Ciroc Vodka Price in Delhi Today for 750ml & 1L Bottles

Ciroc vodka, produced by French spirits company Diageo, has become one of the most popular premium vodka brands in Delhi and across India. Made from French grapes, Ciroc is known for its smooth taste and versatility as a mixer.

In this article, we will look at the latest Ciroc vodka prices in Delhi today for the 750ml and 1 liter bottle sizes. We’ll also discuss what makes Ciroc vodka unique and why it commands a premium price over other vodka brands in India.

An Overview of Ciroc Vodka

Ciroc is a French brand of vodka that is produced by Diageo, one of the largest spirits companies in the world. It was first introduced in 2003 and is made from French grapes grown in the Gaillac and Cognac regions.

Here are some key facts about Ciroc vodka:

  • Made from French grapes, not grains like most vodka brands. This gives it a smoother, more floral taste.
  • Produced in the South of France and imported to over 130 countries worldwide.
  • Available in different flavors like redberry, Coconut, Peach, Pineapple, Apple, French Vanilla, and Raspberry.
  • Ciroc is a luxury, premium brand that is meant to compete with the top-end vodkas globally.
  • Endorsed by celebrities like Sean Combs, who owns a 50% stake in the brand.
  • Packaged in an elegant frosted glass bottle.

So in summary, Ciroc is a high-end French vodka made from grapes and targeted at vodka connoisseurs who want a smoother, more refined taste. It’s considered one of the top imported vodka brands in India and the world.

Ciroc Vodka Prices in Delhi Today

Here are the latest Ciroc vodka prices in Delhi today:

Ciroc Vodka Price List in Delhi:

Brand Size Price
Ciroc Snap Frost 750 ml ₹3,090
Ciroc Snap Frost 1 Liter ₹4,360

The above prices are inclusive of all taxes and from reputed offline stores and online shops delivering across Delhi.

As you can see, Ciroc vodka commands a premium price, but one that consumers are willing to pay for its quality and brand value. The 750ml Ciroc bottle costs around ₹3,090 while the larger 1 liter bottle is priced at ₹4,360 in Delhi today.

Among the different Ciroc variants available in India, the Ciroc Snap Frost is the most popular. Snap Frost has a refreshingly sweet and citrusy taste, perfect for vodka cocktails or mixing.

Some other Ciroc flavors like Red Berry, Coconut, and Pineapple are also available in limited quantities and cost slightly more than Snap Frost vodka in Delhi.

Factors Affecting Ciroc Vodka Prices in Delhi

There are several factors that determine the retail prices of Ciroc vodka in the Delhi market:

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1. Import duties – Since Ciroc is imported from France, import duties levied on foreign alcoholic beverages impact the landed cost significantly. Luxury vodka brands like Ciroc attract customs duty of around 150% on imported alcohol.

2. Supply chain costs – The production, logistics, distribution, and retail margins all add to the supply chain costs. Ciroc is positioned as a premium brand so the supply chain costs tend to be higher.

3. Taxes – High excise duties and GST rates on alcohol apply to imported vodka like Ciroc in Delhi. This includes customs duty, agriculture cess, VAT, state excise, and retail taxes which are cumulatively over 65-70% of the base price.

4. Brand positioning – Ciroc is positioned as an aspirational luxury vodka brand. Its premium pricing is part of the overall branding and marketing mix.

5. Demand vs supply – How easily Ciroc vodka is available in the Delhi market also impacts the retail prices to some extent. Limited availability allows retailers to maintain higher price points.

So in summary, the high taxes on imported alcohol, luxury brand positioning, distribution costs, and demand/supply dynamics in Delhi are the reasons Ciroc vodka is priced on the higher side compared to locally produced vodka.

Price Comparison With Other Popular Brands

It helps to compare Ciroc prices with other well-known vodka brands in Delhi to truly understand where it stands price-wise:

  • Smirnoff – A 750ml bottle of Smirnoff costs around ₹1,350 in Delhi, making it one of the most affordable vodka options.
  • Absolut – This Swedish vodka brand is priced at around ₹2,030 for a 750ml bottle, positioning it in the premium segment.
  • Grey Goose – Another luxury French vodka like Ciroc, Grey Goose costs ₹2,999 for 750ml making it direct competition.
  • Ketel One – This Dutch vodka is priced similarly to Grey Goose at ₹3,000 a 750ml in the Delhi market.
  • Belvedere – A high-end Polish vodka brand costing around ₹3,540 for 750ml, comparable to Ciroc.

So in the premium imported vodka segment, Ciroc is competitively priced against the likes of Grey Goose, Belvedere, and Ketel One in Delhi. The smoother grape-based taste profile gives Ciroc an edge.

