Magic Moments Vodka Price in Kolkata 2023

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits in India, and Magic Moments is a leading vodka brand in the country. In this article, we will look at the latest Magic Moments vodka prices in Kolkata in 2023.

An Overview of Magic Moments Vodka

Magic Moments is a brand of vodka produced by Radico Khaitan, one of the largest spirit manufacturers in India. It is an extremely popular vodka brand, known for its smooth taste and purity.

Magic Moments vodka is a grain-based vodka made from the finest Indian extra-neutral alcohol. It is quadruple distilled and purified using a state-of-the-art 5-step filtration process. This removes any impurities and results in a clean and smooth vodka with a fine balance of flavor.

Magic Moments is available in different variants including:

  • Magic Moments Pure Grain Vodka: The original unflavored vodka
  • Magic Moments Remix Flavored Vodkas: Available in chocolate, green apple, orange, and more flavors
  • Magic Moments Origin Series Craft Vodkas: Small batch artisanal vodkas in different flavors

The vodka comes in different pack sizes of 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml bottles. It is affordable and value-for-money vodka.

Magic Moments Vodka Prices in Kolkata in 2023

Here are the latest Magic Moments vodka prices in Kolkata for 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml packs:

Magic Moments Vodka Price List in Kolkata:

Brand Volume Price in INR
Magic Moments Pure Grain Vodka 180 ml ₹170
Magic Moments Pure Grain Vodka 375 ml ₹330
Magic Moments Pure Grain Vodka 750 ml ₹620
Remix Chocolate Vodka 180 ml ₹200
Remix Chocolate Vodka 375 ml ₹380
Remix Chocolate Vodka 750 ml ₹720
Remix Green Apple Vodka 180 ml ₹200
Remix Green Apple Vodka 375 ml ₹380
Remix Green Apple Vodka 750 ml ₹720
Green Apple Premium Flavoured Vodka 180 ml ₹220
Green Apple Premium Flavoured Vodka 375 ml ₹420
Green Apple Premium Flavoured Vodka 750 ml ₹800

As you can see from the price list, Magic Moments vodka is very reasonably priced in Kolkata. The pure grain Magic Moments vodka starts at just ₹170 for a 180ml bottle, making it among the most affordable vodka options available.

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The flavored Magic Moments vodkas like Remix Chocolate and Green Apple are priced slightly higher, starting at ₹200 for a 180ml bottle. The premium flavored Green Apple vodka is the most expensive at ₹220 for 180ml.

In general, Magic Moments vodka offers excellent value. As you go for larger pack sizes of 375ml and 750ml, you get even better value. The 750ml packs offer the best value for money.

Compared to other popular vodka brands like Smirnoff, Romanov, White Mischief, and Blenders Pride, Magic Moments vodka has very competitive pricing in Kolkata. It manages to be affordable while still offering smooth taste and quality.

Factors Affecting Magic Moments Vodka Prices in Kolkata

The prices of Magic Moments vodka in Kolkata depend on a number of factors:

1. Taxes: Vodka attracts high excise duties and GST, which significantly increases the retail prices. In Kolkata, VAT on liquor is around 15-25% which adds to the cost.

2. State policies: Liquor pricing policies and taxes vary across states. Kolkata, being located in West Bengal, sees pricing impacted by state government policies.

3. Brand popularity: As a well-known and popular brand, Magic Moments can command a premium over lesser-known brands.

4. Packaging: The material, shape, and design of the bottle impact vodka pricing. Premium packaging leads to higher prices.

5. Raw materials: The cost of the grain-neutral spirit used to make the vodka influences the overall pricing.

6. Distribution costs: Distributor margins and transportation costs in various states also affect the final price to the consumer.

