Imperial Blue Price In Haryana

Imperial Blue is one of the most popular whiskey brands in India. It is manufactured by Pernod Ricard and is known for its bold taste and strong flavor profile. In this article, we will look at the latest Imperial Blue price list across various volumes like 1L, 750ml, 375ml, 180ml, and 90ml in the state of Haryana.

An Overview of Imperial Blue Whiskey

Imperial Blue is an Indian whiskey created by the French company Pernod Ricard. It was launched in 1997 and is one of the fastest growing alcobev brands in India. Imperial Blue is known for its distinctive flavor profile with hints of honey, spice, and citrus.

Some key highlights of Imperial Blue whiskey:

  • Made from imported Scottish malts and Indian grain spirits. A blend of nearly 30 whiskies.
  • Aged in oak casks for over 4 years for smooth taste and aroma.
  • The higher alcohol content of 42.8% for a bold flavor profile.
  • Available in various pack sizes – 1L, 750ml, 375ml, 180ml, and 90ml bottles.
  • Priced affordably and targeted at youth and urban consumers in India.
  • Promoted through edgy marketing campaigns with actor Hrithik Roshan.
  • One of the highest-selling whiskey brands in India with sales of over 10 million cases per year.

Imperial Blue has a distinctive bold taste and is seen as an aspirational drink for young Indians. It is a popular choice to enjoy at parties, celebrations, and get-togethers. The affordable pricing makes it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Imperial Blue Prices in Haryana 2023

Let’s look at the latest Imperial Blue price list in Haryana state across various pack sizes:

Imperial Blue 1L Price in Haryana

The Imperial Blue 1L (1000ml) bottle is a regular large-sized pack meant for retail shops and stores. It offers the best value for money. Here are the latest Imperial Blue 1L bottle prices in Haryana:

  • MRP Price – ₹800
  • Retail Price – ₹740 to 780 depending on location

The 1L Imperial Blue bottle is the most popular pack size and sees high demand across Haryana. It is easily available at most liquor shops and stores at an average market price of ₹760. Consumers can enjoy the lowest per ml price by buying the 1L bottle.

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Imperial Blue 750ml Price in Haryana

The Imperial Blue 750ml pack is meant for restaurants, pubs, and bars. It is also available in retail shops. Here are the prevailing 750ml bottle prices:

  • MRP Price – ₹500
  • Retail Price – ₹460 to 490 based on location

The 750ml bottle offers flexibility to enjoy Imperial Blue whiskey in smaller quantities. It is apt for parties, social gatherings, and functions. In Haryana, the 750ml bottle is sold at a market price of ₹475 approximately.

Imperial Blue 375ml Price in Haryana

The 375ml bottle is a smaller compact pack targeted at individual buyers. Here are the current 375ml bottle prices in Haryana:

  • MRP Price – ₹250
  • Retail Price – ₹230 to 240 as per location

The 375ml Imperial Blue pack is affordable and sees good demand from college students, young professionals, etc. who want to enjoy the whiskey in small quantities. It is sold at an average market price of ₹235 across the state.

Imperial Blue 180ml Price in Haryana

The 180ml bottle is a mini pocket-sized pack meant for personal use. Here are the prevailing 180ml bottle prices in Haryana:

  • MRP Price – ₹120
  • Retail Price – ₹110 to 115 based on shop location

The 180ml is a trial pack for new customers to test Imperial Blue whiskey. It is also purchased by lightweight drinkers. The average selling price in Haryana is ₹112 for a 180ml bottle.

Imperial Blue 90ml Price in Haryana

The 90ml miniature bottle is the smallest pack launched. Here are the current Imperial Blue 90ml bottle prices in Haryana:

  • MRP Price – ₹60
  • Retail Price – ₹55 to 58 based on location

The 90ml bottle is meant for very light consumption. It is available at an average price of ₹56 across the state.

