Jazz Blue Vodka: The Premium Vodka of Choice in Goa

Goa, the tropical paradise on India’s west coast, is renowned for its pristine beaches, eclectic nightlife, and lively beach shacks serving up cold beers and cocktails. Among the spirits keeping the Goan party going strong is Jazz Blue Vodka, a premium vodka brand that has gained immense popularity across the state.

With its smooth taste and affordable price point, Jazz Blue Vodka has emerged as the vodka of choice for revelers and party-goers in Goa. In this article, we take a closer look at Jazz Blue Vodka, its price in Goa, and why it’s the preferred vodka for Goans looking to have a good time.

An Overview of Jazz Blue Vodka

Jazz Blue Vodka is an Indian vodka produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the largest spirit manufacturing companies in India. Launched in 2021, Jazz Blue Vodka is a quadruple distilled vodka made from the finest Indian grains.

The vodka goes through a rigorous four-step distillation process to create an exceptionally smooth and clean taste profile. Each batch of Jazz Blue Vodka is distilled in copper pot stills and then filtered through activated charcoal to remove any impurities.

What sets Jazz Blue Vodka apart is the pure, unadulterated taste that comes through with every sip. There are no added flavors, sugars or glycerin in this vodka. Just the pure essence of the base spirit shining through.

Jazz Blue Vodka is crafted to appeal to vodka purists who prefer their vodka smooth and flavorless, allowing them to enjoy the spirit in classic vodka cocktails or simple vodka sodas.

Jazz Blue Vodka Price in Goa

One of the reasons why Jazz Blue Vodka has become so popular in the Goan market is its affordable pricing. Below are the latest Jazz Blue Vodka prices in Goa:

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Brand Size Price
Jazz Blue 750ml ₹600

Compared to other premium vodka brands in India that can cost upwards of ₹1000 a bottle, Jazz Blue Vodka is very competitively priced. A 750ml Jazz Blue bottle retails for just ₹600 making it an accessible vodka option for party-goers and vodka enthusiasts in Goa.

The affordable price point along with its quadruple distilled smooth taste has positioned Jazz Blue as a value-for-money premium vodka choice in Goa.

Why do Goans Love Jazz Blue Vodka?

Goa is home to a vibrant nightlife scene centered around lively beach shacks and bars serving up cold beers, cocktails, and shots. With alcohol and spirits being so integral to the Goan party experience, it’s important to understand what makes a particular drink popular and widely consumed.

Here are some of the reasons why Jazz Blue Vodka has emerged as the vodka of choice across bars, restaurants, and beach shacks in Goa:

Smooth Taste Profile

Goans appreciate a smooth-tasting, easy-to-drink spirit. The four-step distillation process removes any harsh notes or impurities in Jazz Blue Vodka, creating a clean, smooth taste uncomplicated by any flavors. This makes it perfect for pounding shots or mixing in cocktails where you want the pure taste of vodka to shine through.


A good vodka should lend itself well to cocktails. Jazz Blue Vodka’s smooth flavor profile allows the flavors of mixers or fruits to come through beautifully in cocktails like the Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule and Bloody Mary. In fact, Jazz Blue Vodka launched special cocktail recipes made just for the Goan market, realizing its potential as a mixer.

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Value for Money

Goa attracts tourists and revelers from all budget ranges. At just ₹600 a bottle, Jazz Blue Vodka presents a quality premium vodka choice at an affordable price point. For budget-conscious travelers and party-goers, it provides an avenue to enjoy a top-shelf spirit at a reasonable price.

Local Connect

International vodka brands dominate in most metropolitan cities. However, Goans tend to favor Indian brands they can relate to. Jazz Blue Vodka’s accessible pricing and tropical branding around Goa has struck a chord with locals who see it as a homegrown vodka brand.

Widespread Availability

Availability and ease of procurement is key in Goa’s beachside tourism market. Jazz Blue Vodka has done an excellent job in making the brand available across wine shops, bars, restaurants, and beach shacks in Goa through an efficient distribution network. For locals and tourists alike, it’s easy to find a bottle of Jazz Blue Vodka everywhere in Goa.

Cocktail Recipes with Jazz Blue Vodka

Jazz Blue Vodka’s smooth, flavorless profile works excellently in cocktails, allowing the other ingredients to shine. Here are some classic vodka cocktail recipes that are a big hit in Goa using Jazz Blue Vodka:

Jazz Blue Sea Breeze

  • 60ml Jazz Blue Vodka
  • 120ml Cranberry Juice
  • 60ml Grapefruit Juice
  • Lime Wedge for garnish

Combine the vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a tall glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Jazz Blue Cosmopolitan

  • 45ml Jazz Blue Vodka
  • 30ml Cointreau
  • 15ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 30ml Cranberry Juice
  • Lime Twist for garnish

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lime twist.

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Jazz Blue Moscow Mule

  • 60ml Jazz Blue Vodka
  • 10ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 90ml Ginger Beer
  • Lime Wedge for garnish

Take a copper mug and fill it with ice. Add vodka, and lime juice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Jazz Blue Bloody Mary

  • 60ml Jazz Blue Vodka
  • 120ml Tomato Juice
  • 2 dashes of Hot Sauce
  • 2 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1/2 tsp Horseradish
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Celery Stick for garnish

Combine all ingredients except garnish in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and pour over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a celery stick.

Experience Premium Vodka at an Affordable Price in Goa

Jazz Blue Vodka has certainly struck a chord among fun-loving Goans thanks to its quadruple-distilled smooth taste profile, accessibility, and refreshing branding tailored for the region. With its competitive pricing, Jazz Blue has emerged as the premium vodka of choice for beach revelers, restaurant-goers, and party animals across Goa.

Next time you are in Goa, be sure to pick up a bottle of locally loved Jazz Blue Vodka from your nearby wine shop. Mix up some delicious Jazz Blue cocktails or enjoy chilled shots as you soak in Goa’s magical atmosphere complete with swaying palms, sandy beaches, and stunning sunsets. With Jazz Blue in hand, your Goan holiday is sure to be that much more special.

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