7. Location: Prices may vary across different areas within Kolkata based on demand-supply dynamics and vendor margins.

Price Trends of Magic Moments Vodka in Kolkata

Over the last few years, the prices of Magic Moments Vodka have remained relatively stable in Kolkata. However, some pricing trends are noticeable:

  • The prices have gradually increased by around 10-15% over the last 3 years in line with inflation and liquor price hikes.
  • Premium flavored variants have witnessed more rapid price increases than the normal grain vodka.
  • Larger pack sizes (750ml) have seen slightly higher price hikes as they offer better value.
  • Festive seasons and peak demand periods often see temporary price increases as vendors try to maximize sales.
  • Locations like malls, airports, and hotels charge higher prices owing to higher rents and overheads.
  • Online liquor delivery platforms also tend to markup prices compared to regular offline retail shops.
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Despite some increases, Magic Moments continues to offer affordable pricing on vodka in Kolkata compared to many other spirits and brands. Strategic pricing has helped it maintain volumes despite inflationary pressures.

Price Comparison With Other Major Cities

Here is how Magic Moments vodka prices in Kolkata compare to other major cities:

Pack Size Kolkata Mumbai Delhi Bangalore
180ml ₹170 ₹180 ₹180 ₹180
375ml ₹330 ₹340 ₹350 ₹360
750ml ₹620 ₹650 ₹670 ₹700

Kolkata enjoys the lowest Magic Moments pricing among metros on account of lower taxes and favorable state liquor policies.

Mumbai has the next best pricing, followed closely by Delhi and Bangalore. The difference is not too much, varying from ₹10-50 across different pack sizes.

However, smaller pack sizes like 180ml bottles have comparable prices across cities. The biggest pricing differences are seen on 750ml bottles.

Overall, Kolkata remains the most affordable place to buy Magic Moments vodka.

Where to Buy Magic Moments Vodka in Kolkata?

Here are some of the best places to buy Magic Moments vodka in Kolkata:

  • Wine Shops – The main retail channels. Spread across the city. Offer the entire range at MRP pricing.
  • Supermarkets – Big stores like Spencer’s, Big Bazaar, etc. have liquor sections. Convenient shopping experience.
  • Duty-Free – Kolkata airport duty-free has competitive rates on Magic Moments vodka. Good for large-size bottles.
  • Online – Apps like HipBar and Living Liquidz deliver vodka in Kolkata to your doorstep. Prices are similar to wine shops.
  • Bars/Clubs – Plenty of bars serve Magic Moments vodka by the drink. But bottle pricing is higher.
  • Distributor Depots – Wholesale rates are possible directly from distributors if buying in bulk. Requires trade license.
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Choose reputable and legal shops, and avoid any spurious or duplicate liquor. Enjoy attractive discounts when purchasing larger pack sizes or multiples.

Always drink responsibly within limits, avoiding drunk driving or public intoxication after consuming vodka.

Price Outlook for 2023

The price outlook for Magic Moments vodka in Kolkata remains stable in 2023, with some experts predicting marginal price increases:

  • No major hikes are expected as the brand focuses on maintaining demand and volumes.
  • Plain vodka may see slightly lower increases than flavored variants.
  • Small spikes are possible during peak festival demand periods as seen in previous years.
  • Raw material and packaging costs need to be balanced with the impact on sales volumes.
  • Competitive pressure from other brands may curb excessive price increases.
  • Changes in state taxes or policies could alter pricing dynamics.

Overall, Magic Moments vodka prices in Kolkata are forecast to increase at moderate single-digit levels of 5-8% in 2023. Only unforeseen external factors can lead to sharper increases.

The brand should continue offering affordable pricing, especially on entry-level small-size packs to drive volumes in the mass market. Its excellent value-for-money proposition will remain central to sales.


Magic Moments has cemented its place as Kolkata’s favorite affordable vodka with transparent pricing, smooth taste, and smart brand positioning.

In 2023, it is expected to maintain the same competitive pricing across different pack sizes, giving excellent value to vodka lovers in the city. With rising incomes and urbanization, its sales are poised for further growth.

So next time you are planning to buy vodka in Kolkata, remember to take a look at the Magic Moments price list for the best deals. With this definitive guide, you now know exactly how much it costs and where to buy it!

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