Ciroc Vodka Price in Goa 2023- Beach Shacks, Duty-Free Rates

Goa, the tropical haven on India’s west coast, is famous for its beautiful beaches, heritage architecture, and lively nightlife. As one of India’s top destinations for domestic and international tourists, Goa offers visitors a wide range of experiences. One integral part of Goa’s vibrant nightlife scene is its many bars, clubs, and restaurants serving cocktails and premium alcohols from around the world.

One premium spirit that has become extremely popular in Goa is Ciroc vodka. Ciroc is an ultra-premium French vodka made from fine French grapes. It comes in a range of delicious flavors like Apple, Peach, Pineapple, Mango, Coconut, and more. Ciroc has developed a reputation as a smooth, luxurious vodka suited for VIP parties and upscale clubs. As such, it has become highly sought-after in Goa’s beach shacks, nightclubs, pool parties, and cocktail bars.

But with its premium branding and status as an imported luxury spirit, what are the actual ciroc vodka prices one can expect to pay in Goa? This article will provide an overview of ciroc vodka prices across different establishments in Goa as of 2023. We’ll look at the prices in beach shacks, restaurants, clubs, retail shops, duty-free, and online.

Ciroc Vodka Prices in Goa Beach Shack Bars

Goa’s vibrant beach shack scene is the perfect place to enjoy sunsets, seafood, and cocktails. Many popular beach shacks carry premium alcohols like Ciroc to cater to foreign tourists, visiting celebrities, and wealthy travelers. Given the tourist-facing nature of these beach bars, here are the typical ciroc vodka prices one can expect to pay:

  • Standard Ciroc flavors (Original, Red Berry, Pineapple): ₹2000 – ₹2500 for 750ml bottle
  • Specialty Ciroc flavors (Mango, Coconut, French Vanilla): ₹3000 – ₹4000 for 750ml bottle

These are on the higher side, keeping in mind the premium branding and imported status of Ciroc vodka. Taxes and import duties also contribute to pushing up the prices at beach shack bars in Goa. However, the festive seaside atmosphere and chilled Ciroc cocktails like the Ciroc Pineapple Fizz or Coconut Mojito make it worthwhile for many party-goers.

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Ciroc Prices in Goa Restaurants and Clubs

Goa has an exceptional dining scene, spanning beachside seafood shacks to upscale restaurants at five-star resorts. Here are the typical ciroc vodka prices seen at restaurants and clubs in Goa:

  • Standard Ciroc flavors: ₹2000 – ₹3000 for 750ml bottle
  • Specialty Ciroc flavors: ₹3500 – ₹5000 for 750ml bottle

These venues have higher overheads than beach shacks, hence the elevated liquor prices. However, their upscale ambiance, air-conditioning, and professional bartenders crafting vodka cocktails like the Ciroc Cosmo or French Vanilla Martini make for an indulgent, luxury experience. Nightclubs with dancers, DJs, and VIP service can charge even higher rates.

Retail Ciroc Vodka Rates in Goa

One can also directly buy Ciroc vodka from retail liquor shops in Goa. Here are the prevailing retail rates:

Brand Size Price
Ciroc Original 750ml ₹3420
Ciroc Red Berry 750ml ₹3920
Ciroc Pineapple 750ml ₹3920
Ciroc Mango 750ml ₹4420
Ciroc Coconut 750ml ₹4420
Ciroc French Vanilla 750ml ₹4420

These prices tend to be slightly lower than at bars and restaurants. However, taxes still apply on imported alcohol brands like Ciroc. Retail liquor shops in Goa’s popular tourism zones may also hike up Ciroc’s rates due to high demand.

Duty-Free Ciroc Vodka Prices in Goa

For those looking to purchase Ciroc vodka at the lowest prices, duty-free shops at Goa’s Dabolim airport are the best option. Here, travelers can buy imported alcohol without paying local taxes, bringing down prices significantly. The typical duty-free Ciroc vodka rates are:

  • Ciroc Origins/Red Berry/Pineapple: ₹2800 – ₹3200
  • Ciroc Mango/Coconut/Vanilla: ₹3800 – ₹4000

That’s a saving of ₹500 – ₹1000 compared to retail liquor store prices in Goa. For larger 1.75L bottles, the savings are even higher at duty-free. Keeping these lower rates in mind, some travelers stock up on Ciroc vodka while exiting Goa.

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Buying Ciroc Vodka Online in Goa

For added convenience, one can also buy Ciroc vodka online via apps like Living Liquidz and HipBar in Goa. However, the online prices tend to be similar to retail rates:

  • Standard Ciroc: ₹3420 – ₹3620 for 750ml
  • Specialty Ciroc: ₹3920 – ₹4420 for 750ml

The main advantage of buying online is doorstep delivery. This saves having to visit crowded liquor shops in person during the pandemic. However, online alcohol delivery is allowed only within Goa state.

Price Trends for Ciroc Vodka in Goa

Looking at the price points above, a few trends are noticeable for Ciroc vodka rates in Goa:

  • Standard Ciroc flavors are cheaper than specialty flavors like Mango and Coconut
  • On-premise prices at bars/clubs are higher than retail/duty-free
  • Prices for 750ml bottles range from ₹2000 – ₹5000 depending on location
  • There is a premium of 25% – 50% over lower-end imported vodka brands
  • Tourist areas command even higher prices during peak season

As an ultra-premium imported vodka brand, Ciroc comes at a price. But for vodka connoisseurs and party-goers in Goa, the smooth taste and luxury branding offer an experience that justifies the higher cost of Ciroc over other vodkas.

Is Ciroc Vodka Worth the Price in Goa?

So should you invest in a bottle of Ciroc vodka for your Goa trip? Here are some factors to consider:


  • Ultra-smooth taste from fine French grapes
  • Range of natural flavors like Apple, Peach, Coconut
  • Trendy brands preferred by celebrities and hip-hop culture
  • Luxury branding and sleek bottle visuals
  • Ideal for premium cocktail bars and beach parties


  • Significantly more expensive than mid-range vodkas
  • Imported status increases pricing with duties/taxes
  • Premium pricing is not suited for budget-conscious travelers
  • Less ideal for backpackers and hostel crowds
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Ultimately, choosing Ciroc depends on your budget and preferences. If you appreciate fine French spirits and want to sample the best vodkas, Ciroc’s quality commands the higher price tag in Goa. But if you just want basic vodka cocktails without the status symbol, cheaper options are easily available too.

The Bottom Line

Ciroc vodka has cemented its place as one of the most coveted imported spirits in Goa today. With its ultra-premium branding and association with luxury beach parties, Ciroc bottles grace the tables of the most happening nightclubs, pool parties, restaurants, and beach shacks in Goa.

However, such exclusivity and import status come at a price. In Goa, standard Ciroc flavors like Original and Red Berry cost ₹2000 – ₹3600 for a 750ml bottle. Specialty flavors like Mango and Coconut command even higher prices from ₹3000 – ₹5000. Duty-free shops offer the best rates, while bars and clubs mark up the prices significantly.

For vodka lovers in Goa, Ciroc’s smooth grape-based taste and exotic flavors may justify the expense. The brand adds glamor and energy to any beachside bash or late-night DJ party. However, budget-conscious travelers can find much cheaper vodka options in Goa as well. At the end of the day, Ciroc’s premium pricing reflects its positioning as a luxury, aspirational lifestyle brand. So sip wisely and enjoy your trip to Goa!

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