisky. Blenders Pride, one of the most popular Indian whisky brands, enjoys huge popularity in the state. With its smooth taste and easy availability, Blenders Pride has become the go-to whisky brand for many Punjabi.

In this article, we will look at the latest Blenders Pride price list in Punjab in 2023. We will cover the prices of various bottle sizes of both Blenders Pride regular and Blenders Pride Reserve variants.

An Overview of Blenders Pride Whisky

Blenders Pride is an Indian whisky brand owned by Pernod Ricard, a famous French alcoholic beverage company. It is one of the largest-selling whisky brands in India with a presence across all major states.

Blenders Pride whisky is known for its smooth taste and premium blending. It is made from Indian grain spirits that are carefully blended and aged in French oak barrels for a refined flavor profile. The brand has received many accolades and awards at various spirits competitions globally.

Some key highlights of Blenders Pride whisky:

  • Made from the choicest Indian grains
  • Aged in oak barrels for a smooth finish
  • No artificial flavors added
  • Refined and balanced taste profile
  • Premium packaging and branding
  • One of the highest-selling brands in India

Blenders Pride whisky comes in two main variants:

Blenders Pride Regular

This is the standard Blenders Pride variant available in various bottle sizes. It has a smooth taste with hints of honey and vanilla notes.

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection

This is a more premium offering from Blenders Pride targeted at discerning drinkers. It is aged for a longer time in oak casks and comes in a classy bottle. The taste has additional woody and smoky flavors.

Now let’s look at the latest Blenders Price prices in Punjab across various bottle sizes for both the regular and reserve collections.

Blenders Pride Price List in Punjab 2023

Here are the latest Blenders Pride whisky prices in Punjab state:

Blenders Pride (Regular)

Brand Volume Price
Blenders Pride 1000ml/1ltr ₹900
Blenders Pride 750ml ₹600
Blenders Pride 375ml ₹320
Blenders Pride 180ml ₹160
Blenders Pride 90ml ₹90
  • The most popular 750ml bottle of regular Blenders Pride whisky costs ₹600 in Punjab. This is the standard bottle size bought by most consumers.
  • The 1 liter bottle is priced at ₹900 making it economical for buying in bulk.
  • The smaller 375ml, 180ml, and 90ml bottles are convenient mini sizes for gifting or trying out the whisky. They are priced between ₹90 to ₹320.
  • There are minor variations in Blenders Pride prices across different cities and stores in Punjab. The prices listed here are the indicative prevailing rates in most places.
  • Among metro cities, Blenders Pride prices in Punjab are on the lower side compared to places like Delhi or Mumbai.
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Blenders Pride Reserve Collection

Brand Volume Price
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection 1000ml/1ltr ₹1000
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection 750ml ₹750
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection 375ml ₹360
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection 180ml ₹180
Blenders Pride Reserve 90ml ₹100
  • The Blenders Pride Reserve Collection is priced at a premium over the regular Blenders Pride whisky.
  • The 750ml bottle of Reserve collection costs ₹750 in Punjab, which is ₹150 more than the regular Blenders Pride 750ml bottle.
  • There is a similar premium pricing for the 1 liter, 375ml, 180ml, and 90ml bottles of the Reserve collection over the regular Blenders Pride variants.
  • The Reserve collection is aged for longer in oak barrels giving it a deeper, smoother taste profile ideal for whisky connoisseurs.

Factors Affecting Blenders’ Pride Price in Punjab

The prices of Blenders Pride whisky in Punjab are dependent on several factors:

State Excise Duties – The Punjab government charges excise duty on liquor products which impacts the retail prices in the state. The rate of excise duty can be increased or decreased in state budgets leading to price fluctuations.

Transportation Costs – Punjab has limited liquor manufacturing. Most whisky brands including Blenders Pride are transported from other states. The transportation costs are passed on to the consumers.

Supplier Discounts – Supplier and retailer discounts also impact the market prices of Blenders Pride whisky. Bigger discounts allow retailers to reduce the selling prices.

Store Location – Blenders Pride prices can vary across different stores and cities in Punjab depending on the rentals, overheads, and profit margins of the retailers. Air-conditioned stores in prime locations tend to charge higher.

Seasonal Demand – Prices of whisky tend to go up during festive or wedding seasons due to higher demand. Similarly, off-season months may see reduced rates.

Changes in Taxes – Any changes in central or state government taxes applicable to whisky directly influence the retail prices in the market.

