Magic Moments Vodka Price List in Delhi 2023

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits globally, and India is no exception. With rising disposable incomes and evolving tastes, vodkas have become a staple in bars and households across urban India. One of the leading vodka brands in the country is Magic Moments, known for its diverse range of flavored and unflavored variants. In this article, we take a look at the latest Magic Moments vodka price list in Delhi for 2023.

An Overview of Magic Moments Vodka

Magic Moments is a premium vodka brand owned by Radico Khaitan Limited, one of the largest manufacturers of IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) in India. It was launched in 2005 and since then has established itself as a popular vodka label across urban markets in the country.

Some key facts about Magic Moments vodka:

  • Made from high-quality extra-neutral alcohol and processed water sourced from France.
  • Triple-distilled and filtered for purity and smooth taste.
  • Available in a wide range of flavors including orange, lemon, apple, chocolate, etc. besides original unflavored vodka.
  • Positioned as an aspirational brand targeted at upscale urban consumers in metro cities.
  • Endorsed by leading Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh in the past.
  • Manufacturing facility located in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh with high-quality standards and automation.
  • Among the top 3 vodka brands in India with strong market share nationally.

Magic Moments Vodka Variants Available in Delhi

Delhi being a prime market for premium spirits, enjoys the widest range of Magic Moments vodkas in India. Here are some of the popular variants available in Delhi along with a brief description:

Classic Magic Moments Vodka

This is the original, unflavored premium vodka offering from Magic Moments. Made from the finest French grains, it is triple distilled and charcoal-filtered to produce a clean, smooth spirit. Best suited for vodka cocktails or to enjoy neat with a mixer.

Magic Moments Orange Flavored Vodka

One of the early flavored vodkas launched by the brand, Magic Moments Orange is infused with the refreshing essence of oranges. It delivers a balanced citrusy taste that lights up cocktails and drinks.

Magic Moments Green Apple Flavored Vodka

This vibrant green apple-flavored vodka adds a sweet and tart apple flavor to drinks and cocktails. The fresh apple aroma makes it a popular contemporary vodka.

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Magic Moments Lemon Lush Flavored Vodka

As the name suggests, this variant has a strong lemon flavor crafted from citrus extracts. The bright, zesty taste works well in lemon-based martinis and other cocktails.

Magic Moments Raspberry Flavored Vodka

Magic Moments Raspberry vodka provides flavors of fresh raspberries and red berries for a soft, fruity taste profile. It adds a tinge of sweetness to vodka cocktails.

Magic Moments Chocolate Flavored Vodka

A uniquely flavored vodka, Magic Moments Chocolate vodka is distilled with cocoa extracts to create rich chocolate flavors. It delivers a smooth, velvety taste for indulgent chocolate-based drinks.

Magic Moments Dazzle Premium Vodka

This is a limited edition, premium offering from Magic Moments targeted at discerning vodka lovers. It is triple distilled in copper pot stills and charcoal filtered over beech wood for ultra refinement. Positioned as a luxury gift vodka.

Magic Moments Vodka Prices in Delhi (2023)

Here is a detailed price list of Magic Moments vodka available in Delhi across various pack sizes:

Brand Quantity Price
Magic Moments Orange Flavored 750ml ₹1150
Magic Moments Orange Flavored 375ml ₹700
Magic Moments Orange Flavored 180ml ₹380
Magic Moments Green Apple Flavored 750 ml ₹1150
Magic Moments Green Apple Flavored 375ml ₹700
Magic Moments Green Apple Flavored 180ml ₹380
Magic Moments Lemon Lush Flavored 750ml ₹1150
Magic Moments Lemon Lush Flavored 375ml ₹700
Magic Moments Lemon Lush Flavored 180ml ₹380
Magic Moments Raspberry Flavored 750ml ₹1150
Magic Moments Raspberry Flavored 375ml ₹700
Magic Moments Raspberry Flavored 180ml ₹380
Magic Moments Chocolate Flavored 750ml ₹1150
Magic Moments Chocolate Flavored 375ml ₹700
Magic Moments Chocolate Flavored 180ml ₹380
Magic Moments Classic 750ml ₹1050
Magic Moments Classic 375ml ₹650
Magic Moments Classic 180ml ₹350
Magic Moments Dazzle Premium 750ml ₹1500

Note: Prices indicated are the MAXIMUM RETAIL PRICE (MRP). Actual store prices may vary depending on location and seller. Delhi government levies 70% Special Excise Duty on liquor which impacts retail prices.

