Golfers Shot Price List 2023 Across India: State-Wise Rates

Golfers Shot is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. With its smooth taste and affordable pricing, Golfers Shot has become a staple drink for whisky lovers across the country. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the latest Golfers Shot whisky prices in India in 2023.

An Introduction to Golfers Shot Whisky

Golfers Shot whisky is manufactured and marketed by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the largest spirit manufacturers in India. The company was founded in Mumbai in the year 1965 and over the decades has established itself as a leading brand in the Indian alco-beverage segment.

Some key facts about Golfers Shot whisky:

  • Golfers Shot was launched in 1993 to cater to whisky drinkers looking for a smooth blended whisky at an affordable price point.
  • It is a blend of imported Scotch malts and the finest Indian grain spirits. The malts lend depth and complexity while the grain spirits ensure smoothness.
  • Golfers Shot is available in a trademark squarish bottle with a black label. It has a smooth and light taste with hints of honey and vanilla.
  • It is a popular whisky choice for cocktails and mixes. In fact, it is one of the highest-selling whisky brands in India’s whisky cocktail segment.
  • Golfers Shot is available in various pack sizes including 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1-liter bottles. The 750 ml pack is the most popular among buyers.

Golfers Shot Whisky Prices in Major Indian Cities in 2023

Golfers Shot whisky is competitively priced to appeal to a wide range of buyers in India. Here are the latest Golfers Shot whisky prices in major Indian cities in 2023 for a 750 ml bottle:

City Golfers Shot Price
Delhi ₹900
Uttar Pradesh ₹1,100
Haryana ₹950
Jharkhand ₹1,050
Andhra Pradesh ₹717
Kerala ₹920
Rajasthan ₹975
Uttarakhand ₹970
Hyderabad ₹1,360
Lucknow ₹1,100
Goa ₹600
Mumbai ₹800
Gurgaon ₹950

The prices range from ₹600 in Goa to ₹1360 in Hyderabad for a 750 ml bottle. The prices vary across states due to different state tax rates and transportation costs.

Among the metros, Golfers Shot is most affordable in Mumbai at just ₹800 followed by Delhi at ₹900 for a regular 750 ml pack. In southern states, the prices are very competitive with Kerala at ₹920 and Andhra Pradesh at just ₹717 for a 750 ml pack.

The northern states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand see slightly higher prices around ₹1100 due to higher transportation costs and state levies.

In general, Golfers Shot prices in India offer very good value to customers with a 750 ml pack costing under ₹1000 in most places. The affordable pricing has significantly contributed to the brand’s popularity in the country.

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State-Wise Golfers Shot Whisky Prices in India

Here is a more detailed state-wise price list of Golfers Shot whisky in India in 2023 for a 750ml bottle:

StateGolfers Shot Price

  • Andhra Pradesh – ₹717
  • Arunachal Pradesh – ₹1,000 to ₹1,100
  • Assam – ₹1,020 to ₹1,060
  • Bihar – ₹950 to ₹1,000
  • Chhattisgarh – ₹900 to ₹950
  • Goa – ₹600
  • Gujarat – ₹800 to ₹850
  • Haryana – ₹950
  • Himachal Pradesh – ₹1,100 to ₹1,150
  • Jharkhand – ₹1,050
  • Karnataka – ₹820 to ₹880
  • Kerala – ₹920
  • Madhya Pradesh – ₹950 to ₹1,000
  • Maharashtra – ₹800
  • Odisha – ₹950 to ₹1,000
  • Punjab – ₹800 to ₹850
  • Rajasthan – ₹975
  • Tamil Nadu – ₹900 to ₹1,000
  • Telangana – ₹1,300 to ₹1,400
  • Uttar Pradesh – ₹1,100
  • Uttarakhand – ₹970
  • West Bengal – ₹900 to ₹950

The above prices can vary in different cities within the states depending on local taxes and supply chain costs. However, they give a good indicative range of Golfers Shot whisky prices state-wise in 2023.

Among the cheapest states are Goa (₹600), Maharashtra (₹800), and Andhra Pradesh (₹717) while the costlier states are Telangana (₹1,300-₹1,400) and Uttar Pradesh (₹1,100).

Factors Affecting Golfers’ Shot Prices in India

There are several factors that impact the prevailing Golfers Shot whisky prices in different Indian states:

1. Transportation Costs

States far away from Golfers Shot’s production facilities attract higher transportation charges which get passed on to the retail prices.

2. Local Taxes

VAT, excise duty, and other local taxes imposed by different state governments lead to price variations. States with higher taxes see higher retail prices.

3. Liquor Policies

State liquor policies related to pricing control, licenses, retail monopolies, etc. also impact the final prices customers pay.

4. Raw Material and Bottling Costs

Major expense heads like raw materials, bottling, and packaging also determine production costs which affect retail prices.

5. Demand and Supply Factors

In states with higher demand, Golfers Shot can command a premium. Festive seasons also lead to price hikes owing to increased demand.

6. Brand Positioning

In some states, Golfers Shot is pitched as a premium brand which calls for higher price points. This varies across markets.

