Ciroc Vodka Prices in Mumbai 2023- Updated Price Rates

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits in Mumbai and Ciroc has emerged as a premium vodka brand in recent years. Ciroc vodka originated in France and uses grapes from the Côte du Provence region. It is an ultra-premium vodka that stands out for its distinct flavor and smooth taste.

In Mumbai, Ciroc vodka is widely available across bars, pubs, liquor shops, and online alcohol delivery platforms. The prices for Ciroc vodka in Mumbai vary depending on the type of Ciroc, the size of the bottle, and whether it is being sold at MRP rates or not. Here is an in-depth look at Ciroc vodka prices in Mumbai in 2023.

Ciroc Vodka Variants Available in Mumbai

Ciroc is available in different variants in Mumbai, catering to varying tastes and preferences. The main types of Ciroc vodka available in Mumbai are:

  • Ciroc Original: This is the signature Ciroc vodka made from French grapes. It has a citrus and stone fruit flavor profile.
  • Ciroc Red Berry: Infused with a mix of raspberry, strawberry, and other berry flavors, this has a fresh fruity taste.
  • Ciroc Coconut: As the name suggests, this infused vodka has the exotic flavor of coconut.
  • Ciroc Peach: With succulent peach flavors, this is one of the most popular Ciroc variants.
  • Ciroc Pineapple: The rich flavor of juicy pineapples gives this vodka a tropical twist.
  • Ciroc Apple: Featuring fresh green apple flavors, this vodka has a crisp and tart taste.
  • Ciroc Snap Frost: This has cool and crisp peppermint and spearmint flavors.
  • Ciroc White Grape: Infused with white grape flavors, this has a light and fresh taste.

Ciroc Vodka Prices in Mumbai (MRP Rates)

Here are the MRP prices for Ciroc vodka in Mumbai in 2023:

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Ciroc Variant Size MRP Price
Ciroc Original 750 ml ₹4,545
Ciroc Original 1 liter ₹7,090
Ciroc Red Berry 750 ml ₹4,545
Ciroc Red Berry 1 liter ₹7,090
Ciroc Coconut 750 ml ₹4,545
Ciroc Coconut 1 liter ₹7,090
Ciroc Peach 750 ml ₹4,545
Ciroc Peach 1 liter ₹7,090
Ciroc Pineapple 750 ml ₹4,545
Ciroc Pineapple 1 liter ₹7,090
Ciroc Apple 750 ml ₹4,545
Ciroc Apple 1 liter ₹7,090
Ciroc Snap Frost 750 ml ₹4,545
Ciroc Snap Frost 1 liter ₹7,090
Ciroc White Grape 750 ml ₹4,545
Ciroc White Grape 1 liter ₹7,090

As seen above, the MRP price of Ciroc vodka in Mumbai for a 750ml bottle is ₹4,545 across all variants. The 1 liter bottles are priced at ₹7,090 MRP.

However, the actual retail prices at which Ciroc is available can be 15-20% lower than the MRP rates.

Average Market Prices of Ciroc Vodka in Mumbai

Here are the average prices at which you can expect to find Ciroc vodka in Mumbai currently:

  • Ciroc Vodka 750ml – ₹3,600 to ₹4,000
  • Ciroc Vodka 1 liter – ₹5,500 to ₹6,200

As you can see, the market rates are about 10-25% lower than the MRP prices. Popular nightclubs and bars will stock Ciroc and serve it at even higher prices due to their margins.

Factors Affecting Ciroc Vodka Prices in Mumbai

There are several factors that influence the retail pricing of Ciroc vodka in Mumbai:

  • Taxes: Import duties, GST, excise, and VAT taxes imposed result in higher MRP rates. Taxes make up 30-40% of the MRP price.
  • Supplier Margins: Distributors and suppliers also account for a share of the final product cost to retailers. Their commissions are built into the MRP.
  • Location: Outlet location also impacts pricing. Retailers at premium locations will price it higher. Airport duty-free shops offer lower rates.
  • Brand Positioning: As a premium brand, Ciroc vodka is priced higher than regular vodka. The pricing must match its luxury brand image.
  • Demand vs. Supply: When demand outpaces supply, retailers can increase prices to maintain profit margins. Festive seasons see a spike in demand.
  • Discounts & Offers: Retailers offer periodic discounts, price cuts, and buy 1 get 1 free offers to boost sales. This lowers the price for consumers.
  • E-commerce: Online alcohol shops on apps like Living Liquidz and Hip Bar tend to offer competitive pricing with discounts to attract buyers.
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Price Trends for Ciroc Vodka in Recent Years

Looking at price trends over the years provides insight into both MRP and market rate pricing:

  • In 2018, Ciroc Vodka 750ml was priced at ₹3,800 to ₹4,200 in Mumbai on average.
  • By 2021, prices had risen by 15% to ₹4,200 to ₹4,600 per 750ml bottle.
  • In 2022, the average price climbed further to ₹4,400 to ₹4,800 per 750ml in Mumbai.
  • At the start of 2023, prices currently range from ₹3,600 to ₹4,000 per 750ml bottle at most retailers.

The MRP price has moved from ₹3,800 in 2018 to ₹4,545 in 2023, showing an increase of nearly 20% in 5 years. However, market dynamics and promotions help keep the retail prices in check for consumers.

How to Find the Best Ciroc Vodka Prices in Mumbai?

Here are some tips to help you find the lowest prices on Ciroc vodka in Mumbai:

  • Compare prices across leading online liquor stores like Living Liquidz and Hip Bar to find good deals
  • Look for special discounts, offers, and combos being provided by retail shops on occasions
  • Buy larger 1-liter bottles compared to 750ml to get better value
  • Check duty-free liquor prices at Mumbai Airport on arrival or departure
  • Join membership programs by retailers to get exclusive member discounts
  • Buying Ciroc vodka by the case generally attracts a wholesale pricing benefit
  • Avoid very cheap shops selling smuggled or illegal liquor in the name of discounts

Price Outlook for 2023

The price of Ciroc vodka in Mumbai is expected to remain stable in 2023 with minor fluctuations. The Diwali and Christmas seasons could potentially see a 5-10% price rise temporarily due to higher demand.

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However, as a premium brand, Ciroc may avoid deep discounting as part of its market positioning. Overall, consumers can expect to continue buying Ciroc vodka in Mumbai at an average price of ₹3,800 to ₹4,200 for a 750ml bottle in 2023.


Ciroc vodka is one of the most coveted imported premium vodkas in the Mumbai market today. With its French grapes sourcing, refined taste, and luxury branding, it occupies a niche space in the premium spirits segment.

Despite its high MRP pricing of ₹4,545, the actual retail prices are 15-20% lower on average, making Ciroc vodka more affordable for patrons of high-end bars and for vodka connoisseurs in Mumbai. Careful price research and availing offers can help buyers get the best deals on Ciroc vodka in Mumbai.

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