Jagermeister Price in Mumbai (Updated 2024)

Jagermeister, the iconic German herbal liqueur, has become an increasingly popular drink in Mumbai over the past few years. Made with 56 different herbs and spices, Jagermeister’s bold, bitter-sweet taste has found many fans amongst Mumbai’s party crowd. But with its rising popularity, many are wondering about Jagermeister’s price in Mumbai in 2024. In this detailed guide, we break down the latest Jagermeister price list in Mumbai for different bottle sizes, along with some background on this legendary liqueur.

An Introduction to Jagermeister

Jagermeister is a 70-proof (35% ABV) digestif made from a secret blend of 56 herbs, fruits, roots, and spices. It was first produced in Wolfenbüttel, Germany in 1934 by Wilhelm Mast and is still produced there today by the parent company, Mast-Jägermeister SE.

The recipe remains a closely guarded secret known only to a handful of people. It contains ingredients like ginger, anise, poppy seeds, citrus peel, licorice root, and arnica flowers. The exact quantities and proportions are confidential. This complex blend of botanicals gives Jagermeister its signature bittersweet taste.

Jagermeister roughly translates to “hunt master” in German. The drink is deeply linked to German hunting culture and tradition, as it was originally served as a digestif at the end of hunting excursions and meals. The signature deer and cross logo symbolizes the patron saint of hunters, Saint Hubertus.

Today, Jagermeister is the top-selling liqueur brand globally. While it originated as an after-dinner digestif, it is now popularly consumed as a party drink, especially in shot form with energy drinks or in cocktails. This versatile liqueur has a growing fanbase in Mumbai as well.

Jagermeister Prices in Mumbai for 2024

Here are the latest Jagermeister liquor prices in Mumbai at the start of 2024:

Brand Volume Price
Jagermeister 750ml INR 3750
Jagermeister 1000ml/ 1 liter INR 5500

As a premium imported German liqueur, Jagermeister is more expensive than locally produced Indian spirits. But over the years its prices in Mumbai have become more affordable as imports have stabilized due to high demand.

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Some key factors impacting Jagermeister’s prices in Mumbai:

  • Import costs – Jagermeister is imported to India from Germany, which adds to pricing due to import duties and international logistics. Fluctuations in the Euro to INR conversion rate also impact net import costs.
  • Liquor taxes – Like all alcohol, Jagermeister attracts high local taxes in Mumbai and Maharashtra, including state excise duties, import fees, and retail markups. This significantly increases the retail price.
  • Rising demand – Jagermeister’s popularity in Mumbai has been rising quickly. More demand usually leads to lower prices as companies aim for higher sales volumes.
  • Wholesaler discounts – Large wholesale buyers like restaurants, bars, and liquor stores can negotiate steeper discounts with distributors, allowing more competitive consumer pricing.
  • Location – Liquor prices can vary across Mumbai depending on the neighborhood. Upscale neighborhoods tend to have higher pricing.

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Jagermeister Prices in Mumbai for Different Bottle Sizes

Let’s look at the typical Jagermeister price range in Mumbai in 2024 for different bottle sizes:


This is the standard Jagermeister bottle size seen in most liquor stores, ideal for home consumption or as a gift. The average price is Rs. 3750 but can range from:

  • INR 3500 – Rs. 3500 at duty-free shops and wholesale supply stores
  • INR 3750 – Rs. 3750 at most liquor shops like Wine Park, HipBar, Tonique, etc
  • INR 4000 – Rs. 4000 at upscale liquor stores or 5-star hotels

So the 750ml bottle is affordably priced even at full retail cost, usually under Rs. 4000 across Mumbai.

1000ml/1 liter

The 1-liter bottle is less commonly available but provides better value for money for Jagermeister fans buying in bulk. The typical price is Rs. 5500 but ranges from:

  • INR 5000 – Rs. 5000 at duty-free or wholesale supply shops
  • INR 5500 – Rs. 5500 at regular liquor stores
  • INR 6000 – Rs. 6000 at premium liquor stores, bars, pubs
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So the 1 liter Jagermeister bottle can cost between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 6000 in most places around Mumbai.


