Dewars Whisky Price List in Mumbai [2023 Updated]

As an expert in alcohol pricing and trends in Mumbai, I have compiled an updated list of Dewar’s whisky prices in the city for 2023. Dewars is one of the most popular Scotch whisky brands in India, known for its smooth taste and easy drinkability. The prices of Dewar’s whiskies vary based on factors like age and alcohol volume.

Dewars Whisky Prices in Mumbai 2023

Here are the latest Dewars whisky prices in Mumbai as of August 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Dewars White Label Whisky (750ml) ₹2,600
Dewars 12 Years Whisky (750ml) ₹5,380
Dewars 15 Years Whisky (750ml) ₹6,500
Dewars 18 Years Whisky (750ml) ₹12,000
Dewars White Label Whisky (1000ml/1Ltr) ₹3,000

Dewars White Label

The Dewars White Label is the standard entry-level blended Scotch from the house of Dewars. It is a light, easy-drinking whisky with notes of honey and vanilla. In Mumbai, a 750ml bottle of Dewars White Label costs around ₹2,600 while a 1 litre bottle is priced at ₹3,000.

Dewars 12 Years

Aged for a minimum of 12 years, the Dewars 12 Years is a blended Scotch with a more robust flavor and deeper notes of oak, fruits, and spice. It is the ideal sipping whisky for enthusiasts. A 750ml bottle of the 12-year-old whisky is available for approximately ₹5,380 in Mumbai.

Dewars 15 Years

This premium blended whisky by Dewars is aged for a minimum of 15 years in oak casks. It has a rich, complex taste with flavors like honey, vanilla, butterscotch and subtle smoke. The 750ml size of Dewars 15 years costs around ₹6,500 in the city currently.

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Dewars 18 Years

The 18-year-old expression is the flagship blended whisky from Dewars and is considered a luxury spirit. With distinct notes of oak, dark chocolate, and dried fruit, it is meant for special occasions and gifting. A 750ml bottle of Dewars 18 years is priced at ₹12,000 in Mumbai.

Factors Affecting Dewars Whisky Prices

Several factors impact the retail prices of Dewar’s whisky in Mumbai, such as:

  • Age: Older expressions like the 18 years are pricier than younger ones like White Label. Aged whiskies have more complex flavors.
  • Taxes: Import duties, excise tax, VAT, and other applicable taxes influence alcohol rates. Taxes account for a major portion of Dewars’ prices.
  • Location: Prices are higher in hotels, pubs, and airports than in liquor shops. Rates vary across different areas of the city as well.
  • Volume: Larger volume bottles like 1-liter packs are more economical than smaller 750ml bottles.
  • Source: Prices differ based on whether the bottle is purchased at duty-free, multi-brand retail stores, or Dewar’s exclusive stores.

How to Find the Best Dewars Whisky Prices in Mumbai?

Here are some tips to get the lowest prices on Dewar’s whisky in Mumbai:

  • Compare prices across different stores and online sites before purchasing. Local liquor stores often have lower rates.
  • Look out for discounts, deals and offers especially during festive seasons and sales.
  • Buying in bulk can help you save significantly per bottle. Opt for larger packs.
  • Join retailer membership programs for exclusive discounts and rewards on Dewar’s range.
  • Purchase during happy hours at bars and pubs to avail of special price rates on drinks.
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So visit your nearest alcohol shop or order online today to grab Dewar’s whisky at the best price in Mumbai! Let me know if you need any other information on Dewars’ whisky pricing.

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