Labrodog Whisky Price in Hyderabad [2023]- Latest Rates

Hyderabad, the city of pearls, is known for its vibrant culture, delicious biryani, and love for whisky. With several premium liquor brands available, Hyderabadis are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting their poison. One of the most popular whisky brands in the city is Labrodog – known for its smooth taste and affordability.

In this article, we will look at the latest Labrodog whisky price list in Hyderabad as of 2023.

An Overview of Labrodog Whisky

Labrodog is an Indian whisky, manufactured and marketed by Radico Khaitan Limited. It is one of the fastest-growing whisky brands in the country and is known for its bold taste and strong character.

Labrodog whisky comes in two variants:

1. Labrodog Deluxe Whisky

This is the standard Labrodog whisky, aged for a minimum of 3 years in oak barrels. It has a smooth taste with notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and a hint of oakiness.

2. Labrodog 12 Years Aged Whisky

As the name suggests, this premium variant from Labrodog is aged for a minimum of 12 years. It has a more complex flavor profile with strong oak influences. Labrodog 12 is smoother and more mellower than the regular version.

Both variants of Labrodog whisky are affordably priced, especially when compared to other premium whisky brands. This is one of the main reasons for their popularity in Hyderabad and across India.

Labrodog Whisky Prices in Hyderabad (2023)

Here are the latest Labrodog whisky rates in Hyderabad as checked in September 2023:

Whisky Brand Volume Price
Labrodog Deluxe Whisky 750 ml Rs. 1550/-
Labrodog 12 Years Aged Whisky 750 ml Rs. 2200/-

The above prices are inclusive of all taxes and from verified liquor shops in Hyderabad.

As we can see, both variants of Labrodog whisky are very reasonably priced in Hyderabad. The 12 year aged version costs only Rs. 2200 which is great value for a 12-year-old premium whisky.

Below is a more detailed analysis of Labrodog whisky prices in Hyderabad:

1. Labrodog Deluxe Whisky

  • 750 ml – Rs. 1550
  • 375 ml – Rs. 800
  • 180 ml – Rs. 410

The standard Labrodog whisky 750 ml bottle is available in Hyderabad for Rs. 1550 which is an extremely attractive price point. For occasional drinkers or those who like to try new brands, the 180 ml miniature bottle is also available for just Rs. 410.

Overall, Labrodog Deluxe whisky is very affordable and provides great value at its price range. The taste and smoothness is better than other Indian whiskies in the same segment.

2. Labrodog 12 Years Aged Whisky

  • 750 ml – Rs. 2200
  • 375 ml – Rs. 1200
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Considering this is a 12-year-old whisky, the pricing is really affordable. A 750 ml bottle of Labrodog 12-year-old whisky costs only Rs. 2200 in Hyderabad. This is significantly cheaper compared to other premium 12-year-old whisky brands like Blenders Pride 12 (Rs. 2500+), Royal Stag Barrel Select (Rs. 2700+), etc.

For the taste, smoothness, and quality, Labrodog 12 is a great value buy. It is perfect for home bars, house parties, or gifting purposes.

The 375 ml bottle of Labrodog 12 comes at an MRP of Rs. 1200 which is also reasonable.

Factors Affecting Labrodog Whisky Prices in Hyderabad

Labrodog whisky prices in Hyderabad are dependent on several factors:

1. Taxes imposed on liquor – This includes excise duty, VAT, GST, import fees, etc. Any changes in these applicable taxes can increase or decrease Labrodog’s prices.

2. State government policies – The Telangana state government regulates the pricing of alcohol in Hyderabad through its excise department. Any changes in pricing policies impact the retail prices.

3. Location of the retail shop – Liquor rates can vary slightly across different areas and shops in Hyderabad. Shops in prime locations may charge slightly higher.

4. Demand and supply – Higher demand during festive seasons could lead to a marginal increase in Labrodog’s prices. Also, limited supply can increase the rates.

5. Price regulations – Labrodog prices usually fall within the range prescribed by state authorities. They cannot be priced much higher than MRP.

6. Raw material and production costs – Rising input costs for grain procurement, bottling, transportation, etc. can result in price hikes.

7. Brand reputation and positioning – As a premium but affordable brand, Labrodog has pricing power compared to bottom-shelf whiskies.

Where to Buy Labrodog Whisky in Hyderabad?

Here are some of the best places to buy authentic Labrodog whisky bottles in Hyderabad:

  • Wine Shops – The main wine stores operated by Telangana State Beverages Corporation provide the full range of Labrodog whisky variants. These government-approved stores do not overcharge consumers.
  • Duty-Free Shops – At Rajiv Gandhi International Airport’s duty-free, you can find Labrodog whisky at slashed prices compared to regular retail shops. Good for buying before traveling overseas.
  • Online Liquor Stores – Reputable online platforms like Living Liquidz, HipBar, etc. deliver authentic Labrodog bottles across Hyderabad. Attractive discounts are also offered.
  • Bars & Restaurants – Premium bars stock various Labrodog expressions that can be enjoyed by the glass or bottle. 5-star hotels also carry Labrodog.
  • Military Canteens – For armed forces personnel, Labrodog whisky is available at discounted rates in CSD canteens in Telangana.
  • Wholesale Shops – For big orders and bulk purchases, visiting wholesale liquor shops can get you decent deals on Labrodog.
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To summarize, Labrodog whisky is affordably priced across all retail channels in Hyderabad. Make sure to check the bottle’s MRP before purchasing. Also, consume alcohol responsibly and avoid drunk driving.