Small 300ml bottles are also available, meant for individual consumption or trial. Prices tend to be:

  • INR 1600 – Rs. 1600 at most liquor shops
  • INR 2000 – Rs. 2000 at high-end hotels, bars, pubs

So a 300ml Jagermeister bottle usually costs between Rs. 1600 to Rs. 2000 in Mumbai.

Duty-Free Jagermeister Prices in Mumbai

For those traveling via Mumbai Airport, Jagermeister is available at highly discounted duty-free prices. Here are the typical rates:

  • 750ml bottle – Rs. 2500
  • 1-liter bottle – Rs. 3400

These represent massive savings of 30-40% compared to regular retail prices in the city. However, duty-free availability can be inconsistent. Checking prices online and reserving in advance is advisable.

Price Trends in Mumbai

Over the past few years, Jagermeister prices in Mumbai have been fairly stable with occasional dips. For example, a 750ml bottle cost around Rs. 4250 in 2019, which has since reduced by 10-15%.

Some of the factors contributing to more affordable pricing:

  • Reduced import and logistics costs post-pandemic
  • Rupee strengthening against Euro
  • Jagermeister expanding local production capabilities
  • Increased brand awareness and wider acceptance among youth

Going forward in 2024, prices are expected to remain in the current range of Rs. 3500 to Rs. 4000 for a 750ml bottle, barring any unexpected tax hikes or massive currency fluctuations. Jagermeister’s popularity in Mumbai will also sustain long-term demand and availability.

Taxes on Jagermeister in Maharashtra

Here is a breakup of the different taxes applicable on Jagermeister liquor bottles in Maharashtra:

  • Basic Customs Duty – 150%
  • Agriculture Cess – 150%
  • Social Welfare Surcharge – 10%
  • GST – 28%
  • State Excise Duty – 60%

These multiple taxes amount to almost double the base price. Maharashtra has one of the highest cumulative liquor tax rates in India, which contributes heavily to retail prices.

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Buying Jagermeister at Best Prices in Mumbai

Here are some tips to buy Jagermeister at the lowest rates in Mumbai:

  • Opt for duty-free purchases at Mumbai International Airport whenever possible
  • Check wholesale liquor supply stores like Sundar Wines, Amar Wines, etc. for bulk discount deals
  • Look for limited-period discounts offered by bars or online liquor shops like Living Liquidz
  • Buy during festive sales like Diwali and New Year when prices drop
  • Stick to regular 750ml bottles instead of fancier gift packs or miniatures
  • Compare prices across reputable online platforms like HipBar, Tonique, Living Liquidz
  • Buy from liquor vendors in lower-tax neighboring states like Goa
  • Avoid purchasing at bars, pubs, and 5-star hotels as they markup prices 2x-3x

Taking advantage of these tips will help you save 15-25% on Jagermeister in Mumbai compared to maximum retail prices.

Verifying Authenticity

Jagermeister is one of the most counterfeited alcohol brands globally due to its huge popularity. To avoid fake or diluted bottles, only buy from reputable stores. Examine bottles carefully for:

  • High-quality embossing and logo design
  • Scratchable strip on bottleneck with unique code
  • No tampering, damage, or spelling errors on the label
  • Check for sedimentation and the usual herbal aroma

Buying directly from known retailers or duty-free shops is advisable for guaranteed authentic Jagermeister.

Experience Germany in Mumbai with Jagermeister

Jagermeister beautifully captures the essence of its German roots – the rich confluence of secret botanical ingredients, the complexity of spices balanced with sweetness, and the stone-cold looks of the iconic glass bottle.

Sipping ice-cold Jagermeister is probably the closest one can get to experiencing old-world German liqueurs without actually flying to Bavaria! For spirits aficionados in Mumbai, it is a must-try.

And at less than Rs. 4000 for a 750ml bottle, the digestif’s price in Mumbai is also gradually becoming kinder on the pocket. Tracking discounts and offers can make enjoying this legendary herbal liqueur more affordable as its cult status grows in the city. Prost!

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