Director’s Special Whisky Prices in Mumbai [2023 Updated List]

As a whisky connoisseur and expert living in Mumbai, I’m often asked about the current prices for popular whisky brands available in the city. One whisky that offers great value for money is Director’s Special Whisky. In this article, I’ll provide an updated 2023 price list for Director’s Special Whisky in Mumbai, along with a comparison of different bottle sizes.

An Overview of Director’s Special Whisky

Director’s Special Whisky is an Indian whisky produced by United Spirits Ltd (a Diageo group company). It was originally launched in the 1960s and is one of the oldest whisky brands in India. Director’s Special is a classic example of a smooth and light-bodied Indian whisky.

Some key features of Director’s Special Whisky:

  • Made from molasses using a continuous pot still
  • Aged for around 5 years in oak barrels
  • Smooth, light, and easy-drinking taste profile
  • Sweet and fruity flavors like honey, vanilla, and ripe bananas
  • Perfect for mixing in cocktails or enjoying neat/on the rocks

Director’s Special represents great value at an affordable price point. It’s a popular daily drinker and bar staple amongst whisky lovers in Mumbai and throughout India.

2023 Director’s Special Whisky Prices in Mumbai

Here are the latest Director’s Special Whisky prices in Mumbai at the start of 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (180ml) Director’s Special Whisky ₹135
Cost of (375ml) Director’s Special Whisky ₹270
Cost of (750ml) Director’s Special Whisky ₹540
Cost of (1000ml/1Ltr) Director’s Special Whisky ₹685

As you can see, Director’s Special offers great value across different bottle sizes:

  • The 180ml bottle is perfect for trying the whisky or enjoying 1-2 drinks. At just ₹135, it’s very affordable.
  • The 375ml format is ideal for keeping at home for everyday drinking. It retails for around ₹270.
  • The 750ml bottle is the standard full-size bottle. It offers the best value overall at ₹540.
  • For enthusiasts who enjoy Director’s Special regularly, the 1 litre bottle available for ₹685 is the most economical option.
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The prices are inclusive of taxes and from reputable liquor stores across Mumbai. They may vary slightly from shop to shop, but these are benchmark rates.

Price Comparison of Director’s Special With Similar Whiskies

It’s also useful to compare Director’s Special pricing against other entry-level whisky brands in Mumbai:

  • Haywards Fine Whisky (750ml) – ₹480
  • Haywards 2000 Whisky (750ml) – ₹545
  • Bagpiper Whisky (750ml) – ₹520
  • McDowell’s No.1 Whisky (750ml) – ₹520
  • Royal Stag Whisky (750ml) – ₹525

As you can see, Director’s Special is very competitively priced against other Indian whiskies in the same segment. It’s at least ₹20-40 cheaper than most standard Indian whisky brands at a 750ml size.

This makes Director’s Special a great value for money purchase for regular consumption or gifting purposes. The smooth, easy-drinking taste also adds to its popularity in Mumbai and throughout Maharashtra.

Factors that Influence Pricing of Whiskies in Mumbai

As an expert on Indian whiskies, I thought I’d also briefly explain what factors impact the retail pricing of whiskies like Director’s Special in Mumbai:

  • Taxes – High excise duties, import duties, and local taxes imposed by the Maharashtra government affect liquor pricing. Taxes form a major chunk of the retail prices.
  • Brand positioning – More premium brands are priced higher based on their aspiration value and positioning in the market.
  • Raw materials & production costs – Base ingredients like molasses and production techniques influence costs and pricing. Pot still whiskies are more expensive to make than continuous still.
  • Aging & blending – Older aged spirits command higher prices due to longer warehouse maturation. Complex blended whiskies are also priced at a premium.
  • Demand & supply – Brands that are highly popular face supply constraints, leading to higher prices. Regional availability also impacts pricing.
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Is Director’s Special Worth Buying in Mumbai?

In summary, Director’s Special Whisky is definitely worth buying in Mumbai in 2023 for the following reasons:

  • Great value – Among the most affordable whisky options especially in 750ml and 1 litre packs. Delivers smooth taste at very wallet-friendly pricing.
  • Ideal for cocktails & regular drinking – Light and gentle flavors work well in whisky cocktails. Also easy to drink daily/regularly, especially in smaller 180ml sizes.
  • Easily available – Director’s Special is a very popular whisky in Mumbai and Maharashtra, available easily at most liquor shops.
  • Trusted legacy brand – Has a longstanding reputation and heritage as one of India’s original whisky brands since the 1960s. Quality can be relied upon.

So if you’re looking for an affordable and dependable Indian whisky in Mumbai, Director’s Special is a great choice. Its value pricing and smooth taste make it a whisky worth buying in 2023!

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