McDowell’s Whisky Price List in Punjab 2023- Latest Rates

McDowell’s is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, and it enjoys huge popularity in the northern state of Punjab as well. As a whisky connoisseur and industry expert based in Punjab, I often get asked about the latest McDowell’s whisky rates in the state. So in this detailed guide, I will share the updated price list of McDowell’s whisky in Punjab as of 2023, along with some background information about this iconic whisky brand.

An Introduction to McDowell’s Whisky

McDowell’s is a brand of Indian whisky owned and produced by United Spirits Limited (USL), which is part of the global spirits giant Diageo. USL also owns other major Indian whisky brands like Royal Challenge and Signature.

The history of McDowell’s dates back to 1898 when Angus McDowell, a Scottish chemist, established the McDowell’s distillery in Cherthala, Kerala. This distillery was later acquired by United Spirits Limited in 1963. Over the decades, McDowell’s has grown to become one of the largest-selling whisky brands in India.

McDowell’s offers a range of whisky variants catering to different consumer segments and preferences. Their core range includes:

  • McDowell’s No.1: Their standard premium offering and highest-selling variant
  • McDowell’s No.1 Diet Mate: A low-calorie whisky targeted at health-conscious drinkers
  • McDowell’s No.1 Reserve: A premium aged whisky blend priced higher than No.1
  • McDowell’s Signature: Their super-premium offering targeted at discerning whisky aficionados

In addition to this core range, McDowell’s also offers limited bottlings of single malts and special reserve blends from time to time.

Why is McDowell’s so Popular in Punjab?

The north Indian state of Punjab has had a long-standing affinity for whisky, especially among the male population. This stems from the prevalence of a robust food and liquor culture in the state.

Moreover, the climatic conditions in Punjab, especially the extreme cold in winter, further boost the consumption of alcoholic spirits. This is where McDowell’s has managed to establish itself as the whisky of choice among Punjab’s whisky lovers over decades.

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Here are some key reasons for McDowell’s immense popularity in Punjab:

  • Brand legacy and trust – McDowell’s has been available in Punjab since the 1960s. Its consistent quality and intelligent branding over 50+ years has earned it strong brand recognition and trust.
  • Widespread availability – Being a flagship brand from India’s largest spirits company, McDowell’s enjoys an expansive distribution network in Punjab. It is easily available in all liquor vends as well as restaurants, bars, and hotels.
  • Locally relevant variants – McDowell’s offers whisky variants like No.1 and No.1 Diet Mate that are attuned to the local taste preferences and climate. Their offering is very tactical to appeals specifically to the Punjab market.
  • Smart pricing – McDowell’s whiskies are affordably priced to make them within reach of moderate-income groups as well. This accessible pricing is a big driver for volumes in value-conscious markets like Punjab.
  • Impactful promotions – McDowell’s has always had a strong local marketing presence in Punjab with impactful activations like consumer engagements, on-ground events, and engaging digital campaigns. This has helped drive awareness and trials, especially among youth.

McDowell’s Whisky Prices in Punjab (2023 Updated Price List)

Here are the latest McDowell’s whisky prices in Punjab as of 2023:

McDowell’s Variant MRP for 750ml Bottle MRP for 375ml Bottle MRP for 180ml Bottle
McDowell’s No.1 ₹710 ₹380 ₹190
McDowell’s No.1 Diet Mate ₹720 ₹390 ₹195
McDowell’s No.1 Reserve ₹1400 ₹780 ₹410
McDowell’s Signature ₹2200 ₹1180 ₹640
  • The above McDowell’s price list for Punjab is for reference purposes only. Actual retail prices may vary in different areas depending on local taxes and vendor pricing
  • A bottle refers to 750ml pack size for full, 375ml for half, and 180ml for the quarter

Let’s take a closer look at the price positioning of each McDowell’s variant available in Punjab:

