Discovery Whisky Price in Haryana 2023- Complete Price List

Discovery Whisky is one of the most popular whisky brands in Haryana. With its smooth taste and affordable pricing, Discovery has become the go-to whisky brand for many liquor lovers in the state. In this article, we will take a look at the latest Discovery whisky prices in Haryana in 2023 and other important details about this iconic Indian whisky brand.

An Overview of Discovery Whisky

Discovery whisky is produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the leading liquor companies in India. It was launched in the late 1990s and soon became a hit, especially among youth and the middle class.

Some key facts about Discovery whisky:

  • Made from a blend of grain spirits and imported Scotch malts
  • Aged for 1-3 years in oak casks
  • Has a smooth, easy-drinking taste profile
  • Available in multiple pack sizes – 90 ml, 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml
  • Affordably priced, making it accessible to a wide consumer base

Over the years, Discovery has become one of the highest-selling whisky brands in many parts of North India, including Haryana. Its popularity stems from its smooth taste, smart pricing strategy, catchy advertising and wide availability.

Discovery Whisky Prices in Haryana 2023

Here are the latest Discovery whisky prices in Haryana in 2023 for different pack sizes:

  • Discovery Whisky 90 ml Price – Rs. 55
  • Discovery Whisky 180 ml Price – Rs. 110
  • Discovery Whisky 375 ml Price – Rs. 225
  • Discovery Whisky 750 ml Price – Rs. 450

The above prices are revised maximum retail prices (MRP) inclusive of all taxes.

Compared to other popular whisky brands like Royal Stag, Imperial Blue, McDowell’s No.1 etc., Discovery offers a great value. For instance, a 750 ml bottle of Discovery costs around Rs. 450, while a similar bottle of Royal Stag costs Rs. 600 or more.

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This affordable and competitive pricing has made Discovery quite popular, especially among lower-middle-class consumers who want to enjoy whisky without spending too much.

State Excise Duty on Liquor in Haryana

The prices of whisky and other spirits in Haryana depend on the state excise duty levied on them. Here are the Haryana excise duty rates on liquor as per the latest guidelines:

  • Beer – Rs. 20 per bulk litre
  • Wine – Rs. 5 per bulk litre
  • Whisky, brandy, rum, vodka, gin, liqueurs – Rs. 205 per proof litre
  • Country liquor – Rs. 150 per proof litre

Apart from this, a VAT of 12.5% is also applicable on liquor in Haryana. The excise duty and taxes get included in the MRP printed on the bottles.

Factors Affecting Discovery Whisky Price in Haryana

Some of the main factors that influence the pricing of Discovery whisky in Haryana are:

  • State excise duty and other taxes – Increased duties directly make whisky prices go up in the state
  • Supplier pricing – The manufacturer ABD controls the base supply price of the whisky which forms a big part of the MRP
  • Brand popularity – Higher demand allows ABD to price Discovery higher than less popular brands
  • Raw material costs – Rising grain and spirit costs can increase production expenses for ABD
  • Inflation – Currency value erosion over time leads to higher whisky prices
  • Government regulations – Policies like minimum pricing can impact overall whisky rates

Apart from the above external economic factors, Discovery’s popularity, brand image and smart pricing strategy have allowed it to remain affordable over the years.

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How do Discovery Whisky Prices Change in Haryana?

Discovery whisky prices in Haryana generally follow an upward trend in line with inflation and a rise in input costs. However, the rate of price increase is controlled keeping the brand’s value positioning in mind.

Some key trends in Discovery pricing in Haryana in recent years:

  • Gradual price hikes – Prices go up by Rs. 10-20 every 1-2 years on average for different pack sizes
  • Higher taxes – Bigger hikes are seen when excise duties or VAT get raised in state budgets
  • Stability in downturns – Prices held stable sometimes to maintain sales in slowdowns
  • Low inflation impact – Smaller hikes vs. mass brands to retain affordability
  • Competitive response – Prices adjusted to match competitor brand pricing

Overall, Discovery whisky packs of 90 ml, 180 ml and 375 ml see more frequent but smaller price rises while the 750 ml pack hikes are less frequent. This balanced approach has helped Discovery maintain its price-to-value ratio over the long term.

How to Get the Best Deals on Discovery Whisky?

Here are some tips to get the lowest prices on Discovery whisky in Haryana:

  • Buy larger 750 ml or 375 ml packs to get better rates
  • Check liquor store festive season discounts and deals
  • Buying in bulk from wholesale shops can lead to bulk discount
  • Online liquor stores can offer lower rates due to lower overhead
  • Travel to neighbouring states with lower VAT like Delhi to buy at reduced prices

However, caution must be exercised to ensure brands bought from outside Haryana have proper invoices. This allows you to get the best deals on Discovery without any excise hassles.

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Is Discovery Whisky Price in Haryana Reasonable?

Given its smooth blend and taste profile, Discovery whisky prices in Haryana are quite reasonable. With its largest 750 ml pack priced at just Rs. 450, it offers great value as both an everyday regular whisky and for occasions, parties or gifts.

The smaller 90 ml and 180 ml packs are priced very attractively as well in the range of Rs. 55-110 which makes the enjoyment of Discovery accessible to a wider audience. Discovery beats most similarly priced whisky brands in terms of taste and satisfaction.

Hence, despite gradual price increases over the years, Discovery whisky remains a fairly reasonably priced and affordable option for regular whisky lovers and new drinkers alike. The pricing strategy has been pivotal in making it a whisky of the masses in Haryana.

The Verdict – Still the Go-To Affordable Whisky

In summary, with smart pricing, consistent quality and effective promotion, Discovery has maintained its reputation as Haryana’s favourite budget-friendly whisky for over two decades now. Its prices in 2023 continue to offer great value, maximising its appeal amongst both novices and veterans in the state.

Discovery whisky’s approachable taste and price point make it perfect for casual drinking, parties, gifts or just enjoying over ice. For those looking to buy whisky in Haryana on a budget, Discovery remains arguably the top choice in 2023 as well. With strategic pricing policies, Discovery Whisky seems all set to keep its leadership position in the state for years to come.

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