Grey Goose Vodka Price in Mumbai 2023 | 750ml Price

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits in Mumbai and across India. Grey Goose, in particular, has become a premium vodka brand that many people aspire to drink. In this article, we will look at the latest Grey Goose vodka prices in Mumbai and discuss what makes it such a coveted brand.

Overview of Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose vodka originated in France and is today owned by Bacardi. It was launched in 1997 and was one of the first “super-premium” vodkas on the market.

Some key facts about Grey Goose include:

  • Made from French wheat and distilled in the same region as Cognac
  • Uses a five-step distillation process to create a smooth, clean taste
  • Flavored with natural citrus and almond essences (no added sugar)
  • Sold in iconic frosted glass bottles modeled after vintage French medicine bottles

Grey Goose uses soft winter wheat grown in Picardy, France, which helps give it a signature smoothness. It is distilled in small batches in copper pot stills, and then filtered through limestone-rich springs to remove impurities.

Overall, Grey Goose aims for an ultra-premium, smooth vodka experience that justifies its higher price point. It has found particular success in the nightlife and cocktail scenes due to its versatility and mixability.

Grey Goose Prices in Mumbai 2023

Here are the latest Grey Goose vodka prices in Mumbai as of September 2023:

Grey Goose Vodka Volume Price in INR
Grey Goose Vodka 750 ml 750 ml 6500 INR
Grey Goose Vodka 375 ml 375 ml 3500 INR
Grey Goose Vodka 200 ml 200 ml 2200 INR
Grey Goose Vodka 1 L 1000 ml 9000 INR
Grey Goose Vodka 50 ml 50 ml 600 INR

The above prices are recommended retail prices across Mumbai. Actual prices at specific retail shops may vary.

As you can see, a standard 750 ml bottle of original Grey Goose vodka currently costs around 6500 INR in Mumbai. The 200 ml and 50 ml sizes are convenient for bars, clubs, and restaurants to serve Grey Goose shots and cocktails.

For consumers, the 375ml “pocket bottle” is a more affordable way to enjoy Grey Goose at home without breaking the bank. The 1-litre bottle caters to vodka enthusiasts who intend to keep Grey Goose stocked in their home bar.

In Maharashtra state, these prices include approximately 30% alcohol excise duty and 3% GST. There may be additional local taxes and import fees depending on the retailer.

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What Makes Grey Goose So Expensive?

There are several factors that contribute to the premium pricing of Grey Goose vodka compared to more mass-market brands:

Imported French Wheat – Grey Goose uses soft winter wheat from France, which is more expensive than grain-neutral spirits used by cheaper brands. But it provides a signature smoothness.

Distillation Process – Its 5-step distillation method is more complex and time-intensive than basic vodkas, but removes more impurities.

Production Expertise – As a French spirit, it is produced with generations of distilling expertise passed down. This legacy adds to the perception of quality.

Branding & Marketing – Grey Goose has built luxury branding associations through its bottle design, celebrity/influencer marketing, and placement in elite bars. This branding leads to higher margins.

Taxes – High alcohol excise taxes in Maharashtra and import duties make foreign liquors like Grey Goose pricier for Indian consumers.

Supply Chain – As an imported premium liquor, logistics and distribution costs are higher compared to Indian vodka brands. Limited retail availability also allows for higher prices.

Profit Margins – At over 4x the price of many mass-market Indian vodka brands, Grey Goose has sizable margins that allow for big marketing budgets.

So in summary, Grey Goose’s production quality, luxury branding, and import costs allow it to command a significant price premium versus other vodkas on the Indian market today.

Grey Goose Flavored Vodkas in Mumbai

In addition to its iconic original vodka, Grey Goose has introduced several flavored vodkas to appeal to different palates:

  • Grey Goose Le Citron – Lemon-flavored vodka
  • Grey Goose L’Orange – Orange-flavored vodka
  • Grey Goose La Poire – Pear-flavored vodka
  • Grey Goose Cherry Noir – Cherry-flavored vodka
  • Grey Goose Le Melon – Melon flavored vodka

These flavored variants are priced at around the same level as the original Grey Goose vodka in Mumbai. They allow drinkers to enjoy a flavored experience using a premium spirit as the base.