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1. McDowell’s No.1

  • MRP: ₹710 for 750ml
  • The most popular and highest-selling variant
  • Priced quite reasonably given its premium brand status
  • Great balance of quality and affordable pricing

2. McDowell’s No.1 Diet Mate

  • MRP: ₹720 for 750ml
  • Special low-calorie variant for health-conscious drinkers
  • Marginally higher priced than regular No.1
  • Perceived as a smarter option by calorie-counting drinkers

3. McDowell’s No.1 Reserve

  • MRP: ₹1400 for 750ml
  • Aged premium blend targeted at evolved whisky drinkers
  • Nearly 2X priced over regular No.1
  • Offers superior and smooth drinking experience

4. McDowell’s Signature

  • MRP: ₹2200 for 750ml
  • The super-premium offering from the brand McDowell’s
  • 3X priced over regular No.1
  • Meant for connoisseurs who appreciate fine whiskies
  • Mostly purchased as an occasional indulgence or gift

As evident, McDowell’s has a well-structured pricing ladder that caters to diverse consumer segments. This smart price-laddering supported by the parent company USL’s deep distribution reach and strategic marketing investments has been integral to McDowell’s sales success in the Punjab market over the years.

Other Popular Whisky Brands in Punjab and How McDowell’s Compares

Although McDowell’s enjoys leadership in Punjab’s whisky market, there are other worthy contenders giving it stiff competition:

Royal Stag – Owned by Pernod Ricard, Royal Stag is the closest competitor brand to McDowell’s in Punjab. It is pitched as an aspirational premium whisky for youth and is priced competitively.

Blenders Pride – A premium whisky from Pernod Ricard, Blenders Pride focuses on product quality and prestige rather than pricing. Mostly purchased as a self-consumption brand rather than for social drinking.

Imperial Blue – Owned by Pernod Ricard, Imperial Blue offers a value-for-money proposition. It is priced very aggressively to target price-sensitive consumers.

8 PM – A disruptive entrant from Radico Khaitan managed to gain share through its rock-bottom pricing. Appeals mostly to very cost-conscious drinkers.

Antiquity Blue – USL’s premium whisky targeted at evolved consumers. Priced higher than McDowell’s Signature to compete in the super-premium segment.

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Director’s Special – Owned by Allied Blenders and Distillers, Director’s Special competes directly with McDowell’s No.1 in the standard whisky segment.

Compared to these competing brands, McDowell’s still enjoys better brand equity and loyalty in Punjab stemming from its strong legacy and culturally embedded place in the market. The locally relevant No.1 and No.1 Diet Mate variants are a big draw along with smart pricing and accessible premium appeal.

Buying McDowell’s Whisky Safely and Responsibly in Punjab

McDowell’s whisky is legally sold only through licensed retail liquor vends in Punjab. Here are some tips to buy it safely and enjoy it responsibly:

  • Purchase your favorite McDowell’s variant only from authorized and licensed liquor shops. Avoid illegal sources.
  • Check bottles carefully for signs of tampering or damage before purchase. Refrain from buying bottles with broken or tampered seals.
  • Collection and possession of alcohol below the legal age of 25 years is an offense in Punjab. So don’t indulge if you are underage.
  • Don’t drink and drive. DUI is a serious offense with hefty penalties. Either have a designated driver or take a taxi.
  • Consume whisky in moderation. Excessive drinking can be hazardous to health and lead to addiction. Know your limits.
  • Avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Always have food before or along with your drinks. Stay hydrated.
  • Don’t indulge in antisocial behavior under the influence of alcohol. Be responsible while enjoying your drink.


I hope this detailed guide gives you good clarity on the latest McDowell’s whisky prices in Punjab. McDowell’s continues to reign supreme in the state owing to smart pricing, locally suited offerings, and a strong brand legacy. Beyond pricing, responsible consumption habits are equally important. Drink in moderation and do it the legal way for maximum enjoyment. Here’s wishing all whisky aficionados in Punjab happy sipping ahead!

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