Dewar Scotch Whisky Prices in Goa 2023

As an expert in spirits and liquor pricing in Goa, I’m often asked about the latest Dewar Scotch whisky prices. Scotch whisky is hugely popular in Goa, especially among tourists looking to enjoy a taste of Scotland while soaking up the sun on the beaches.

In this article, I’ll provide a detailed overview of current Dewar Scotch prices in Goa as of 2023, including a handy comparison price table. Whether you’re a longtime Dewar drinker or looking to try it for the first time, read on for everything you need to know about Dewar Scotch whisky prices in Goa.

An Overview of Dewar’s Scotch Whisky

For those not familiar with the brand, Dewar’s is a blended Scotch whisky created by John Dewar & Sons in 1846. Based in Scotland, it’s one of the top-selling Scotch whisky brands worldwide.

Dewar’s uses a proprietary recipe of over 40 single malt and single grain Scotch whiskies to create its signature smooth, honeyed flavor profile. While Dewar’s 12 Year and Dewar’s 15 Year are likely the most popular expressions, the brand has several aged variants up to the 18 Year Old.

Dewar’s pioneering blender A.J. Cameron was the first to create a blended whisky in the 1860s, paving the way for the popularity of blended Scotch today. The iconic Aberfeldy distillery is the heart of Dewar’s blended Scotch whiskies.

Dewar’s Scotch Whisky Prices in Goa

Now let’s take a look at the latest Dewar’s Scotch whisky prices across popular expressions available in Goa as of 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of 750ml Dewar’s Scotch Whisky ₹1,350
Cost of 750ml Dewar’s 18 Years Old Whisky ₹7,000
Cost of 750ml Dewar’s 12 Years Old Whisky ₹3,050
Cost of 750ml Dewar’s 15 Years Old Whisky ₹3,700
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As you can see, Dewar’s whisky prices in Goa vary significantly based on age. The 12 Year, 15 Year, and 18 Year aged expressions demand a premium price over the standard Dewar’s Scotch, which contains no age statement.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect to pay for each Dewar’s expression in Goa as of 2023:

Dewar’s White Label Scotch – ₹1,350

Representing the core range, Dewar’s White Label is a blend of over 40 malt and grain whiskies with no age statement. On the lighter, smoother side for a Scotch, it’s exceptionally easy to drink. This is the most affordable way to enjoy Dewar’s, coming in at around ₹1,350 in Goa for a 750ml bottle.

Dewar’s 12-Year-Old – ₹3,050

Aged for a minimum of 12 years, this expression provides more depth while maintaining Dewar’s honeyed character. The extended maturation adds notes of oak and a lingering finish. Expect to pay around ₹3,050 for a 750ml bottle in Goa.

Dewar’s 15-Year-Old – ₹3,700

The 15 Year is even richer than the 12 Year, with a robust flavor bursting with notes of raisin, toffee, and vanilla. The oak influence is apparent but well-balanced. A 750ml will cost you ₹3,700 or so in Goa.

Dewar’s 18-Year-Old – ₹7,000

As the premium offering in the range, the 18-Year-Old is an exceptionally refined Scotch featuring delicate flavors of cocoa, oak, and spice. There’s a noticeable sherry cask influence in this expression. In Goa, the 18-Year-Old retails for approximately ₹7,000 per 750ml.

Where to Buy Dewar’s Whisky in Goa?

Dewar’s Scotch whisky can be found at most liquor stores, supermarkets, duty-free shops, and bars/restaurants in Goa. The availability of specific expressions may vary by location.

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Some recommended places to buy Dewar’s whisky in Goa include:

  • Premium liquor stores – These specialized stores have the largest Dewar’s selections and hard-to-find aged expressions. Expect knowledgeable staff who can guide you.
  • Large supermarkets – Local branches of stores like HyperCITY, Reliance Smart, and Star Bazaar frequently stock Dewar’s core range of whiskies like the White Label and 12-Year Old.
  • Duty free shops – At Goa International Airport, you’ll find a duty-free shop stocking popular Dewar varieties at tax-free rates. A great place to buy before flying home.
  • Premium resorts & restaurants – Many upscale beach resorts and restaurants carry pricier Dewar’s bottles like the 18 Year Old to serve guests. You’ll pay a restaurant markup though.
  • Online liquor delivery – Apps like HipBar allow you to conveniently order Dewar’s whisky online and have it delivered. Useful if you can’t make it to stores.

Dewar’s Whisky Prices in Goa – An Affordable Premium Scotch

While single malt Scotch whiskies grab the limelight, Dewar’s remains a timeless blended whisky brand. Their signature smooth yet robust flavor profile appeals to both whisky newcomers and longtime Scotch aficionados.

As we’ve seen, Dewar’s whisky prices in Goa are quite reasonable when compared to other imported whisky – especially for the critically-acclaimed 12, 15 and 18 Year aged variants.

For travelers seeking an authentic Scottish whisky experience while vacationing in Goa, choosing Dewar’s represents an excellent combination of affordable price, quality, and brand prestige you can feel good about ordering or gifting.

The wide availability of Dewar’s throughout Goa makes it convenient to pick up a bottle – whether at the local liquor store or enjoying a dram at the bar amidst swaying palms. Slàinte Mhath – cheers to Dewar’s in Goa!

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