Eristoff Vodka Price in Delhi Today | 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml

Eristoff is one of the most popular vodka brands in India, known for its smooth taste and purity. In this article, we will look at the latest Eristoff vodka prices in Delhi today for different bottle sizes like 180 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml.

Eristoff vodka originates from Georgia and is available in three main variants – Eristoff Red, Eristoff Black, and Eristoff Triple Distilled Vodka. It is made from 100% grain spirit using a traditional triple distillation process that ensures optimal purity and smoothness.

Eristoff vodka entered the Indian market over a decade ago and has since gained a loyal consumer base, especially among vodka drinkers looking for a premium brand. It is marketed and distributed in India by Radico Khaitan.

Below we have provided the latest Eristoff vodka price list in Delhi today for 2023:

Eristoff Vodka Prices in Delhi Today 2023

Bottle Size Eristoff Variant Price in INR
180 ml Eristoff Triple Distilled Vodka 150
375 ml Eristoff Triple Distilled Vodka 295
750 ml Eristoff Triple Distilled Vodka 590

The above prices are revised as of September 2023 but keep changing depending on new stock arrival and demand-supply dynamics. We update this price list regularly to provide accurate price information to our readers.

Factors Affecting Eristoff Vodka Prices in Delhi

The prices of Eristoff vodka in Delhi are dependent on several factors:

  • Import duties and taxes: Like all imported alcohol, Eristoff attracts high import duties, GST, state taxes and retail margins, which impacts the retail prices. Changes in taxation can lead to price fluctuations.
  • Dollar-Rupee exchange rate: Since Eristoff is imported, changes in the dollar-rupee rate also impact vodka prices over the long term. A stronger Rupee means lower prices.
  • Demand and supply: Higher demand during festive seasons can lead to temporary price increases. Limited supply also leads to higher prices.
  • Location: Alcohol prices vary across different areas in Delhi depending on proximity to warehouses, overhead costs for retailers, etc. Prices are usually cheaper in Delhi suburbs compared to upscale areas.
  • Retailer discounts and offers: Retailers like wine shops, bars etc. offer temporary discounts or schemes that lower the prices for consumers. Buying during such offers can help save money.

As a premium imported vodka brand, Eristoff is priced higher than locally produced Indian vodka brands like Romanov, White Mischief etc. But its pricing is largely aligned with other imported vodka brands like Absolut, Smirnoff, Finlandia etc. that are available in the same price bracket.

180 ml Eristoff Vodka Price in Delhi

The 180 ml Eristoff vodka bottle is the smallest size available in the market and ideal for personal consumption or gifting purposes. It is priced at approximately Rs. 150 in Delhi today.

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As a small bottle, the 180 ml Eristoff attracts lower taxes compared to larger sizes, hence making it more affordable. A 180 ml bottle of Eristoff vodka contains approximately 12 standard drinks.

This personal-sized Eristoff bottle is convenient to carry around and consume. It is routinely stocked by most alcohol shops, bars, pubs, and hotels across Delhi.

Some of the places where you can find 180 ml Eristoff vodka in Delhi today include:

  • Wine Shops: The nearest wine shops will stock 180 ml bottles regularly. Check your local licensed wine shop.
  • Modern Retail: Modern retail chains like HyperCity, Modern Bazaar, etc. also stock smaller Eristoff bottles.
  • Online: Multiple online platforms like Living Liquidz, HipBar, etc. deliver 180 ml Eristoff bottles across Delhi.
  • Pubs/Bars: Many pubs like MOB, SOI, Raasta, etc. serve Eristoff in 180 ml bottle service.
  • Duty-Free: At Delhi airport duty-free shops, 180 ml Eristoff comes at attractive rates.

So a 180 ml pack of Eristoff vodka is the most convenient option to sample this premium vodka without spending too much. It is perfect for personal consumption on the rocks or with mixers.

375 ml Eristoff Price in Delhi Today

The 375 ml Eristoff vodka bottle is a popular medium-sized bottle available widely in Delhi. It is currently priced at approximately Rs. 295 in Delhi today.

With a 375 ml bottle, you get around 25 standard drinks of Eristoff vodka. This makes the 375 ml bottle ideal for couple drinking or small group occasions.

Compared to the 180 ml bottle, the 375 ml Eristoff attracts slightly higher taxes and costs more. But it offers better value-for-money compared to the 750 ml large bottle.

Some popular places that retail 375 ml Eristoff bottles in Delhi are:

  • Alcohol Shops: Most alcohol retail shops like Sachins, Tonique, etc. widely stock 375 ml Eristoff.
  • Department Stores: Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, etc Department stores also sell Eristoff in 375 ml bottles.
  • Gourmet Stores: Premium gourmet stores like Le Marche, Foodhall, Modern Bazaar, etc. offer imported Eristoff vodka in 375 ml.
  • Online: Many online apps like Zeer the Night Grocer, and Living Liquidz deliver 375 ml Eristoff across Delhi.
  • Duty-Free: Delhi Airport duty-free stores also retail Eristoff vodka in 375 ml size.