Citron and L’Orange tend to be the most popular Grey Goose flavors at bars and restaurants in Mumbai. Le Citron adds bright lemon notes, while L’Orange delivers a sweet and zesty orange flavor.

Where to Buy Grey Goose in Mumbai?

Here are some of the best places to buy Grey Goose vodka in Mumbai:

  • Premium liquor stores – High-end stores like The Quart Shop, The Duchess Liquor Store, Amarsons, etc. stock the full Grey Goose range. You can touch and feel the bottles here.
  • Wine shops – Many wine stores like Brindco, Rhythm Wines, Dump it Wines, etc. also stock various Grey Goose bottles.
  • Duty-free shops – At Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, you can buy Grey Goose at duty-free prices before flying internationally. Good for gifts.
  • Online delivery – Apps like HipBar, Living Liquidz, and Petoo allow you to order Grey Goose for home delivery. Prices are similar to offline retail.
  • Bars/clubs – You can experience lavish Grey Goose cocktails at bars and clubs across Mumbai hotels and nightlife districts. Though not for off-premise purchases.
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For retail purchases, focus on reputed liquor stores in South Mumbai, Bandra, Andheri, and other suburbs to get authentic Grey Goose bottles. There is some risk of counterfeits at small liquor shops, so purchase from trusted retailers.

Many 5-star hotels like Four Seasons and St. Regis also offer Grey Goose cocktails at their bars and lounges. Prices will be higher than retail, but the experience can be worth it.

Is Grey Goose Worth the Hype in India?

Grey Goose has built itself into a luxury status symbol among vodkas. But is it really worth the hype and high price tag in the Indian market?

The short answer is – it depends.

For vodka purists and aficionados, Grey Goose is appreciated for its smoothness and versatility in cocktails. The premium French wheat and distillation process is evident in the clean, rounded taste.

However, more casual vodka drinkers may not discern or care about the taste nuances that justify the steep price difference from cheaper brands.

In a market like India focused on value, premiumization is still evolving. So buying the ₹6,500+ Grey Goose is seen as an occasional “treat yourself” splurge or to gift rather than an everyday vodka.

Given high taxes and mark-ups, the taste-to-price ratio is debatable versus cheaper import/local options. But branding goes a long way, and Grey Goose has forged aspirational associations.

So while Grey Goose may not represent the pinnacle of value, its luxury branding and marketing clearly resonates in India. For special occasions or just indulging yourself, it can be worth popping open a bottle of the “goose”!

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Cost-Saving Tips for Grey Goose

Given its high cost, what can Mumbai drinkers do to enjoy Grey Goose vodka on a budget? Here are some tips:

  • Opt for 200ml or 375ml bottles for small servings rather than large 750ml bottles.
  • Split a 750ml bottle with friends rather than shouldering the whole cost yourself.
  • Use Grey Goose minimally in cocktails and long drinks. Mix with cheaper base spirits.
  • Wait for discounts, especially around Diwali, New Year’s or monsoon season.
  • Buy at duty-free when traveling overseas to avoid domestic taxes.
  • Reuse empty Grey Goose bottles to pour cheaper vodkas and still have the bottle prestige! (Don’t let Bacardi hear that one)
  • For flavors, experiment with adding real fruit, herbs and spices to cheap neutral vodka rather than buying Grey Goose’s pre-made flavors.

So while Grey Goose commands a premium in Mumbai, with some creativity you can still enjoy the occasional goose without breaking your budget! Let us know your best tips in the comments.

Verdict- Worth Paying For Taste and Luxury Value

Grey Goose has earned its reputation as a smooth, prestigious vodka with powerful branding success. While it comes at a steep price, there are perceptible differences justifying its “ultra-premium” status for serious vodka lovers.

For cocktail enthusiasts, vodka aficionados, and those seeking luxury, sipping Grey Goose can deliver a refined experience and taste profile. The iconic bottle also brings an undeniable aura and gravitas to any home bar or party.

However, more mainstream drinkers may not care as much about nuanced taste to justify the 4-5x markup over cheaper options. Price-sensitive Indian consumers seeking value have plenty of quality vodkas available under ₹2000 as well.

Overall, while not a daily sipper for most, Grey Goose occupies an aspirational niche for special occasions, gifts or when you want to indulge in a spirit as smooth as the French goose itself.

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