Therefore, we can see that Imperial Blue whiskey is affordably priced across pack sizes. The MRP is set competitively by the manufacturer. In Haryana, market prices are slightly lower than MRP rates. On average, a discount of 5-7% is available on purchase of Imperial Blue bottles.

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Factors Affecting Imperial Blue Prices in Haryana

Imperial Blue whiskey prices in Haryana are impacted by several factors:

  • State Excise Duty – Liquor pricing is determined based on excise duty levied by the Haryana government. Higher taxes can increase prices.
  • Supplier Discounts – Distributors offer various rebates and discounts to retailers that bring down market prices.
  • Location – Prices are a bit higher in areas far from production/supply points due to added transportation costs.
  • Seasonal Demand – During festive seasons, weekends see higher demand and higher liquor prices.
  • Store Type – Premium liquor stores charge higher than regular shops.
  • Purchase Volume – Bulk purchase attracts more discount compared to single-bottle buying.
  • Pack Size – Larger pack sizes (1L bottle) have lower per ml pricing.
  • Import Fees – Price increases due to customs duty on imported Scottish malts used in Imperial Blue.

Therefore, customers must keep these factors in mind when purchasing Imperial Blue whiskey in Haryana. Buying during ongoing discount offers can help score a good deal.

How to Find the Best Imperial Blue Price in Haryana?

Here are some tips to help find the lowest Imperial Blue whiskey price in Haryana:

  • Compare prices across various stores near you. Local liquor shops offer the best rates.
  • Check for discounts, rebates, and offers advertised on Imperial Blue. Diwali and New Year offer lower prices.
  • Buying in bulk quantity attracts more discount. Go for a larger 1L bottle for the best value.
  • Join member loyalty programs by retail chains to avail deals and rewards.
  • Purchase during happy hours when stores offer price cuts for a limited period.
  • Check online liquor stores as they have lower overheads. But home delivery charges apply.
  • Near state borders, across state price is sometimes lower, so compare.

Therefore, doing a bit of research and using the right discount opportunities can help buyers find the best Imperial Blue price in Haryana. It is a top-selling whiskey brand and is available easily.

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Price Trends in the Last 6 Months

Here is how Imperial Blue prices in Haryana have moved in the last 6 months:

  • May 2022 – A price cut of approx ₹50-60 across all pack sizes. 1L bottle available at ₹700.
  • July 2022 – 10% price rise due to increased customs duties on imported whiskies. 1L was around ₹770.
  • October 2022 – The festive season led to a nearly 15% rise with 1L bottle costing ₹880.
  • December 2022 – Post Diwali decline took prices back to July levels.
  • February 2023 – Further cut of around 5% took 1L bottle price to ₹730.

March 2023 – No major price change as compared to February 2023.

Therefore, we see an overall mild increasing price trend in tune with rising inflation. However competitive positioning has led to discounting by the manufacturer from time to time.

Imperial Blue Price Comparison with Popular Brands

Here is how Imperial Blue whiskey prices compare with other popular whiskey brands in Haryana:

Brand Price of 1L Bottle
Imperial Blue ₹760
Royal Stag ₹700
Blenders Pride ₹950
100 Pipers ₹1200
Jack Daniel’s ₹2700

Among mid-range whiskies, Imperial Blue is competitively priced against Royal Stag. It offers better value than premium brands like 100 Pipers. Compared to Jack Daniel’s which is an imported luxury brand, Imperial Blue is nearly 3 times cheaper for Indian whiskey lovers in Haryana.


In this article, we have covered a detailed price range of Imperial Blue whiskey across various pack sizes in Haryana state. Imperial Blue is an affordable and popular whiskey brand in India. For consumers in Haryana, doing smart comparison shopping, buying during discounts, and opting for larger pack sizes can help get the best price deals on Imperial Blue. Its competitive pricing and easy availability make it the whiskey of choice for many regular drinkers and party lovers in the state.

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