So the 375 ml Eristoff bottle lets you enjoy this premium vodka at home or in small gatherings at an affordable rate compared to the 750 ml bottle.

750 ml Eristoff Price in Delhi Today

The large 750 ml Eristoff bottle is the most popular sized bottle retailed in the Delhi market. It contains approximately 50 standard drinks.

The current price of an Eristoff 750 ml bottle in Delhi today is Rs. 590 approximately.

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As the largest bottle size, the 750 ml Eristoff attracts the highest levels of import duties and taxes, pushing up its retail price. But it offers the maximum value for money for regular vodka drinkers in terms of volume.

You can easily find 750 ml Eristoff vodka in:

  • Wine & Beer Shops: Most liquor shops like Reliance Wine, La Cave, Tonique, etc. widely stock Eristoff 750 ml.
  • Bars/Restaurants: Many bars carry Eristoff vodka in 750ml bottles for drinks and cocktails.
  • Online Stores: Flipkart, Amazon, Living Liquidz, etc. sell Eristoff 750 ml bottles online in Delhi.
  • Duty-Free Shops: At Delhi airport, 750 ml Eristoff bottles are available at duty-free rates.
  • Hypermarkets: Large stores like Big Bazaar also stock 750 ml size Eristoff vodka.

Thus the 750 ml Eristoff vodka bottle is the most economical way to purchase this vodka if you are a regular drinker. The large bottle is quite pocket-friendly and lasts longer compared to smaller bottles.

Price Trends of Eristoff Vodka in Delhi

Here are the major price trends noticed for Eristoff vodka in Delhi over the last few years:

  • Eristoff vodka prices have increased by around 8-10% annually over the last 3 years in Delhi due to rising import costs and taxes.
  • However, Delhi has seen lower tax hikes than other cities, hence keeping vodka prices relatively affordable.
  • MRP prices of Eristoff can vary widely during festive seasons or due to temporary supplier offers.
  • In 2022, there was a dip in Eristoff pricing due to reduced demand during Covid. Prices have stabilized again in 2023.
  • Online prices are at par or cheaper than offline retail prices in most cases.
  • With rising income levels, demand for premium vodka like Eristoff has surged, leading to stable price growth.

Buying Eristoff Vodka in Delhi – Tips

Here are some tips for buying Eristoff vodka in Delhi at the best rates:

  • Opt for 375ml or 180ml bottles if you are an occasional drinker or gifting someone. Avoid large 750ml bottles for sporadic consumption as they are open to degradation.
  • Compare prices across different retailers. Registration-based wine shops often offer lower rates than MRP.
  • Buy during festive discounts or special promotions to get the lowest price. Diwali, and New Year period sees attractive deals.
  • Buying online through apps like Zeer often assures discounted prices through promotions and coupons.
  • Retail monopolies or duopolies can push up alcohol prices in an area. Traveling to nearby areas with more shops can get you cheaper rates.
  • While buying at bars/pubs, check if you are being charged marked-up rates compared to wine shops.
  • Imported alcohol is cheaper when purchased at duty-free shops in Delhi airport compared to regular retail.
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So be a smart alcohol buyer and use the above tips to purchase your favorite Eristoff vodka at the most competitive price in Delhi!

Price of Eristoff Vodka in Other Cities

Here is a brief comparison of Eristoff vodka prices in some of the major cities and states in India:

  • Bengaluru: Eristoff prices are higher by 8-12% in Bengaluru compared to Delhi due to higher state taxes.
  • Mumbai: Mumbai has among the highest liquor rates in India, with Eristoff prices higher by 18-22% compared to Delhi.
  • Hyderabad: Hyderabad has lower taxes on alcohol leading to Eristoff vodka prices that are cheaper by 5-7% vs Delhi.
  • Kolkata: Due to lower levies, Kolkata enjoys cheaper Eristoff rates than Delhi currently. Prices are lower by 10-15%.
  • Gurgaon: Being part of the NCR region, Gurgaon sees similar Eristoff rates as Delhi.
  • Chandigarh: As a Union Territory, Chandigarh has low taxes on vodka resulting in much lower prices than Delhi.
  • Goa: Goa levies lower excise on liquors compared to other states. Hence, Eristoff price in Goa can be cheaper by 8-10% compared to Delhi.

Thus vodka lovers can save substantially on Eristoff bottles by purchasing when visiting states like Goa, Chandigarh, Telangana etc. offering lower levies.


Eristoff vodka is a premium imported vodka brand that has gained popularity in India due to its signature smooth taste and purity. It is one of the most widely available imported vodka brands across Delhi today.

In this article, we have provided a detailed price range for Eristoff vodka in Delhi today across different bottle sizes like 180 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml. Prices start from around Rs 150 for a 180 ml bottle going up to Rs 590 for a 750 ml bottle.

The prices vary depending on location, retailer type, and time of year. However, Delhi enjoys relatively affordable pricing of Eristoff compared to many other states in India due to lower levies.

Both offline and online channels offer Eristoff vodka today at competitive pricing. Careful shopping comparing prices across retailers can help buyers in Delhi get the best deals on Eristoff vodka.

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