Johnnie Walker Whisky Prices in USA: 2024 Updated Price List

As a seasoned whisky enthusiast and expert on premium scotch brands, I’m often asked about the latest Johnnie Walker whisky prices in the US. The iconic Scotch whisky brand offers an extensive range, from affordable blends to rare aged expressions costing over $100 a bottle.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll provide a breakdown of current Johnnie Walker whisky prices in the US as of 2024, including their core range along with limited editions. Whether you’re looking to buy Johnnie Walker as a gift or stock your home bar, read on for an overview of what to expect to pay.

Overview of Johnnie Walker Whisky

Johnnie Walker is undoubtedly the most recognized name in blended Scotch whisky. It was founded way back in 1820 by John Walker in Kilmarnock, Scotland. The Striding Man logo and square bottles are iconic brandings across the whisky world.

The core range includes colored label blends to indicate flavor profile and age. Red Label is the affordable entry-level, going up through Black, Double Black, Green, Gold, and Blue Label as the premium offerings. There are also special releases aged longer with unique cask finishes.

Johnnie Walker blends malt and grain whiskies from across Scotland. Their whisky makers painstakingly blend flavors to create consistency and balance. The result is easy-drinking, food-friendly flavored whiskies accessible to a wide audience.

Johnnie Walker Red Label Price

  • 750ml bottle – $22.99
  • 1-liter bottle – $32.99
  • 1.75-liter bottle – $42.99

Johnnie Walker Red Label is the brand’s baseline blended scotch. It’s a combination of around 35 grain and malt whiskies aged for at least 3 years in oak casks. Red Label delivers flavors of honey, vanilla, and raisins with hints of smoke and spice. It’s smooth and approachable neat or on the rocks. Red Label performs well in cocktails too with its bold flavors.

Priced at just under $25, Red Label offers an affordable introduction to Johnnie Walker flavored scotch whisky. It’s an excellent value blended whisky for everyday drinking or entertaining groups.

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Johnnie Walker Black Label Price

  • 750ml bottle – $29.99
  • 1-liter bottle – $44.99
  • 1.75-liter bottle – $69.99

A step above Red is Johnnie Walker Black Label, a more premium 12-year-old blended scotch. Around 40 whiskies aged for at least 12 years are expertly blended to create rich, complex flavors with a smooth finish.

Notes of dried fruit, sweet vanilla, and spices come through on the palate. The age and careful blending result in a whisky enjoyable neat or on the rocks. Black Label performs well in classic cocktails too.

At around $30 a bottle, Johnnie Walker Black Label is still reasonably affordable for such an aged blend. The complex flavors make it a versatile choice for sipping or mixing in whisky cocktails. It’s popular at bars and whisky-focused establishments.

Johnnie Walker Double Black Price

  • 750ml bottle – $41.99

Johnnie Walker Double Black builds on the standard Black Label profile with more smoky intensity. After the initial blending, the whisky is allowed an additional maturation in deeply charred oak casks.

This imparts deeper color along with more pronounced smoky, peaty notes not found in regular Black Label. You’ll taste rich vanilla, dried fruit, and spices followed by the peat smoke finish. It’s bottled at a higher 80-proof ABV.

Priced around $42, Double Black is great for smoky scotch fans looking to step up from standard Black Label. Despite the intense peat and smoke, it maintains Johnnie Walker’s characteristic smoothness.

Johnnie Walker Green Label Price

  • 750ml bottle – $59.99

Moving up the premium range we come to Johnnie Walker Green Label, a blended malt scotch whisky. While previous blends combine malt and grain whiskies, Green Label contains only single malt whiskies from four legendary Scottish distilleries.

These include Talisker, Caol Ila, Cragganmore, and Linkwood. Bottled at 43% ABV, expect bold flavors like pepper, smoke, and brine balanced by apple, pear, and honey. It’s an excellent sipping whisky for appreciating single malt complexity.

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Priced around $60 a bottle, Green Label offers a sophisticated sipping experience from blended malts. The combination of smoky and sweet single malts makes for a memorable dram full of flavor nuances.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Price

  • 750ml bottle – $79.99

Johnnie Walker Gold Label is an intricately crafted blended scotch whisky aged for a minimum of 15 years. It’s a complex combination of over 15 single malts including Clynelish and Pittyvaich along with top grain whiskies.

You can expect indulgent flavors of honey, vanilla, dark fruits, and ginger, followed by a lingering finish of smoke and oak. Gold Label is bottled at 40% ABV for smoothness.

At close to $80 a bottle, Gold Label is on the pricier end but still affordable compared to the 18-year and blue label. Long maturation in oak casks provides depth and complexity perfect for slow sipping or special occasions.

18-Year-Old Johnnie Walker Price

  • 750ml bottle – $189.99

Johnnie Walker also offers some exclusive aged blends, including this 18-year-old expression. As a highly limited bottling, it commands a premium price of around $190 per 750ml bottle.

At this age, the blended scotch achieves an extraordinary smoothness and intensity of flavors. Notes of fruitcake, oak, vanilla, and leather come through on the palate. For Johnnie Walker fans, the 18-year is a special bottle to sip neat or on ice.

Only available in limited quantities, the 18-year-old Johnnie Walker is priced for gifting or adding to a whisky collection. The extended oak barrel aging puts this among the brand’s most premium offerings.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Price

  • 750ml bottle – $150
  • 1-liter bottle – $240

Occupying the pinnacle of the Johnnie Walker portfolio is Blue Label, an exquisite blend of rare aged whiskies. It’s a complex combination of single malts from distilleries that have long closed, along with aged grain whiskies.

Each bottle of Blue Label is numbered for exclusivity. You can expect rich fruity flavors followed by smoke and vanilla. It’s an intensely smooth dram with a luxurious mouthfeel.

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A 750ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label retails around $150 or more at liquor stores. Given the precious aged whiskies, Blue Label is priced as a special occasion or gifting bottle. The flavor complexity and story behind the blending make it a standout for whisky collectors.

Finding the Best Johnnie Walker Prices

I hope this overview gives you a better sense of the current Johnnie Walker whisky price range in 2024. For the best deal when buying a bottle, compare prices between local liquor stores and online retailers.

Certain limited releases or larger format bottles can sometimes be found at discounted pricing. It’s also worth checking duty-free stores when traveling internationally.

With its range of labels at various ages and prices, Johnnie Walker offers options for every budget. Discover your perfect flavor profile, from affordable Red Label to the remarkable 18 year and Blue Label malts. Sláinte!

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