Price Trends in the Last 5 Years

Over the past 5 years, the price of Blenders Pride whisky has gradually increased in Punjab. Here are the major price trends seen:

  • The average MRP of 750ml Blenders Pride bottle has increased from around ₹425 in 2018 to ₹600 in 2023.
  • Between 2020 to 2022, the prices remained stable without any major hikes as taxes remained steady.
  • 2023 saw a sharp ₹75 upward price revision for the 750ml bottle due to rising input costs and supplier prices.
  • The premium Reserve Collection was launched in 2021 at a 25% higher price point than the regular Blenders Pride.
  • Minor price hikes have been observed in 2022 and 2023 for the 180ml and 90ml bottles as well in the range of ₹10-20 per bottle.
  • Overall, the compounded annual growth rate in Blenders Pride price has been around 7% – 9% over the last 5 years.
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Buying Guide – Factors to Consider

Here are some tips for consumers when buying Blenders Pride whisky in Punjab:

  • Authenticity – Always check for batch codes, security tags, and labels to ensure genuine Blenders Pride bottles. Fake liquor is a problem in some parts of Punjab.
  • Expiry – Check the expiry date and bottling date before purchasing. Avoid very old batches close to expiry.
  • Outlet Reputation – Purchase from reputed stores and outlets rather than unknown neighborhood shops. This ensures quality.
  • Invoice – Insist on an invoice with official retailer details. This is useful in case there are issues later with the bottle’s quality.
  • Reserve Stock – Try out the premium Reserve Collection for special occasions and gifting purposes as it offers a more premium experience.
  • Quantity Discounts – Buying 1 liter or larger bottles can help save money as you get better discounts from stores on bigger packs.
  • Festive Offers – Look out for occasional festive discounts that bring down the effective price for consumers.

Price Comparison with Other States

Blenders Pride whisky prices in Punjab are lower than most other states in India. Here is a price comparison of the 750ml Blenders Pride bottle with other major states:

State Price
Punjab ₹600
Delhi ₹720
Maharashtra ₹750
Karnataka ₹680
West Bengal ₹615
Tamil Nadu ₹685

The price advantage in Punjab is due to lower state excise duties. Punjab is one of the manufacturing hubs for Indian-made foreign liquor in North India leading to easier logistics and availability.

Within Punjab, prices are generally uniform across major cities like Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Chandigarh. Rural areas may see slightly higher rates.

The Premium Reserve Collection

The Blenders Pride Reserve Collection is the premium variant targeted at more discerning drinkers. Here are some details on this line-up:

Maturation Period – The whisky is aged for a minimum of 7 years in French and American oak barrels leading to a smoother finish.

Packaging – It comes in a classy new bottle with a cork-style stopper and sleek labeling.

Taste Profile – The taste has an extra layer of woody and smoky flavors with a longer and richer finish.

Recommended Serving – Best served neat at room temperature or with ice/water according to personal taste.

Price – It is priced around 25% higher than the comparable regular Blenders Pride bottles. The 750ml bottle costs ₹750 in Punjab.

Occasions – Makes for an ideal gift or for enjoying special occasions, celebrations, or weekends.

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The Reserve Collection allows Blenders Pride lovers to upgrade to a more indulgent experience when they desire. It expands the brand’s premium offering.

Blenders Pride vs. Competing Brands

Here is a price and feature comparison of Blenders Pride versus major competing brands in Punjab:

Blenders Pride – ₹600 (750ml)

  • Smooth classic taste
  • Bestselling brand
  • Premium branding
  • Multiple bottle sizes

Royal Stag – ₹550 (750ml)

  • Popular economy brand
  • Young flavor profile
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good gifting option

Imperial Blue – ₹510 (750ml)

  • Value brand
  • Strong popularity in Punjab
  • Higher blend ratio
  • Very affordable

Antiquity Blue – ₹880 (750ml)

  • Ultra premium brand
  • Aged over 5 years
  • Complex smoky flavor
  • Top-end gift choice

Blenders Pride straddles the premium mainstream segment with balanced pricing and a crowd-pleasing taste. It competes well with other established brands across price points.

How to Drink Blenders Pride Whisky

Blenders Pride can be enjoyed in the following ways by whisky lovers in Punjab:

  • On the Rocks – Pour 30-60ml Blenders Pride over ice cubes in a rock glass. This opens up the flavors.
  • With Water – Adding a few drops of water enhances the smoothness. Slowly add water till it reaches the desired smoothness.
  • With Soda – Whisky sodas are very popular. Mix 60ml Blenders Pride with chilled soda or lemon soda.
  • Cocktails – Blend with colas, ginger ale, juices, or other mixers to create a variety of cocktails like whisky Coke.
  • Neat – Some connoisseurs like sipping Blenders Pride neat at room temperature to enjoy the undiluted flavors.
  • Flavored Whisky – Infuse spices like cinnamon, cloves, or herbs to create unique flavored whisky blends at home.

Blender Pride is very versatile and adapts well to different tasting preferences. Enjoy it responsibly in the way that you like the most.

Blenders Pride – A Quintessential Indian Whisky Brand

Blenders Pride holds a special place among liquor lovers in Punjab and across India. The brand epitomizes the smooth, rich taste profile that Indian whisky drinkers enjoy. Its affordable pricing, easy availability, and variety of bottle sizes add to the appeal.

The brand checkmarks all the factors the Indian consumer looks for – taste, quality, brand value, and pricing. As Pernod Ricard’s made-in-India whisky jewel, Blenders Pride will continue to be the staple drink ordered at bars and purchased at liquor shops across Punjab.

With this detailed guide on the latest Blenders Pride prices in Punjab in 2023, whisky enthusiasts can now make an informed buying decision. Drinkers can choose the perfect bottle size and variant as per taste, budget, and occasion.

Blenders Pride’s smooth voyage is set to continue flowing across Punjab as the quintessential drink for all special and not-so-special moments. Keep enjoying your Blenders Pride but in moderation!

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