Domestic vodka brands like Magic Moments and White Mischief are priced between ₹400-₹900 only for a 750ml bottle. But they lack the brand appeal and refinement in taste that Ciroc offers.

Factors To Consider When Buying Ciroc Vodka in Delhi

Here are some tips for buying genuine Ciroc vodka in Delhi at the right prices:

  • Purchase from reputed stores: Whether online or offline, buy only from trusted retailers selling genuine imported alcohol.
  • Check for MRP: The MRP for Ciroc 750ml and 1-liter bottles are clearly printed on the label. Ensure you are not paying above the MRP.
  • Look for security features: Ciroc bottles have unique codes and other markings to distinguish real bottles. Examine them closely before purchasing.
  • See manufacturing and expiry date: Only buy bottles that clearly mention the manufacturing and expiry dates printed on the label.
  • Check bottling location: The Ciroc distillery location in France is mentioned on real bottles. Fake ones may show other locations.
  • Buy full-sealed bottles: Ensure the Ciroc bottle has an unbroken seal when you purchase it.
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By dealing with established retailers and checking these factors, you can get the real Ciroc experience at the right price in Delhi. It is well worth splurging on this exquisite luxury vodka brand.

Price Trends in Recent Years

In India, Ciroc vodka prices have steadily increased in recent years:

  • A 750ml Ciroc bottle cost around ₹2,400 in 2016-17, rising to ₹2,800 in 2019.
  • The current price of ₹3,090 for Ciroc 750ml has remained stable over the last 6-7 months in Delhi.
  • Higher import duties and taxes have led to price hikes. Also, currency fluctuations impact imported alcohol prices.
  • Demand for premium brands like Ciroc remains strong in metro cities, allowing the prices to hold firm at higher levels.
  • In Delhi, Ciroc demand is highest around the New Year period when it is extensively gifted in the party circuit.

So while Ciroc vodka has become pricier over the years, it has still held up better than other imported alcohol because of strong brand equity and loyal consumer base in India.

Outlook on Ciroc Vodka Prices in Delhi

The outlook on Ciroc vodka prices in Delhi remains stable as long as the following key factors hold true:

  • Ciroc maintains its positioning as a premium luxury vodka brand through smart marketing and promotional activities.
  • Supply chain efficiency improves to lower logistics and distribution costs. This can help make Ciroc more affordable.
  • Delhi’s high-income demographics continue to demand imported alcohol like Ciroc.
  • No major changes in import duties or state taxes on foreign liquor in Delhi.
  • Currency exchange rates remain steady minimizing the impact of global economic factors.

However, any major increase in customs duties or local taxes can push Ciroc vodka prices higher. Supply chain issues can also lead to short-term price spikes due to low stock.

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Barring these contingencies, consumers can expect current Ciroc rates to hold steady in the near future. Its perceived status as a premium vodka worth the price will continue driving sales in Delhi.

Verdict: Is Ciroc Worth the High Price in Delhi?

At over ₹3,000 for a 750ml bottle, Ciroc vodka certainly belongs to the ultra-premium segment. But Delhi’s aspirational consumers are willing to pay this high price for five key reasons:

1. Smooth taste – Ciroc has a fruity, velvety smooth taste that vodka connoisseurs love. This makes it ideal for mixing in cocktails or drinking neat with ice.

2. Luxury branding & image – Drinking Ciroc projects an elite, uber-rich image that many want to be associated with. The frosted bottle and celebrity connections enhance its luxury appeal.

3. Ideal for gifting & partying – Ciroc’s premium packaging and brand cache make it a smart choice for gifting on special occasions and keeping in-home bars.

4. Artisanal production – It is made from French grapes, not grains lends an artisanal, small-batch feel despite being mass-produced.

5. Marketing hype – Strong celebrity endorsements and pop culture references have strengthened brand recognition and buzz around Ciroc.

So for status-conscious high net worth individuals, paying a few extra thousand for Ciroc over cheaper vodka is worthwhile. Overall, the discerning palate and refined drinking experience make the premium pricing justified for vodka lovers in Delhi.

The Verdict

Ciroc has established itself as a top-of-the-line, luxury vodka brand in Delhi through smart positioning and marketing. While not cheap, Ciroc’s prices currently represent the brand value and enjoyable drinking experience it offers.

For vodka aficionados and those wanting to gift premium alcohol, Ciroc is certainly worth the ₹3,000+ price tag in Delhi today. With demand remaining robust, its prices are expected to hold steady going forward. Ciroc’s reputation as one of the finest imported vodka brands in India will continue delighting vodka lovers in the capital.

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