J&B Whisky Price in Mumbai [2023 Updated Price List]

J&B is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, known for its smooth blend and affordable price point. As a whisky enthusiast living in Mumbai, I am often asked about the latest J&B whisky prices in the city. In this article, I will provide an updated price list for J&B whisky in Mumbai for 2023.

Overview of J&B Whisky

J&B Whisky is a blend of 42 different whiskies from the Scottish highlands and Speyside region. It was first produced in 1860 by James Buchanan, who lent the initials ‘J&B’ to the brand.

J&B has a smooth, light, and approachable flavor profile that makes it perfect for mixing in cocktails or enjoying neat or on the rocks. It has notes of honey, vanilla, and toasted almonds with a light smoky finish.

In India, J&B is marketed by Pernod Ricard and available in various sizes including 750ml, 1000ml, and larger. It’s an affordable yet quality blended Scotch whisky that has become hugely popular in the Indian market.

J&B Whisky Prices in Mumbai in 2023

Here are the latest J&B whisky prices in Mumbai at the start of 2023:

Brand Volume Price
J&B Whisky 750ml ₹1,590
J&B Whisky 1000ml/1L ₹1,830

The prices are inclusive of all taxes and from reputable liquor stores across the city. There may be marginal differences (+/- ₹50) in prices across different stores.

Compared to 2022, the prices have increased moderately by 3-4% in line with inflation and revised liquor tax rates. However, J&B continues to offer good value as one of the most affordable blended Scotch whiskies in Mumbai.

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Price Comparison of J&B With Similar Brands

How does J&B whisky price compare with other popular brands in the same segment in Mumbai?

Here’s a price comparison of 750ml bottles from leading liquor stores:

  • J&B Whisky: ₹1,590
  • Ballantine’s Finest: ₹1,650
  • Black & White: ₹1,700
  • Vat 69: ₹1,750
  • Teacher’s: ₹1,800
  • Blenders Pride: ₹2,100

So you can see that J&B sits at the lower end of the price spectrum, making it the most affordable among popular blended Scotch whisky brands. This competitive pricing is a key factor driving the popularity of J&B in Mumbai and India.

Factors Affecting J&B Whisky Prices in Mumbai

There are several factors that influence the pricing of liquor like Scotch whisky in Mumbai:

  • Taxes: This includes customs duties, state excise, and other local taxes which make up a significant chunk of the retail price. Tax rates in Maharashtra are among the highest.
  • Import costs: Since J&B is imported from Scotland, fluctuations in import duties and transportation costs impact the landed price.
  • Supplier pricing: Annual pricing revisions by brand owners and local suppliers also lead to price changes. J&B prices are set by Pernod Ricard India.
  • Retail margins: Liquor shops, bars & hotels add a mark-up or margin to the supplier price to cover overheads and profit margins. The retail margins vary across outlets.
  • Market dynamics: Factors like demand-supply, competition with other brands, seasonal fluctuations also leads to price adjustments from time to time.

Buying J&B Whisky in Mumbai

Here are some tips to get the best deals on J&B whisky in Mumbai:

  • Purchase from liquor stores: Avoid bars/pubs/hotels as you’ll end up paying very high prices after add-ons. Go to your friendly neighborhood liquor store.
  • Look for deals: Keep an eye out for any seasonal discounts or offers that stores run. Festive seasons usually have good deals.
  • Buy larger bottles: Larger 1 liter bottles offer better value than 375ml or 750ml bottles. Split it with friends if the quantity is too much.
  • Explore duty-free: If someone is traveling into Mumbai from overseas, check duty-free prices at airport shops which are usually 10-15% cheaper.
  • Buy from wholesalers: HoReCa/wholesale shops offer lower rates if you buy in bulk or cartons. Use this option for large purchases.
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The Popularity of J&B Whisky in Mumbai

There are several reasons why J&B whisky is hugely popular among Mumbai’s whisky drinkers:

  • Smooth taste: J&B has a gentle balanced flavor that makes it very smooth and easy to drink. Ideal for new drinkers.
  • Mixability: The smoothness works well when mixing J&B into cocktails or with soda/cola.
  • Pocket-friendly price: For whisky lovers on a budget, the affordable rate makes J&B the default choice.
  • Easy availability: Being a major brand, J&B is widely available across all types of liquor stores in Mumbai.
  • Brand legacy: J&B has built strong brand recognition over the decades as a quintessential Scotch whisky brand.
  • Versatility: J&B can be enjoyed neat, with ice, with soda, in cocktails – making it a versatile whisky for all occasions.

So the combination of taste, pricing, brand reputation and flexibility makes J&B a hot-favorite whisky for Mumbai’s whisky aficionados.

The Verdict

I hope this detailed overview gives you a good idea about J&B whisky prices in Mumbai in 2023. J&B continues to offer a premium blended Scotch experience at an affordable and economical rate. For whisky lovers in Mumbai, it remains the value-for-money choice to enjoy any time of the year!

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