Buchanan’s Two Souls Whisky Prices in USA [2023 Updated]

Buchanan’s is one of the most popular Scotch whisky brands in the world, known for its quality blends and malts. Their Two Souls blended whisky range offers a great introduction to the signature Buchanan’s style at an affordable price point.

In this article, we will compare the latest prices (as of August 2023) of Buchanan’s Two Souls whiskies available in the USA.

Overview of Buchanan’s Two Souls Whisky

The Two Souls range includes the core no-age-statement Buchanan’s Two Souls Blended Scotch Whisky, as well as the 12 Years Old and 18 Years Old expressions.

Buchanan’s Two Souls is a blend of malts and grains from the north and south of Scotland, matured in ex-bourbon casks. It is designed to be an easy-drinking, smooth blended whisky that showcases the classic Buchanan’s character of creaminess and vanilla.

The 12 Year Old and 18 Year Old versions add further depth, complexity, and character that develops with extended maturation.

Buchanan’s Two Souls Whisky Prices in the USA

Here is an overview of the latest Buchanan’s Two Souls whisky prices across popular bottle sizes in the US:

Buchanan’s Two Souls Blended Scotch Whisky

  • 750ml – $41

This no-age-statement blend is the entry-level Two Souls expression. It delivers smooth vanilla and butterscotch flavors with a gentle peat smoke finish.

12 Years Old Deluxe Aged Whisky

  • 750ml – $38.49

The 12-year-old Two Souls is a step up in richness, with more fruitcake, oak and spice notes complementing the signature smoothness.

18 Years Old Buchanan’s Special Reserve Aged Whisky

  • 750ml – $84.99
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This 18-year-old expression is a premium limited release that spends nearly two decades maturing. It shows excellent integration of flavors – dried fruit, chocolate, baking spices, and oak.

Other Buchanan’s Whiskies

Here are the prices for some other popular Buchanan’s whisky expressions available in the US market:

  • Buchanan’s Real Seal Whisky 750ml – $181.99
  • Buchanan’s 15 Years Old 750ml – $56
  • Buchanan’s Master Whisky 750ml – $45.99

The Real Seal is an extremely rare and prized limited release, which commands a high premium. The 15-year-old offers more maturity than the 12-year-old, while the Master is a reliable entry-level blended whisky.

Factors Affecting Buchanan’s Whisky Prices

Buchanan’s whisky prices depend on a variety of factors:

  • Age – Older whiskies that have matured for longer are more expensive to produce and available in limited quantities. A 12-year-old will cost more than a no-age-statement whisky, and an 18-year-old even more so.
  • Rarity – Special or limited releases like the Real Seal are higher priced due to their exclusivity and collectibility.
  • Branding – Established brands like Buchanan’s command a premium over less known labels.
  • Region – Within Scotland, whisky from certain regions like Speyside and Islay tend to be pricier based on reputation and flavor profiles.
  • Bottler/Distillery – Whiskies from renowned distilleries or independent bottlers carry higher price tags.
  • Retailer Margins – Prices vary across stores based on brand positioning, wholesale costs, and profit margins. Duties and taxes also impact the retail price.

Where to Buy Buchanan’s Two Souls Whisky?

Buchanan’s whiskies are widely available at liquor stores across the USA. Here are some of the best places to buy Two Souls whisky:

  • Online – DrinkUpNY, Flaviar, Caskers, ReserveBar
  • Retail Chains – Total Wine, BevMo, Binny’s, Spec’s
  • Grocery Stores – Walmart, Safeway, Kroger (availability varies by state)
  • Airports – Duty-Free shops have great deals on Scotch
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Online stores will often have the best deals and the largest selection including limited releases. Retail chains and grocery stores are more convenient but may have fewer options or higher prices.

When buying aged Scotch whiskies, always double-check the label for bottling year and age statement for quality assurance. Reputable retailers will provide product details.

Enjoying Buchanan’s Two Souls Whisky

Buchanan’s Two Souls makes for an excellent daily drinker or gift choice. The 12-year-old and 18-year-old versions are ideal for slowly sipping and savoring neat or on the rocks.

The core no-age-statement blend mixes well in cocktails like whisky highballs, Manhattans, old-fashioned, and Penicillins. Its smooth, lightly smoky profile complements other ingredients nicely.

At around $40 a bottle, the base Two Souls whisky provides outstanding value – an affordable way to enjoy the creamy, fruity Buchanan’s house style. The older variants offer more complexity at reasonable prices for their age.

So try out a bottle of Buchanan’s Two Souls Blended Scotch today to enjoy quality whisky at a good price point! Sláinte!

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