Factors Impacting Magic Moments Vodka Prices in Delhi

Magic Moments vodka prices in Delhi are impacted by several factors:

  • Taxes: Special Excise Duty, import duties, GST, and VAT imposed by state and central government affect vodka prices. Tax rates on liquor are high.
  • ** Importing costs:** Vodka is made from imported grain-neutral spirits and ingredients. International raw material and importing costs influence pricing.
  • Brand positioning: As a premium segment brand, Magic Moments vodkas are priced higher than economy brands. Brand image and positioning allow premium pricing.
  • Packaging: Vodkas in special packs like gift boxes or combo packs have higher pricing than regular bottles. Packaging costs add to MRP.
  • Location: Vodka prices vary across neighborhoods in Delhi depending on the type of retail outlet. Prices are higher in premium retail outlets.
  • Supplier discounts: Retailers may offer discounts or schemes to lower prices below MRP occasionally, to attract customers.
  • Seasons and festivals: Prices may be hiked around festive occasions when demand goes up. Similarly, off-season discounts also impact pricing.
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Top Retail Outlets to Buy Magic Moments Vodka in Delhi

Here are some of the popular retail outlets in Delhi to buy authentic Magic Moments vodka bottles at reasonable prices:

  • Premium liquor stores: Aside Liquor Store, Porter & Co, Warner Beer & Wine, The All Things Nice.
  • Hypermarkets: Spencers, Big Bazaar, Reliance Smart, Walmart.
  • Online stores: Living Liquidz, Hip Bar, Drinks & Co, Oxobox.
  • Duty-free stores: Delhi Duty-Free, DFS Duty-Free (at IGI Airport).
  • Wine Shops: Oxford Wine Shop, La Cave, Sandeep & Sons.

Consumers must check batch numbers, security codes, and MRP before purchasing to avoid buying fake or expired vodka. Buying directly from authorized retailers ensures product quality.

How to Identify Original Magic Moments Vodka?

With vodka being among the most counterfeited spirits globally, you have to be careful about fake bottles being sold deceptively. Here are some tips to ensure you buy only genuine Magic Moments vodka in Delhi:

  • Check for the blue and white Magic Moments logo on the bottle cap and label.
  • Look for a laser-printed batch number and manufacturing date on the label.
  • The glass bottle should have the embossing “Magic Moments” on it.
  • Verify the 3D security code printed on the cap under UV light.
  • Check that the tamper-proof seal on the cap is not broken.
  • The vodka should have the characteristic Magic Moments aroma when you open the bottle.
  • Buy only from authorized retailers, duty-free, or licensed wine shops.
  • Check customer reviews and ratings before buying online to avoid fake sellers.
  • If the price is suspiciously low or discounts exceed 25-30%, it can be counterfeit.
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Genuine Magic Moments vodka bottles will have crisp printing, flawless embossing, pristine packaging, and authentic aroma confirming it is original, premium quality vodka worth the price you pay.

Popular Cocktail Recipes with Magic Moments Vodka

The smooth neutral taste of Magic Moments makes it perfect for cocktails. The flavored variants add refreshing notes to mixed drinks. Here are some recommended cocktail recipes:

Green Apple Magic Martini


  • 60 ml Magic Moments Green Apple vodka
  • 30 ml Dry Vermouth
  • 10 ml Lime Juice
  • 8-10 Mint leaves

Method: Muddle mint leaves and lime juice in a shaker. Add vodka and vermouth. Shake well with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lime wedge.

Magic Raspberry Fizz


  • 45 ml Magic Moments Raspberry Vodka
  • 15 ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 30 ml Cranberry Juice
  • Ginger Ale / Sprite

Method: Take vodka, lime juice, and cranberry juice in a highball glass over ice. Top with ginger ale/sprite and stir lightly. Garnish with raspberry.

Chocolate Magic Shake


  • 60 ml Chocolate Vodka
  • 45 ml Milk
  • 15 ml Chocolate Syrup
  • Ice cubes

Method: Blend everything in a cocktail shaker till smooth. Pour into a chilled glass, and garnish with chocolate flakes.


Magic Moments offers excellent quality vodka that competes with top global brands. Delhi enjoys a wide range of original and flavored Magic Moments vodkas catering to diverse tastes and budgets. Knowing the MRP prices helps you get the best deals from retail outlets. At-home parties with friends are livened up with innovative cocktails using Magic Moments vodkas. Responsible consumption in line with the legal drinking age is advised. With its premium packaging and smooth taste, Magic Moments vodka makes for both an excellent gift and a mixer for connoisseurs.

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