Price Comparison With Other Whisky Brands

Let’s compare the price of Labrodog whisky with other popular whisky brands available in Hyderabad:

Brand Variant Price 750ml
Labrodog Deluxe Rs. 1550
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Rs. 2300
Royal Stag Barrel Select Rs. 1400
Imperial Blue Original Rs. 1400
Original Choice Original Rs. 1200
100 Pipers Blended Rs. 2000
Black Dog Triple Gold Rs. 2700

It is clear that both variants of Labrodog whisky are attractively priced compared to other competing brands. The standard Labrodog Deluxe is cheaper than even basic whisky brands like Original Choice.

And Labrodog 12 Years is priced almost the same as Royal Stag Barrel Select but offers far better smoothness and taste for a 12-year-old whisky. Compared to other 12-year-old whiskies like Black Dog Triple Gold, it is much cheaper.

Hence, Labrodog whisky offers the best value for money proposition in the Hyderabad market currently.

How Prices Have Changed Over The Years?

Labrodog whisky was launched in India in the 1990s and has seen steady price appreciation over the decades:

  • A 750 ml bottle of original Labrodog whisky retailed for around Rs. 120 in the early 2000s.
  • By 2010, the price had gone up to Rs. 200-250 per regular bottle.
  • A further increase was seen around 2015-16 with 750ml bottles being sold at Rs. 400-450.
  • By 2018, prices crossed Rs. 1000 per bottle, due to various factors.
  • The current 2022-23 price of Rs. 1550 for Labrodog Deluxe whisky 750ml bottle reflects the inflationary pressures and rising input costs. However, the brand still offers exceptional value.

The 12-year-old expression was introduced fairly recently, so it has always been in the Rs. 2200 per bottle price range since launch.

Overall, Labrodog whisky has seen a steady price hike over the last 20+ years, but the premiumization has been in tune with rising costs and standard of living. For most whisky enthusiasts in Hyderabad, it remains an affordable option to enjoy a large peg.

Difference Between MRP and Retail Price

  • Maximum Retail Price (MRP) – This is the maximum price printed on the Labrodog bottle by the manufacturer. It includes all applicable taxes.
  • Retail Price – This is the actual selling price charged by the liquor retailer. In Hyderabad, retail prices are mostly similar to MRP rates.

For example, the MRP printed on Labrodog Deluxe 750ml bottle is Rs. 1550. The retail prices charged by most wine shops, bars, etc. in Hyderabad is also Rs. 1550 only.

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There is little difference between MRP and retail price for Labrodog whisky, unlike some other alcohol brands.

Retailers cannot charge in excess of the MRP mentioned on the bottle as per legal regulations. Some shops do offer modest discounts occasionally, but never above MRP.

As a consumer, you should always check the MRP print and ensure you are not being overcharged when purchasing Labrodog. Most retailers will charge the same printed MRP.

Labrodog Whisky Prices in Other Major Cities

Here is a quick comparison of Labrodog whisky prices in other metro cities:

City Price 750ml
Hyderabad Rs. 1550
Bangalore Rs. 1600
Chennai Rs. 1650
Mumbai Rs. 1700
Delhi Rs. 1750
Kolkata Rs. 1800

The above prices are approximate but give an indication of the price variance. Hyderabad enjoys the lowest pricing while Kolkata has the highest retail rates for Labrodog whisky in India currently.

Given the lower taxes in Telangana state, consumers get to relish Labrodog whisky at very competitive rates in Hyderabad. This price advantage along with smooth taste has made it the best-selling whisky brand in the city.

Labrodog Whisky in Hyderabad – Conclusion

Labrodog has cemented its place as the top value-for-money whisky brand in Hyderabad. Despite several new introductions, it continues to outsell other whiskies thanks to affordable pricing, smart branding, and word-of-mouth publicity.

The posted MRP prices are strictly followed by all licensed retailers in Hyderabad. As of September 2023, a 750ml bottle of classic Labrodog whisky will cost you Rs. 1550 while the 12-year-old variant is priced at Rs. 2200.

Given the rising inflationary environment, these prices represent exceptional value. Labrodog whisky prices are likely to remain stable at these levels, although some upticks can be expected in the future.

Overall, for whisky lovers in Hyderabad, Labrodog remains the top brand of choice to enjoy generous peg measures without burning a hole in your pocket! Cheers!

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