Hibiki Whisky Price in Mumbai [2023]- Latest Rates

Hibiki is a premium blended Japanese whisky produced by Suntory. Known for its complex flavor profile and smooth taste, Hibiki has become increasingly popular in India, especially in metropolitan cities like Mumbai.

In this article, we will look at the latest Hibiki whisky prices in Mumbai for 2023. We will cover the different Hibiki expressions available and where you can find them along with their updated retail prices.

An Overview of Hibiki Whisky

Hibiki, which means ‘harmony’ in Japanese, is crafted using malt and grain whiskies from the Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries of Suntory. It was first introduced in 1989 to commemorate Suntory’s 90th anniversary.

The Hibiki blend combines the distinctive style of single malts with the mellowness of grain whiskies to create a harmonious and well-balanced flavor profile. It is a light and smooth whisky known for its honey-like sweetness and complexity.

Some of the popular Hibiki expressions available in India include:

  • Hibiki Japanese Harmony – This is the entry-level Hibiki blend. Aged in Japanese oak casks, it has notes of honey, candied orange peel, and white chocolate.
  • Hibiki 17 Years Old – A premium aged blend with a richer, more intense flavor and wood influence. Tasting notes include plum, raisin, cinnamon, and incense.
  • Hibiki 21 Years Old – The flagship Hibiki blend. An exquisite, complex whisky aged for 21 years in the finest Mizunara oak casks. Flavors of vanilla, dried fruit, and sandalwood.
  • Hibiki 30 Years Old – Extremely rare and expensive, this 30-year-old Hibiki is a real luxury. Layers of dark chocolate, tobacco, and leather with a long, lingering finish.

Now let’s look at the latest Mumbai prices for these exceptional Japanese whiskies.

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Hibiki Whisky Prices in Mumbai (2023)

Here are the latest retail prices for Hibiki whisky expressions available in Mumbai:

Brand Price in Mumbai
Hibiki Japanese Harmony (700ml) ₹17,766
Hibiki 17 Years Old (700ml) ₹48,452
Hibiki 21 Years Old (750ml) ₹121,130
Hibiki 30 Years Old (700ml) ₹526,840

*Prices are subject to change based on location, taxes, and store policies.

As you can see, there is a wide range in Hibiki prices depending on the age statement. The 17 Year Old and 21 Year Old expressions are quite expensive, while the entry-level Harmony blend is the most affordable Hibiki option.

The Harmony bottle at around ₹17,700 is a great introduction to the house style of Hibiki. For a real luxury sip, the 30-Year-Old is unmatched but it comes with a steep price tag exceeding ₹5 lakh in Mumbai!

Next, let’s look at where you can buy Hibiki whisky in Mumbai and which stores offer the best prices.

Where to Buy Hibiki in Mumbai?

Here are some of the best places to buy Hibiki whisky in Mumbai:

  • Premium liquor stores – Check stores like The All Things Nice, Sarvodaya, and Cellar Door in Bandra for top-shelf whiskies including Hibiki expressions. You may find rare bottles and limited releases here.
  • Luxury hotels – Many five-star hotels in Mumbai like the Taj Mahal Palace and The Oberoi stock Hibiki whiskies in their bars and liquor shops. The prices are marked up but you’ll get authentic products.
  • Duty-free shops – Mumbai International Airport duty-free offers competitive prices on luxury whiskies for travelers. You’ll find the full Hibiki range here without local taxes.
  • Online delivery – Apps like HipBar and Living Liquidz deliver Hibiki whisky across Mumbai. Convenient but the prices are higher compared to offline retail.
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For the best prices, check premium independent liquor stores in your area. They will have authentic stock sourced directly from brand distributors at fair market rates.

Price Comparison of Hibiki Whisky in Mumbai

To give you a better idea, here is a price comparison of Hibiki Harmony (750ml) across different stores in Mumbai:

Store Price
Premium Independent Store (Bandra) ₹17,500
5-Star Hotel Shop ₹18,500
Airport Duty-Free ₹16,800
Online Delivery App ₹19,800

As you can see, buying from a reputed premium liquor store offers the best price on Hibiki whisky in Mumbai. Prices at duty-free shops are also competitive.

Whereas liquor shops at luxury hotels and online apps have significantly marked-up prices due to higher overhead costs and delivery charges.

Tips for Buying Hibiki Whisky

Here are some tips to help you buy authentic Hibiki whisky at the best prices in Mumbai:

  • Always check the bottle seal carefully for any tampering. Hibiki bottles have a wax seal over the cork which must be intact.
  • Examine the label closely and verify all the details match the official branding. Fake copies have spelling errors or font differences.
  • Check the whiskey color – Hibiki is known for its golden honey hue so be wary of darker-looking bottles.
  • Buy from reputable stores only, not unknown sellers. This ensures authentic stocks are directly imported into India by Suntory.
  • Compare prices across different stores before purchasing. Consider checking duty-free shops if traveling outside Mumbai.
  • Join premium whiskey clubs in Mumbai to stay informed on new Hibiki releases and special editions.

So there you have it – a complete overview of Hibiki whisky prices in Mumbai for 2023 and where to buy them. Hibiki is an exceptional Japanese whisky blended with real artistry and care. Try out one of the age-statement bottles to experience a new level of refined flavor and quality.

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