MaQintosh Whisky Price in Goa [2024 Updated Rates]

Goa is known as one of the top destinations for liquor tourism in India. With its beautiful beaches, laidback culture, and liberal alcohol policies, it’s no wonder that Goa attracts whiskey lovers from all over the world. One of the most popular whisky brands available in Goa is MaQintosh.

MaQintosh is an Indian whisky brand that offers excellent quality at an affordable price point. It’s a smooth, easy-drinking blended Scotch whisky that provides great value for money. MaQintosh whisky comes in various expressions, with the most popular being the MaQintosh Premium and MaQintosh Silver Edition.

If you’re planning a trip to Goa soon, you’re probably wondering – what is the MaQintosh whisky price in Goa today? Which expression offers the best value? To help you out, we’ve compiled this updated price list of MaQintosh whisky in Goa for 2024.

MaQintosh Whisky Price In Goa Today [Updated 2024]

Here are the latest MaQintosh whisky prices in Goa as of August 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (750ml) MaQintosh Premium Whisky ₹528
Cost of (750ml) MaQintosh Whisky Silver Edition ₹1499

The prices can vary slightly across different stores, but this gives you a good idea of the average prevailing rates.

As you can see, MaQintosh Premium is the most affordable expression, priced at just ₹528 for a 750ml bottle. This makes it one of the cheapest imported whisky brands available in Goa.

The MaQintosh Silver Edition commands a higher premium at ₹1499 for 750ml. However, it also offers a more complex and smoother-tasting experience.

Below is more information on each expression and how their pricing compares with other whisky brands in Goa:

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MaQintosh Premium Whisky

This is the standard MaQintosh blended Scotch whisky. It’s a smooth, easy-drinking whisky with notes of honey, vanilla, and toasted oak. The MaQintosh distillery carefully selects malt and grain whiskies from the Highlands and Speyside regions to create this blend.

At just ₹528, the MaQintosh Premium offers outstanding value. In comparison, other similarly priced blended Scotch whiskies in Goa include:

  • 100 Pipers (750ml) – ₹600
  • Black & White (750ml) – ₹550
  • VAT 69 (750ml) – ₹575

So the MaQintosh Premium is cheaper than these other popular whisky brands. It’s an affordable daily-drinker whisky for when you’re in Goa. The excellent price-to-quality ratio makes it a top seller.

MaQintosh Silver Edition

This special edition MaQintosh blended whisky is finished for several months in ex-bourbon casks. This imparts deeper flavors and aroma to the blend.

On the nose, you’ll notice a richer scent with stronger vanilla, butterscotch, and wood notes. On the palate, it has a smooth, rounded flavor profile with hints of dried fruits, honey, and fresh oak. The finish is long and satisfying.

At ₹1499, the MaQintosh Silver Edition offers a significant step up in quality from the standard Premium blend. It’s priced similarly to other premium blended Scotch whiskies in Goa like:

  • Johnnie Walker Black Label (750ml) – ₹1600
  • Chivas Regal 12 Year Old (750ml) – ₹1700
  • Ballantine’s Finest (750ml) – ₹1350

So you get a comparable premium drinking experience to more expensive blended whisky brands. Overall, the MaQintosh Silver Edition is a great value-for-money upgrade pick.

Which MaQintosh Expression is Better Value in Goa?

For daily casual drinking, we recommend the MaQintosh Premium as the best value. At just ₹528, it’s an affordable blended Scotch that’s quite smooth and easy to drink neat or on the rocks.

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However, whisky enthusiasts looking for a more rewarding drinking experience should try MaQintosh Silver Edition. The additional cask finishing adds more depth and complexity. At ₹1499, it’s still priced lower than many comparable premium blends in Goa.

So depending on your budget and preferences, both MaQintosh expressions deliver excellent value. MaQintosh Premium is the everyday value choice, while Silver Edition offers a premium upgrade at a reasonable price point.

Where to Buy MaQintosh Whisky in Goa?

Here are some of the best places to buy MaQintosh whisky in Goa:

  • Goa Miles: This liquor megastore has one of the best selections of imported alcohol in Goa. You’ll find both MaQintosh expressions here.
  • John Distilleries: The manufacturer’s tasting room and store in Goa offers the full range of MaQintosh whiskies.
  • Panjim Inn: This legendary heritage inn has a well-stocked bar with great whiskey choices.
  • Johnny Cool Liquor Shop: A liquor store chain with multiple branches across Goa selling all kinds of booze.
  • Joy Mixologist: A modern air-conditioned liquor store with competitive pricing on whiskies.
  • Leopold Cafe: The famous tourist pub sells MaQintosh by bottle or glass.

So visit these places in Goa to get your hands on some smooth MaQintosh whisky! With its affordable pricing across expressions, MaQintosh is a great value whiskey to enjoy in Goa.

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