Golfers Shot Whisky Prices in Haryana 2023- Latest Rate

Haryana, located in northern India, is a state known for its thriving alcohol market due to lower taxes and regulations compared to other parts of the country. This makes Haryana an attractive destination for alcohol consumers looking for good deals on premium spirits like whisky. One popular whisky brand available in Haryana is Golfers Shot, which offers great value for money. In this comprehensive guide, we will look at the latest Golfers Shot whisky prices in Haryana for 2023 and other key details about this iconic whisky brand.

An Introduction to Golfers Shot Whisky

Golfers Shot is an Indian whisky brand owned by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the largest spirit manufacturers in India. The company was founded in Mumbai in 1996 and produces a wide range of whiskies, including Officer’s Choice, Sterling Reserve, Jolly Roger rum, and many more.

Golfers Shot whisky was launched in 2021 as a premium offering targeting golf enthusiasts and millennial drinkers. It is marketed as a high-quality grain whisky, distilled and matured for over 5 years in American oak barrels. The whisky has notes of butterscotch, honey, vanilla, and dried fruits.

This new-age Indian whisky comes in a signature squat bottle resembling a golf ball sitting on a tee. The packaging and branding project a youthful and vibrant image in line with its target demographic. Golfers Shot is available in two variants – a standard no-age statement blend and a 5-year-old aged expression.

Golfers Shot Prices in Haryana 2023

Here are the latest Golfers Shot whisky prices in Haryana as of February 2023:

Golfers Shot Variant Size Price in Haryana
Golfers Shot Standard 750 ml ₹950
Golfers Shot Aged 5 Years 750 ml ₹1,350

The above prices are recommended retail prices in Haryana state. Actual retail prices may vary across different shops and locations. Taxes are included in the prices.

Compared to other states, Haryana offers competitive pricing on Golfers Shot whisky due to lower state excise duties. For example, in Delhi the same 750 ml Golfers Shot bottle costs around ₹1,100. This makes Haryana an attractive place for whisky lovers to buy their favorite bottles.

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The standard no-age statement Golfers Shot blend represents excellent value at under ₹1000 for a 750 ml bottle. It is smoother and more drinkable than other Indian whiskies in this price segment.

The 5-year-old variant is priced very competitively compared to similar aged whiskies from other brands that can cost nearly twice as much. So Golfers Shot offers a premium aged whisky experience at an affordable price point in Haryana.

Factors Affecting Golfers Shot Prices in Haryana

The retail prices of Golfers Shot whisky in Haryana are dependent on several factors:

  • State Excise Duties – The Haryana state government imposes excise duties on alcohol, which impacts retail prices. The excise duty on whisky in Haryana is quite low compared to other states resulting in lower prices.
  • Supplier Discounts – Distributors and retailers often run special discounts or promotions set by ABD, the parent company of Golfers Shot. These offers temporarily reduce prices.
  • Location Within Haryana – Prices can vary across different cities and districts based on demand & supply dynamics and transportation costs. Golfers Shot is likely cheaper in production hubs like Gurugram.
  • Retailer Margins – Shops add their own profit margins on top of distributor prices and applicable taxes. Premium stores tend to charge higher margins compared to local neighborhood shops.
  • Seasonal Demand – Prices tend to go up during peak seasons like holiday weekends and drop during off-peak months.

So while the retail prices may fluctuate within a range, Haryana does offer relatively affordable rates for Golfers Shot versus other states in northern India.

Price Trends Over Last Year

Golfers Shot whisky was launched in mid-2021 in select states including Haryana. Over the past year, the prices have remained largely stable in Haryana markets.

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When Golfers Shot was introduced in 2021, its initial retail price for the regular 750 ml bottle was around ₹750 to 800. The current prevailing rate of ₹950 represents a price increase of 15-20% over the last 12-18 months.

The 5-year-old expression also witnessed a similar price hike from an initial ₹1100-1200 per bottle to today’s selling price of ₹1350.

This gradual price inflation is in line with overall liquor price trends in the country driven by factors like rising input costs, increased taxes, and brand-building efforts by ABD. However, the rates continue to be reasonable and affordable for this category of premium whisky.

Price Comparison With Other Brands

It is useful to compare Golfers Shot price points with other popular whisky brands available in Haryana:

  • Original Choice Whisky – 750ml: ₹400-500
  • Royal Stag – 750ml: ₹600-700
  • Blenders Pride Reserve Collection – 750ml: ₹1300-1400
  • Chivas Regal 12 Year Old – 750ml: ₹2500-2800

As is evident, Golfers Shot occupies the premium price segment but is priced lower than aged imported Scotch whiskies. It competes directly with other domestic whisky brands like Blenders Pride Reserve in terms of quality and pricing.

Overall, Golfers Shot provides an attractive combination of a good taste profile and an affordable price point from ₹950 onwards in Haryana. For whisky enthusiasts, it delivers a step up from mainstream brands without breaking the bank.

Outlook on Prices for 2023

Looking ahead to 2023, Golfers Shot prices are expected to remain stable or increase marginally in Haryana.

No major hikes or reductions are anticipated as the brand has already adjusted pricing to account for rising input costs and state taxes. However, as a relatively new brand, ABD may evaluate feedback and fine-tune prices if needed.

There could be some seasonal fluctuations or temporary discounts by retailers especially during non-peak months. But overall the prevailing price range of ₹950 to ₹1350 per 750ml bottle should continue in 2023.

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Haryana will likely sustain its pricing advantage over other states going forward due to a supportive excise duty regime. So whisky fans can continue enjoying Golfers Shot in Haryana at reasonable price levels this year.

However, if there are changes in taxation by a state government or wholesale price revisions by ABD, the retail prices could be impacted next year. But such changes are expected to be gradual rather than drastic.

Buying Golfers Shot Legally in Haryana

It is important to purchase whisky only from licensed and authorized retailers in Haryana. Some key tips:

  • Look for licensed retail shops in your city that sell Golfers Shot
  • Avoid buying from illegal or non-verified sellers, even if they offer big discounts
  • Check for a hologram security code and manufacturer details on the bottle pack
  • Examine the bottle seal carefully for any tampering
  • Check manufacturing and expiry dates printed on the bottle
  • Save the purchase bill for reference to verify product authenticity
  • Report any suspicions or illegal selling activity to local authorities

Drinking legally procured and genuine whisky ensures you remain safe and enjoy the branded product as intended.


Golfers Shot whisky has quickly established itself as a quality premium Indian whisky brand since its launch. For whisky enthusiasts in Haryana, it represents an affordable option to enjoy good-aged whisky without breaking the bank.

In 2023, Golfers Shot 750ml bottles are expected to be available from ₹950 to ₹1350 based on age profile and prevailing market rates. Haryana remains among the most economical places to buy this whisky brand due to attractive state excise duties. While prices are forecast to remain stable, some seasonal fluctuations may occur throughout the year.

Overall, Golfers Shot delivers a great blend of taste and value in the growing Indian whisky market. For whiskey lovers in Haryana looking to upgrade from mainstream brands, it deserves a spot in the home bar collection.

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