Glenlivet Whisky Price in USA [2023 Updated List]

Glenlivet is one of the most popular single-malt Scotch whisky brands in the world. Founded in 1824 in the Speyside region of Scotland, Glenlivet has grown to become a globally recognized name in luxury spirits.

In the United States, Glenlivet whiskies range widely in price depending on the age and exclusivity of the expression. Here is an updated 2023 price list for the most common Glenlivet whisky bottles available in the USA:

Glenlivet Whisky Price Comparison Table

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (375ml) 12 Years Old Glenlivet Whisky $22.99
Cost of (750ml) 12 Years Old Glenlivet Whisky $36.99
Cost of (750ml) 14 Years Old Glenlivet Whisky $42.99
Cost of (750ml) 15 Years Old Glenlivet Whisky $69.99
Cost of (750ml) 18 Years Old Glenlivet Whisky $114.99
Cost of (750ml) 21 Years Old Glenlivet Whisky $239.99
Cost of (750ml) 25 Years Old Glenlivet Whisky $415.99
Cost of (750ml) Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve Whisky $30.99
Cost of (750ml) Glenlivet Founders Reserve Whisky $30-45.99
Cost of (750ml) Glenlivet Winchester Collection Whisky $24999
Cost of (750ml) Glenlivet Nadurra Whisky $84.95
Cost of (750ml) Glenlivet Nadurra Olorosi Whisky $74
Cost of (750ml) Glenlivet Enigma Whisky $99.99
Cost of (750ml) Glenlivet Illicit Still Whisky $39.99
Cost of (1000ml/1Ltr) 12 Years Old Glenlivet Whisky $53.99
Cost of (1.75Ltr) 12 Years Old Glenlivet Whisky $78.99

As you can see, Glenlivet offers a wide range of expressions at various price points. Let’s break down the factors that influence Glenlivet pricing in the US market.

How Age Impacts Glenlivet Prices?

The biggest factor determining the cost of a Glenlivet bottle is the age statement. Older whiskies that have been aged for longer periods in oak casks are more expensive to produce and thus command higher prices.

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The 12-Year Glenlivet is the brand’s core expression and the most widely available bottle. It provides the signature smooth, fruity Glenlivet flavor at an accessible price point. The 12-Year currently sells for around $37 for a 750ml bottle.

As you go up in age, prices increase exponentially. The 18 Year Glenlivet has spent 50% more time in the barrel and typically costs over 3 times more than the 12 Year.

The highly coveted 25-year Glenlivet retails for around $415, more than 10 times the cost of the 12-Year! This demonstrates the premium placed on older, rarer stocks of Glenlivet whisky.

Non-Age Statement & Special Edition Glenlivet Bottles

In addition to age-statement releases, Glenlivet has also introduced several no-age-statement (NAS) whiskies and limited edition expressions. These typically sell in the $30-100 range.

Bottles like the Caribbean Reserve and Nadurra showcase different cask finishes and flavors unique to Glenlivet’s distilling techniques. The Founders Reserve and Enigma NAS whiskies provide variety for drinkers looking for bolder, more complex flavors.

On the ultra-premium end, Glenlivet offers special bottlings like the $25,000 Winchester Collection. This extremely limited and coveted 50-Year Glenlivet is the oldest expression released by the distillery to date.

Factors Like Volume & Exclusivity

Container size also impacts the retail cost. Larger 1-liter or 1.75-liter bottles are more cost-effective for buyers per total volume of whisky. Limited edition releases are priced higher based on rarity and exclusivity.

For example, while the core 12-Year Glenlivet sells for around $37 per 750ml bottle, a 1-liter container of 12 Year will cost approximately $54. The math works out to around $3-$4 more per additional 250ml.

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Where To Buy Glenlivet In The USA?

Glenlivet distributes through liquor stores, grocery chains, warehouse clubs, and online retailers across the United States. However, prices can vary between different stores and regions.

Shoppers can often find the best Glenlivet deals at large wholesale clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club. For limited releases and wider selections, specialty liquor stores or online sites like ReserveBar and Drizly provide broader inventory.

The Glenlivet website has a store locator tool to help find local retailers based on zip code. Comparing prices between a few trusted stores can help find the best bargains on favorite Glenlivet expressions.

Is Glenlivet Worth The Price?

As one of Speyside’s most iconic distilleries, Glenlivet offers exceptional quality and depth of flavor across its core range of single-malt Scotch whiskies.

While prices rise sharply for rare, old bottlings, the entry-level 12 Year provides trademark smoothness at a reasonable cost for Scotch beginners. The brand’s variety of cask finishes and special editions also give options for enthusiasts.

For fans of the classic Speyside style, Glenlivet’s balance of honeyed warmth with floral, fruity notes makes it a worthwhile single malt. Given its reputation and provenance, Glenlivet provides excellent value, especially at the 12 to 18 Year age ranges.

With this 2023 Glenlivet price guide, American whisky shoppers can better budget for their next bottle. Sláinte!

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