7. Distribution Network Efficiency

Robust distribution reach and efficiencies allow Golfers Shot to optimize supply chain costs in different states.

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Golfers Shot Whisky Prices in Major Cities

Here is a look at Golfers Shot whisky prices in major Indian cities in 2023:

City State Price
Mumbai Maharashtra ₹800
Delhi Delhi ₹900
Bangalore Karnataka ₹850
Hyderabad Telangana ₹1,360
Ahmedabad Gujarat ₹820
Chennai Tamil Nadu ₹900
Kolkata West Bengal ₹950
Surat Gujarat ₹810
Pune Maharashtra ₹820
Jaipur Rajasthan ₹980

Among the major cities, Golfers Shot is most affordable in Surat at ₹810 followed by Mumbai and Pune at ₹820. The prices are on the higher side in Hyderabad at ₹1,360 owing to much higher local taxes in Telangana.

Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Bangalore also see decent Golfers Shot pricing between ₹850 to ₹900 per 750 ml bottle.

Price Trends Over the Years

Golfers Shot whisky prices have seen gradual but steady increases over the past few years in line with rising inflation and production costs. However, the brand has taken care to ensure the price hikes are minimal to retain its positioning as an affordable whisky.

For example, in Delhi, the price has gone up from ₹850 in 2019 to ₹900 in 2023. Similarly, it retailed at ₹750 in Mumbai in 2019 which has now increased to ₹800 in 2023.

The brand has managed to limit price hikes to just 5-10% annually to protect consumer interest. This has helped Golfers Shot whisky maintain its appeal as an affordable yet good-quality whisky brand.

Going forward, some moderate price rises may be expected but the brand is unlikely to go for steep hikes given its value positioning.

Price Comparison with Major Whisky Brands

It is also useful to compare Golfers Shot prices with other bestselling whisky brands in India:

Brand Popular SKU Approx Price
Golfers Shot 750 ml ₹800-₹1100
Blenders Pride 750 ml ₹600-₹1300
Royal Stag 750 ml ₹350-₹600
Imperial Blue 750 ml ₹210-₹320
Signature 750 ml ₹140-₹180
100 Pipers 750 ml ₹1200-₹1800
Black Dog 750 ml ₹1300-₹2200
Chivas Regal 750 ml ₹2500-₹4000

This shows that Golfers Shot occupies the affordable premium segment below more expensive offerings like Black Dog and Chivas Regal but above entry-level whiskies like Signature and Imperial Blue.

Its competitive pricing combined with good quality makes Golfers Shot one of the best value-for-money whisky options in its category.

How Golfers Shot Manages Affordable Pricing

Golfers Shot has adopted some smart strategies to keep its pricing affordable and attractive to whisky buyers across India:

  • Bulk procurement – The company sources grain spirits and malts in bulk to avail of quantity discounts.
  • Local sourcing – Raw materials like grain spirits are sourced locally within India to minimize import costs.
  • Efficient bottling – Automated, high-speed bottling to control packaging expenses.
  • Distribution optimization – Leveraging a widespread distribution network to optimize logistics.
  • Localized marketing – Targeted regional marketing to keep promotion costs under check.
  • Cost control – Prudent cost control measures across procurement, production, bottling, and distribution.
  • Strategic pricing – Market-specific pricing based on regional demand, taxes, and competitive landscape.
  • Limited editions – Special editions allow the brand to stretch the pricing umbrella upwards.
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Through these efforts, Golfers Shot has managed to retain its affordability while also maintaining quality standards.

How to Buy Golfers Shot Whisky at the Best Price?

Here are some tips to buy Golfers Shot whisky at the lowest price in your city:

  • Compare prices across different retail shops and supermarkets. Local stores often offer discounts.
  • Buy during ongoing festivals and offers when stores offer promotions and price cuts.
  • Opt for larger 1 liter packs compared to 375ml or 180ml sizes to get better value.
  • Online stores will also run periodic sales and deals. Sign up for alerts on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  • Buying in bulk with friends can allow you to save via quantity discounts from retailers.
  • Opt for store brands when available as they are usually 5-10% cheaper.
  • Register with loyalty programs of offline and online stores for additional discounts.
  • Avoid airport shops as they tend to mark up prices significantly owing to a captive audience.

So keep an eye out for the best Golfers Shot deals this year to buy it at the most affordable price!


With its smooth taste, attractive packaging, and affordable pricing, Golfers Shot has carved a niche for itself in India’s whisky market. It manages to straddle premiumization with competitive pricing – appealing to both aspirational and value-conscious drinkers.

As seen in our detailed price analysis, Golfers Shot whisky is competitively priced across most Indian states, ranging from just ₹600 in Goa to ₹1400 in Telangana. Its smart pricing strategy and cost optimization have allowed it to emerge as India’s leading value premium whisky brand.

So next time you are buying whisky, do consider Golfers Shot if you are looking for the right blend of quality and value. With its continued popularity, you can expect the brand to be available widely at an affordable price for years to come.

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